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Happy ObamaCare day …

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, the day is beautiful and … the government is shut down.  I’m not sure, but that may be adding to the beauty of the day.

Meanwhile this is ObamaCare’s first day. Unfortunately, ObamaCare isn’t quite ready.

On Monday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius pleaded for patience during a briefing with reporters, acknowledging there would probably be some site issues in the coming days and weeks as the administration moves forward on the sweeping program known as Obamacare. She likened the inevitable fixes to software updates on Apple products such as the iPhone or iPad.

“No one is calling on Apple to not sell devices for a year or to get out of the business because the whole thing is a failure,” she said. “Everyone just assumes there’s a problem, they’ll fix it, let’s move on. . . . Hopefully, they’ll give us the same slack as they give Apple.”

Apple.  She dares to compare this monstrosity to Apple?  Really?

Here’s the reason that comparison doesn’t even begin to hold water:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has had since March 2010 to prepare for open enrollment’s October 2013 rollout. Besides churning out thousands of pages of regulations, what have she and her army been doing?

Someone performing as Sebelius has in the private sector would have been fired at least a year ago, when it become obvious that her implementation plan — having already missed critical deadlines almost two years ago – was still hopelessly behind.

However, this would have been an admission of failure during an election year.

Instead, Sebelius and the administration unilaterally, and illegally, delayed imposing the employer mandate requiring companies to cover “full-time” employees — defined as any employee who works an average of 30 hours per week — for one year. The political motivation behind this cop-out is so transparent, one wonders if the delay wasn’t hard-coded in the plan. There has been no change in the individual mandate, which requires individuals and families to have health insurance coverage beginning next year or face a fine. So the employer mandate delay combined with the still-present individual mandate will force more Americans into the state health insurance exchanges. The administration is likely intent on making the process of undoing the exchanges as difficult as possible.

Apple would a) meet their deadline and b) have the product ready for the launch or c) some heads would roll.

So why is Sebelius still at HHS?

Oh, that’s right … because we don’t hold people in government accountable for anything, do we?

Which, of course, is a big part of the reason we’re in the mess we’re in today.

Frogs marching or heads rolling (figuratively speaking) might begin to change a culture that know no matter how inept or incompetent they are, nothing of significance will happen to them. And after all, it’s your money they’re wasting, isn’t it?


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  • Proud to say my Dad’s fellow fighting men walked over their damn barricades in Washington like they walked over the Siegfried line.

    • Can you get them a message to get on over to the White House and finish the job??

      • Hey, they’re suffering over there in the White House!   They don’t WANT to do this you know!
        I’ve heard with the Chef’s sent home they’ve dispatched Secret Service down to the local Piggly Wiggly to buy a pile of Marie Callender’s microwave Turkey dinners.

      • It’s practically Stalingrad over there.

    • This has already been spun as “anger against Congress” in the media.

  • “No one is calling on Apple to not sell devices for a year or to get out of the business because the whole thing is a failure,” she said. “Everyone just assumes there’s a problem, they’ll fix it, let’s move on. . . . Hopefully, they’ll give us the same slack as they give Apple.”
    I’m not sure, but I am pretty sure Apple is not given a mandate to force everyone to buy an iPad… And anyway, if Apple really did do that you can be sure lots of people would not give them any slack and go buy a Samsung. Unless of course they weren’t allowed to go buy a Samsung. Damn, I wish I worked in government, you pretty much have to destroy the country before you get your ass fired. Imagine the peace of mind you must have every evening knowing that.

  • I like what Ace has been calling it: 404Care

  • Kathleen Sebelius, noting that the government bureaucracies with which she is associated cannot operate a web site, protests: “Hopefully you’ll give us the same slack you give Apple.”
    Deal: Just as soon as we have the same choice about Obamacare as we do about whether we buy Apple products, we’ll extend the same indulgence. The difference is, there’s no law that says we have to buy Apple products, and the IRS will not be dispatched to seize our assets if we fail to get the newest iPod. The benefits of choice are a package deal — you want consumers to treat you like Apple, treat them like Apple treats consumers. You can’t do that with a mandate.

    When you pass a law that says “Everybody must buy Insurance Product X,” and then ask government agencies to set up artificial marketplaces to facilitate the sale of Product X, you’ve failed to create a real market — and from that, incompetency and stagnation flow inevitably.
    Welcome to the DMV-ification of medicine.

    Yep.  Collectivist morons do not understand markets, nor do they care to learn.  They love compulsion and that ol’ totalitarian urge.

  • “Hopefully you’ll give us the same slack you give Apple.”
    If only Apple had existed in Russia in 1922, think of the speeches Lenin could have given.

    • Eww…yeah!  AND he could’ve given foreign leaders special, special collections of his speeches, like a certain broken child could do decades later in the United States…

      • Remember kids, government ALWAYS works, and MORE government always works BETTER!

      • You’re kidding… right?

        • I can’t be….if I was posting as Looker then yes, I probably would be.
          But now I’m a man of integrity and honor and internal intestinal fortitude, allowing me to go mano a mano with other faceless entities on the interweb in all or nothing take downs fighting toe to toe for my values to protect ‘Merica and the future because I’m using my name.
          Therefore I must have been serious even if I wasn’t.
          Magenta, librarian glasses…..wink wink….naaaaaauuuuugggghhhhtttttttyyyyyyyy.

        • And look how well the Soviet Union ran all those years!   From 1922 until about 1992.   Why 70 years of starry success that left Russia and Eurasia in an unparallelled position for the new century!
          And look how big their government was!    Those people knew how to have a big government, yessireeee!

    • I’ve never had an iPhone, but as I recall, the first day it was available, 99%+ of the people using it could make calls, send texts, and do the routine stuff with no problems. I’ll put money on the table and bet that the exchanges at never get to the level where users are satisfied 99% of the time.

      • So few criminals pointing loaded guns in your face take your satisfaction with their hold-up technique into account these days.

      • Do ‘ya ‘spose that’s because Apple and Rotten Apple have different motivations? 🙂

  • Also, you can probably help by going and waiting for the logon page from
    Says they have 181 days to send me the logon page, and they want to thank me for my patience.

    • I guess that is why you know who has gone so quiet the last couple of days… loyally sitting refreshing that page in the hope of registering for his free healthcare and moon-pony. I suppose at least he now knows what it is like to sit on a waiting list while in excruciating pain.

      • It refreshes itself, actually,   I cede that’s a nice feature, under the circumstances.   I got mine after 10 minutes or so, though WHY they bothered….well, read on.

  • Hmmmm, even their media info page seems a bit, overloaded….I guess they don’t have the press releases prepared?  I mean, they’ve only had….oh, a couple years for that, so we should forgive them.
    And they don’t allow for requests in Klingon like Illinois did (until you tea party btards bitched about it like it was a waste of money or something) Call THAT helpful?
    And wow, impressive.
    I got my logon page…..but they want you to select from the no security question drop down list dropdown list three times.   And since there aren’t any questions, it’s kinda hard to answer them.
    Having perseverance, I did anyway.
    I invented my own questions, the first of which was “why didn’t you put an answer in this box?” – the answer was “Because there is no dropdown list”.
    The second question was – why didn’t you answer this second question – the answer was “or for this one”.
    The third questions was – okay, why didn’t you answer THIS question? – and the answer was “or for this one”.
    Now, though it seemed reasonable to me that I gave the same answer to the same problem, they didn’t like that I answered the last two with the same answer.
    And they told me I had to go back and start again.    Well, maybe later.   Clearly there’s no point in trying to answer questions that don’t exist.
    Or maybe this is a quantum metaphysical thing they can judge my frame of mind by based on the answers I gave to the questions they didn’t ask.
    I should note, Whatever your metaphysical answers are, they better not be more than 30 characters long because the box doesn’t allow that.   Being an OLD programmer, I understand we don’t want to use up a lot of tapes storing that data when we have all kinds of important stuff from our eavesdropping in the NSA to keep track of.

    • And no, it didn’t actually let me answer “because there is no dropdown list” because that’s longer than 30 bytes….I had to answer “because there is no dropdown”.

