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Let ObamaCare collapse on its own

While I took issue with John McCain’s refusal to do anything about defunding ObamaCare, my issue was with the refusal more than anything.  McCain had no alternative.  He just refused to do anything.

There is an alternative however.   And Daniel Henninger, in today’s Wall Street Journal, articulates it:

As its Oct. 1 implementation date arrives, ObamaCare is the biggest bet that American liberalism has made in 80 years on its foundational beliefs. This thing called “ObamaCare” carries on its back all the justifications, hopes and dreams of the entitlement state. The chance is at hand to let its political underpinnings collapse, perhaps permanently.

If ObamaCare fails, or seriously falters, the entitlement state will suffer a historic loss of credibility with the American people. It will finally be vulnerable to challenge and fundamental change. But no mere congressional vote can achieve that. Only the American people can kill ObamaCare.

No matter what Sen. Ted Cruz and his allies do, ObamaCare won’t die. It would return another day in some other incarnation. The Democrats would argue, rightly, that the ideas inside ObamaCare weren’t defeated. What the Democrats would lose is a vote in Congress, nothing more.

He’s right.  Defunding it simply leaves the question “would it have worked if you inbred Republicans hadn’t stopped it?  All indications are this abomination will collapse under it’s own fetid weight.  Why?  Because, as I said, it’s an abomination.

Consider this from Megan McArdle:

During the design and passage of the Affordable Care Act, its architects and supporters described a fantastic new system for buying insurance. You would go onto a website and enter some simple information about yourself. The computer system would fetch data about you from various places — it would verify income with the Internal Revenue Service, check with the Department of Homeland Security to ensure that you were a citizen or legal resident, and tap a database of employer coverage to make sure that you were not already being offered affordable coverage (defined as 9.5 percent of your income or less) by your employer. Provided you passed all those tests, it would calculate what subsidies you were eligible for, and then apply that discount automatically to the hundreds of possible policies being offered on the exchange. You would see the neatly listed prices and choose one, buying it as easily as you buy an airline ticket on Travelocity.

Before I went to business school, I used to work in an IT consultancy, and setting up this system sounded like an enormous job to me — a five- to eight-year job, given government procurement rules, not a three-year rush special. But Obamacare’s stewards seemed very confident, so I assumed that they must have it covered.

As time wore on, the administration has steadily stripped major components out of the exchanges and the data hub behind them as it became clear that they couldn’t possibly make the Oct. 1 deadline when all of this was supposed to be ready. The employer mandate was delayed, and then it was announced that at least some of the exchanges would be relying on self-reporting of income, rather than verifying with the IRS. . . .

How did we get to this point? The exchanges were the core selling point of Obamacare. (The Medicaid expansion was actually a bigger part of the coverage expansion, at least until the Supreme Court ruled that the administration couldn’t force states to take part, but it tended to be downplayed, because no one’s exactly a huge fan of Medicaid.) They were going to introduce competition to a fragmented and distorted marketplace, and make it easy for middle-class people to buy affordable coverage from a bevy of insurers. How can it be that one week before the deadline for opening, no one’s really sure the exchanges are going to work?

No exchanges, no ObamaCare.

Oh, and be amazed by the usual government planning:

I work for one of the largest Telecom providers in the country. I’m an engineer who designs dedicated data links (DS3s, OC3s, etc…) for major companies across the US.

For background, some of these circuits can be put up fairly quickly, but not the ones that I work on. The ones I design can take up to 90 business days to install.

Anyways, a few weeks ago, we got deluged with orders for circuits that needed to be installed by October 1st. These were circuits to support Obamacare.

Needless to say, they aren’t going to make that deadline. Some of the circuits are being held up due to construction builds that won’t be complete until the end of November. The others won’t make the deadline due to the complexity and the number of various companies involved.

Yes, these are the same people you handed your health care too.

Soooo … what will the administration do?  Well, delay it of course.  But again I point you to McArdle’s point.  We’re not simply talking about a simple IT project here.  It may never work.

Henninger’s point is very valid.  So I officially sanction Dale’s point of view in this case and say “let ’em have it (good and hard)”.  Let them have the bureaucracy, frustration, increased cost and incompetence that has been the hallmark of the Democrats and this administration.  Then:

An established political idea is like a vampire. Facts, opinions, votes, garlic: Nothing can make it die.

But there is one thing that can kill an established political idea. It will die if the public that embraced it abandons it.

Six months ago, that didn’t seem likely. Now it does.

The public’s dislike of ObamaCare isn’t growing with every new poll for reasons of philosophical attachment to notions of liberty and choice. Fear of ObamaCare is growing because a cascade of news suggests that ObamaCare is an impending catastrophe.

And catastrophe it is.  Let is burn.  Let it crash, burn and kill this nonsense once and for all.


25 Responses to Let ObamaCare collapse on its own

  • There are LOTS of ways to kill this ObamaDoggel.
    Mine is open defiance.
    I will not comply.  They can try to make me.  I will impose every cost I can.

  • I’m not sure. In Nov 2012 we re-elected a POTUS who has not had a budget since 2009.

    Obama and the Dems will find someway to blame Republicans for the Obamacare mess. And many will buy it.

    • Enough people are now on the “dumb” life express where they get everything taken care of for them, and even though its not done well, they are so lazy they are happy enough to keep voting.
      This will only end when the money ends. Then we will see parts of government scaled back, ala Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, etc.

  • The only problem I see with this plan is WHEN it fails, they’re going to blame every last bit of tea-party/Republican obstruction, and invent some to go with it.
    It’s lose/lose.   They are NOT going to admit it was a disaster from the first.  They’re going to go with the unicorns and rainbows plan it would have been if everyone had just accepted it.
    They will deny every reality that ordained it would be a failure from day one even if everyone had agreed it was the right thing to do and never resisted.
    Instead, we’ll hear how the resistance led it in to hell, and now if it’s broke, it’s the fault of the deniers. (BOOOOOOOOOSH’S FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Seriously, NO MATTER WHAT, we already know they are not going to belly up to the bar and say “yeah, we really screwed the pooch on that one didn’t we?”
    You’re just watching a slower version of Obama’s Syrian “victory” playing out here.   It’s GOING to be the same.   The Messiah CANNOT have made a mistake.

      “You can fool all of the people some of the time…”
      Sometimes, the chickens will come home…to ROOST…

      • Course….not like we have an alternative…’s screwed if we allow it to start, it’s screwed if we stop it beforehand.
        It’s not a train we can stop from wrecking.  It will wreck, and there is no way to make it less of a wreck.

    • Gonna be more than the full court press here – they’re going to clear the bench for this with everyone out screaming about how the failures are a result of Republican obstructionism and greedy capitalist insurance companies and doctors.
      The MSM will be in hyperdrive, to steal from Spaceballs….they are going to go to PLAID – it’ll be the Abu Grahb New York Times, day after day, page 1, above the fold, Ted Cruz, Tea Party Republicans, greedy hospitals, greedy insurance companies, uncaring greedy doctors, kill your mama, starve the children and allow them to die in the streets by the millions, oppress women, mass hysteria.
      I’m not saying they’re going to win in the end, but dig in and prepare for the foaming at the mouth rabid insanity, because they are going to hammer this hard and long.  We’re taking zombie Obamacare apocalypse here.

    • The only problem I see with this plan is WHEN it fails, they’re going to blame every last bit of tea-party/Republican obstruction, and invent some to go with it.

      And the MiniTru, acadenia and state schools will echo that incessantly.
      State schools: imagine Erb 50,000 times over, kindergarten through post grad.

  • Its designed to collapse. 

    It not a complete government take over.  Its just a sufficient enough take over to collapse Healthcare to pieces.  So the only solution left is to go full control single payer or whatever you want to call it.  Its designed to create a crysis they will be more than willing to solve with going 100% Red. 

    They only thing about it the left likes it tha is spreads a sense of entitlement wrt healthcare which eases the entrance of full control. 

    • Its designed to collapse.

      It’s called “Cloward-Pivin”.
      There is no solution, given our massively indoctrinated society, so keep well heeled!

      • You have to make sure the collapse is associated with government intervention.  People have been trained to sneer at accusation of socialism or communism.
        When the situation is that if you go to the doctor or hospital and its closed for good and your daughter has blood running down her arm.  That will be a crisis that won’t be wasted.

        • Correct all around.
          But we’ve seen with a few of the leftist/post-modernist commenters here that they’re beyond reason and rationality.
          So what to do with millions of people that fit that description? What do you do when reason, logic and persuasion doesn’t work?

  • Our son is a junior at a top-tier private institution which shall remain nameless.  I am a practicing physician.  He sees what we go through here at the office, and has heard enough conversations to have some idea of the disaster that looms.  He was considering medicine – not so much anymore.  Unfortunately for all of us, we fully endorse his decision.

  • Our son is a junior at a top-tier private institution which shall remain nameless.  I am a practicing physician.  He sees what we go through here at the office, and has heard enough conversations to have some idea of the disaster that looms.  He was considering medicine – not so much anymore.  Unfortunately for all of us, we fully endorse his decision.

  • Based on previous experience, big government programs that don’t work get more and more money.  It will never be that Obamacare doesn’t work.  It will always be that it wasn’t funded enough.

  • George Will says:

    When Dwight Eisenhower asked Gen. Georgy Zhukov how the Red Army cleared minefields, Zhukov replied that it marched through them. Being profligate with lives is a perquisite of command and a luxury of those with an abundance of lives at their command. Some congressional Republicans, who do not command their party but can implicate it in their marches through minefields, might resuscitate Barack Obama’s presidency by restocking his pantry of excuses: The economy’s continuing anemia will ever after be blamed on any government shutdown.
    The problem with this is I get to be one of the people marching through the mine field in order for the GOP to try and make a point that the apologetic media for Obama will not allow to be made.  Namely, Obama and his health insurance tax is a failure.
    You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t sign up for that.

  • Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, public housing, the VA, ethanol, sugar tariffs, alcohol prohibition (that’s 1), the War on Drugs, civil forfeiture, the TSA, the DHS, the NSA, the IRS.
    The “Unaffordable Care Act” will never be rescinded by Democrats.  If they have the votes like they did in 2009, they’ll ram through single payer or some other program designed to fail even worse, to create another crisis, for which only Saint Nancy and Saint Barry can legislate a fix.

  • McQ, I agree with you – with one single caveat – force the Democrats to accept the bill as written – no exemptions, no delays, nothing without Congressional approval.  Either ObamaCare will succeed (which I see as unlikely) or it will be a colossal failure, one for the ages.  And then for the next generation keep reminding the public of the Democrats failure in this one area.  Just as the Republican did against the Democrats for more than 2 generations after the Civil War, wave that bloody flag anytime a Democrat opens his/her mouth.  Shove this failure up their asses at every opportunity.  But in order to do this, you got to let it play out!!!  (PS – note: Whether you sign up for it or not is your own individual choice.  I want to punish these hypocrites with this abomination for the rest of their miserable lives.)

    • Exactly.
      If they can’t defund it…the House should send up a bill that implements ObamaCare immediately upon passage.  No waivers. All taxes.  Everything.
      Watch the Democrats spin trying to not vote for it.
      It will crash and burn. The GOP will get blamed for it…just as they get blamed for the bad things in Obamacare NOW…even though they have nothing to do with it.  The left never stops and it never gets blamed.  People are still trying out COMMUNISM for God’s sake!  That only killed millions of people.  So…let’s just try it again…but THIS TIME, with more feeling!

  • There is a petulant little part of me that is tempted to just let Obamacare happen and watch it fail.

    Then the grown up realizes that all the people who are going to be hurt by it.  They’re all real people, and the pain and death they’re going to go through is the real thing.

    Maybe it can’t be stopped at this point.  Maybe it never could.  They’ll call us every name under the sun and try and blame us for everything *they* set up.  No good deed goes unpunished, you know.  Trying our best to stop it remains the right thing to do.

    • Apparently most of those people voted for it.  See the last election.
      And the ones that stayed home and didn’t help stop the re-election of the “light bringer”……just as guilty.

  • Obamacare was designed to collapse, not to succeed. That’s the whole point of the “community organizer,” not to help the community, but to overload the system and cause it to fail. Obamacare has other uses though, first among them to be the ultimate monkey wrench in the gear box of the economy. That in turn punishes people in the middle class and turns them into virtual serfs.
    When Obamacare does fail it will be replaced by a single payer system much like the one in the UK. It will be miserable and Un-American (as Obamacare is Un-American in its gross bureaucratic excess). But there won’t be that many Americans left to notice the change. The baby boomers will be on the conveyor belt to the crematorium and the following generations will have been through Princess Weezildouche’s re-training program in the public schools and universities. They’ll think the new normal of failure is really normal, and history will be re-written to assure them it has always been that way, and the American Dream was never more than a public relations campaign.

  • The public’s dislike of ObamaCare isn’t growing with every new poll for reasons of philosophical attachment to notions of liberty and choice. Fear of ObamaCare is growing because a cascade of news suggests that ObamaCare is an impending catastrophe.

    This is called “Learning lessons the hard way”.

  • In a sidebar to the rollout of Obamacare, the Associated Press reports on the latest Inspector General report involving the good works of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Administration (ATF): Government agents acting without authorization conducted dozens of undercover investigations of illegal tobacco sales, misused some of $162 million in profits from the stings and lost track of at least 420 million cigarettes, the Justice Department’s inspector general said Wednesday.

    When you try to do too much, you wind up doing nothing well.
    The American people are feeling more and more disconnected from their central government…which they decidedly SHOULD feel, as these Beltway people become more and more a baronial class.
    Being a cock-eyed optimist, I also note the trend among young people toward SMALL government thinking.