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This Week’s Car Review

Our subject is an iconic American vehicle that does exactly what it’s designed to do and does it very well. It’s almost infinitely—and dangerously—customizable, and it will get you to practically any destination you can imagine. You’ll hate it if you have to drive it every day.

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3 Responses to This Week’s Car Review

  • “If you could magically transport a GI from 1943 and plonk him in front of a 2013 Wrangler, he’d recognize it instantly, though he would be disappointed that it doesn’t fly. Come to think of it, I am, too. I’m pretty sure were promised flying cars by now.”
    Where ARE the flying cars, dammit!

  • So…a nice end of the world car, except for the gas mileage thingie…and the repairing it thingie….
    Hell with flying cars, I want a REAL Willys.
    “backwards in a ball of fire”…..bwaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah