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DiFi and the “freedom’s to messy and dangerous” Brigade go after guns again

Of course, much like the climate alarmists, other than leveraging off a horrible incident like the Navy Yard shootings they really don’t have the stats (or the Constitutional backing) to call for banning guns. But that doesn’t stop them from doing so anyway:

“This is one more event to add to the litany of massacres that occur when a deranged person or grievance killer is able to obtain multiple weapons — including a military-style assault rifle — and kill many people in a short amount of time. When will enough be enough?” Feinstein asked in a statement.

She added: “Congress must stop shirking its responsibility and resume a thoughtful debate on gun violence in this country. We must do more to stop this endless loss of life.”

When will enough be enough? Ask a couple of Colorado state senators.

Enough will never be enough as long as the gun grabbers try to continue to pin it on the implement instead of the murderer. Here again we have a not quite right person acting out with guns. Sound familiar? Yet somehow the system not only gave him a security clearance (after he’d been arrested previously for using a gun in Seattle), but apparently okayed it for him to be sold a weapon.

How is that the fault of the weapon? Where did the weapon “fail” in this? Where did the weapon “cause” this to happen? How did the weapon find its way into this man’s hands? Because the state failed in numerous ways to do what it is and was supposed to do. Grant a security clearance to a clearly disturbed person, lax security at a secure facility, etc.  Gee, maybe it isn’t guns.  Maybe it is incompetent government that can’t enforce existing laws?

But DiFi, the WaPo and other gun grabbers don’t really care about facts.

Life does go on, through Columbine in 1999, through Virginia Tech in 2007, through Sandy Hook in 2012. Each atrocity provides a jolt to the nation and then recedes with little effect, until the next unimaginable event occurs, except each time a little more imaginable. Everything was supposed to change after a man with a semiautomatic weapon mowed down 20 elementary school children in their classrooms last December. But for the politicians, nothing changed. Now, another massacre, another roster of funerals. Again, again, again.

Anyone notice the one similarity in all these events?  Everyone of them took place in a “gun free” zone.  And what else do you notice about each?  And in each one, the state did a bang up job of protecting everyone in them, didn’t it?

DiFi comes from a long line of those who find freedom messy and dangerous and would prefer the orderly and safe haven of state authority instead (with her in charge, of course – and exempted from her own rules). And she wouldn’t at all mind imposing her utopia on you – by force if necessary.


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25 Responses to DiFi and the “freedom’s to messy and dangerous” Brigade go after guns again

  • Guns don’t kill people.  Gun-Free Zones kill people.

  • While New York Daily News went AR-15 crazy, and splashed “SAME GUN DIFFERENT SLAY” on its front page, NBC put up a CGI video of a red (state) killer targeting blue (state) victims with an AR-15, Piers Morgan and the other usual suspects beat the “AR-15 is evil” drum all day long.
    It turns out no rifle was used by Alexis.  He only used the shotgun, which he had purchased, and then used pistols from on scene.  Never mind that an AR-15 is not an “assault rifle” (which is a select-fire weapon), there simply was not a rifle of any sort used by Alexis.

    • Oh, and don’t forget how they repeated the rumor that the shooter was a white male, until it turns out the white male was a victim of ID theft.  After the facts came in, race became a non-issue.
      Unfortunately for the gun control freaks the following list only had one match:
      1. Used “assault weapon”, i.e., scary-looking modern rifle
      2. Male
      4. White
      4. Republican, “tea party” voter, advocate, or activist
      5. NRA member
      6. Fan of talk radio and/or Fox News
      7. Christian
      8. Anti-government
      9, From a “red state”, particularly the South

      • Elliot- You mean if Obama had a son. he’d look like Alexis? And the media wants to downplay that? NO WAY DUDE!

    • Better, the CGI video included a grenade launcher, suggesting that the weapon in question was An Actual Military NFA-Covered Weapon.
      (I’m sure the real reason was they’re lazy and had an M-16/M-203 combo weapon handy, but still… details matter.)

    • But don’t forget, these are the “legitimate” journalists that are worthy of governmental protection!

  • The FBI says that no “rifle” of any kind was used by this deranged killer and Obama voter.
    DiFi just lies.  It is what Collectivists do.
    But GOOD.  I have a one word response: Colorado.

  • Especially liked CNN’s “AR-15 shotgun” graphic.  Their ignorance knows no bounds.  But at least they showed a picture of the perp without calling him a ‘white black man’.  (see Zimmerman, George the ‘white Hispanic’.)

    • He was described as being from Texas, when he was originally from Brooklyn.  But “New York” just doesn’t have the same cachet with the anti-gun crowd.

  • Obama’s other son.
    Using his military style assault rifle….which he didn’t use.    And a background checked Shotgun which he purchased legally.   We need to improve background checks!
    If only uh….something or other!      We have to do something!
    Buddhist, don’t forget, Buddhist.
    Texan, sorta, from WHITE SETTLEMENT!   OMG!   (got nothing to do with white folks….)
    Let em come at it again, nothing has changed, and they’re just as big a collection of asshats as they were last time.   If they think this will change the mood, they’re wrong.   All their proving is gun-free zones are the human equivalent of game preserves and the public sees that.

    • they’re, not their….gall durnit.

    • DC Sniper: Democrat, Islamic
      VA Tech Shooter: Registered Democrat
      Aurora Theater Shooter: Registered Democrat
      Gerald Loughner: Not registered, but significant leftist leanings
      Newtown shooter: Democrat
      And on and on…
      Not Gun Control, DEMOCRAT control.

      • Not when the story first breaks…..
        They’re just sure it’s a psychiatric case former military Republican tea party white guy from some backwards Republican voting state carrying an ‘assault rifle’ (to them….machine gun) that he bought without a background check at a gun show.

        • Interesting how virtually every incident, the actual FACTS are completely opposed to the initial story reporting…hell, the follow-up stories IGNORE the facts (hence my use of the term MUSHROOM MEDIA).
          FACTS…we don’ need no stinkin’ facts!!

          • They deliberately frame the argument that it was done by a white male conservative with a machine gun, regardless.   It’s done to get the picture out to the low info people who are only going to see this story NOW, as it occurs, and aren’t going to go back for another look later to see how reality sorted out.   The media needs to maintain the confirmation bias they use every election to demonize conservatives.  They must constantly reassure both groups of their place.   That liberal minorities on the east and west coasts ARE in fact the majority view and conservatives are a loosing, diminishing fringe group.
            They play exactly to Scott Erb, and he slurps it up like a Koolaid Suicide Martyr.
            Approved methodology used to lie about Unemployment and debt and f*all else that Obama manages with endless two month back ‘re-adjustments’ to the lies they spewed when people might have been paying attention.

  • On the other hand, if you want the police to be the only ones armed, just make sure you aren’t in California or New York city when the cops decide to unload on someone.   They tend to hit that which they are not aiming at, and aim at that which is not a valid target.   Try not to be two Hispanic women driving a truck when they’re looking for a large black male driving a truck, or bystanders in Times Square.
    (we’re sorry!  they were rookies, please don’t talk to the press, thank God that guy shot up the Navy yard!)

  • Let’s make DC a 24/7/365 “gun free zone” … this includes the police … make ’em bobbies

  • And now….
    dammit!  no AR-15 involved!
    no white tea party conservative!
    Background checked African-American Obama voter with a Joe Biden recommended blunderbuss…errrrrrrrrrrr…….
    Time to move on in the news cycle!