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Observations: The QandO Podcast for 29 Sep 13

This week, Bruce, Michael, and Dale discuss the government shutdown and Republican party.

The direct link to the podcast can be found here.


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3 Responses to Observations: The QandO Podcast for 29 Sep 13

  • KAYLEE: Shepherd Book said they was men who just… reached the edge of space, saw a vasty nothingness… and went bibbledy over it.
    JAYNE: Oh, hell. I’ve been to the edge. Just looked like more space.

  • I think the strategy the GOP is doing is simple:
    1) Talking about Obamacare along with opposition is taking oxygen away from the “celebrations” and reminding people of how much it sucks. Its also making us NOT talk about immigration, cap and trade, or whatever else the Democrats would prefer to talk about.
    2) You can attempt to defund, delay, etc. a bit and even though you fail, it really costs very little. Political capital is a metaphor, not a truth. Same thing with “battles.” Ted Cruz didn’t “die” after he failed. He can fight again another day. In fact, every day you are doing this Obama is on the defensive.
    That said, they will not succeed. (Actually, success to me would be forcing an Obama Veto. As long as the Senate is blocking, the media and the LIV don’t understand the Democrats are to blame. Many are too stupid to understand who is actually running the Senate.)
    So, the best is to make a good enough show that their constituents accept that they did indeed “try their best.” Now, if the GOP brand were really strong, then they could not even do that – but since they wasted away years of support, they have to be like Caesar’s wife and above reproach.
    The sweet spot would be just enough media storm to get in the papers, combined with a couple of points to win like no medical device tax, and then call it quits.
    Finally, while I too suspect the GOP is really bad at messaging, I have to wonder if its really not just the media bias. Do we really think that somehow there is  NO ONE who could message in the party and they simply are stupid? No…instead I suspect what you are seeing is the MSM. Thus GOP looks clueless while Democratic cluelessness is hidden. And when the GOP does something smart, there a million articles about how dumb it was somehow. That said, Glenn Reynolds comes up with some very good ideas like the  Repeal the Hollywood Tax Cuts, and the GOP never listens to these.