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This week’s car review

This week, we try to save the planet with Ford’s polar-bear-saving hybrid. It’s a pretty good hybrid, but, unlike the Prius, it isn’t designed to let everybody know it’s a hybrid, which makes it less than useful as a way to proclaim your smug sense of moral superiority.

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5 Responses to This week’s car review

  • But am I saving the union at GM?!!!!
    Seriously, thanks. I’ve refused to consider hybrids up until I read this.
    I’m still not quite ready but it looks like Ford will be there when I am.

  • Gotta disagree with you on which is the more visually appealing.  The 2011 one looks smaller and doesn’t have much imagination, it’s true, but the other has a squinty-eyed buck-toothed look like something out of a WWII propaganda caricature.

  • Without paying all that money you can get a Mazda 6 with good looks, more trunk space, and highway mileage that approaches 40 MPG.  That and Mazda is talking diesel, which should have better FE without giving up the trunk space.  Important if you want both a commuter and a family car for road trips.

  • Like your carrying a gun embellishes your manhood…? 🙂

  • I saw one of these over the weekend in Austin in a lot where I parked.   Looked like a normal car.   Had you not reviewed it, I’d not have looked twice.
    Nothing like the “Look at me!” Mitsubishi I-MIEV I saw.    A car which my old 4 cylinder Saturn Vue snickered at and whispered “let’s knock over the tricycle….”