  • This all reminds me of THIS…….
    Most interesting programmer in the world

  • On the whole, I think this needs to go back to development.
    I mean, creating an account, the fundamental process you have to complete before you can even get marketplace info flawed.
    Let the boss know that QA is unimpressed, so we’re knocking off and going out for beergaritas.
    Because….I mean on day one of a hyperadvertised embattled national software product rollout you can’t even roll out something that lets you create accounts?
    I can think of a contractor that ought to be paying a tremendous SLA fine right now.
    That should keep Obama in chefs, and maybe allow them to re-open the national monuments for a week or so.

  • Boehner is doing Obama a favor by wanting to delay the individual mandate by a year!

  • So the govt shutdown… have we survived this long??!?

    • We’re all dead.  We just don’t know it yet, because we have no government betters to tell us.
      See how essential they are…???

      • Yep, another day of living proof that life will go on after Obamugabe and his coterie are gone.


  • If the GOP wanted to mount a real fight against Obamacare, they should focus on 2014 and use problems like today to make their case.  Because they went the government shutdown route, hardly anyone was talking about Obamacare today, the news was all on the shutdown, and in a way that usually made the Republicans look bad.  I think they need to really rethink their strategy.  They may be handing the Democrats the House and a stronger Senate in 2014 because they can’t see past their ideological noses.

    • Except the media lies about how great if was to use the system can’t change the minds of those who went to sign up and had it fail. Bad code isn’t a “volume” issue though Obamugabe worshipers like you may believe that lie. No excuse for such a poor national unveiling of a critical part of the plan.

        • I know, but I love for him to crow like he’s a rooster afterwards.

        • And you know, it’s too soon to tell, but the victory he’s crowing about could be another one of his 2010 “wins” for Democrats.

          • Or how the “atmospherics” meant that Romney was going to beat Obama, and how my prediction of Democratic gains in the 2012 Senate were absurd.  I was wrong in 2010, the bloggers here were wrong in 2012 (and I was pretty accurate).  So we’ll see what happens in 2014.  I think you’re on the wrong side of history, looker.  Time will tell.

          • History.  Something you change every day.

          • And you didn’t deny my main point. So you lose.
            See I can learn something from you after l.

          • It wasn’t merely “atmospherics”, Erp.  It was historical experience.
            No president with as crappy a record as Pres. Red Line had ever been re-elected.
            But nobody could have seen the effects of his IRS thugs, a press that colluded with him in covering up Benghazi and all the other outrages, and the Collectivist’s very effective data-driven targeting of interest groups.
            Your Collective was also very successful at demonizing Romney, and Romney erred in being too nice.

    • I kind of agree with this…except this Obamacare is not some abstract event that people have to learn about from the media.
      No, in fact, they can find it out by themselves trying to use the system themselves, or through losing their job, or being down-houred, or from companies cutting coverage for spouses, etc.
      So while I would normally agree, I am not sure it works in this case.
      And if the rates don’t come out good…expect people to be very angry. They were promised savings.

      Read that.
      Yes.  They really did go there.  Your buds at the New Republic were fantasizing about tanks and Congress.
      That ol’ totalitarian urge throbs just under that very thin veneer, huh, Erp?

      • Heh, yeah.   Let me know when Congress declares Obama’s Presidency dissolved.
        As for Obamugabe, well, that would be one way to end his Presidency, ordering ‘his’ tanks up to Capitol Hill.
        Funny how these leftest twits don’t understand when our government works like this, it’s working as intended by the framers.
        You know, elections have consequences, they keep saying that when it supports Obama.
        Last time I checked, the House was duly elected.

  • Happy Obamacare day
    Happy Obama Daycare.
    Scarey thought.

  • Let me utter the words not heard today … 

    The shutdown allows the Obama Administration to front-load all the sequester furlough days. 

    As of today, the is no harm to the government or any government employees. At least no more harm than the sequester ever caused.

    • Lsst shutdown they all got backpay.  Turned out to be  a week or so of paid vacation.  Its why the workers are blase about it when they put them on camera.

  • Sorry folks the Country is closed, the Moose out front shoulda told ya.

    • Oh!  Oh!   Pick me!  Pick me!
      Add that to the ‘Barry’-cades they’ve brought in to reinforce the WWII memorial.

    • Warren Meyer runs concessions in most US states, privatizing public park facilities the government was going to shut down.  He pays them a cut of his concessions, so his operations are a net income, not a cost.
      But they still shut him down.

  • Being generous and assuming they HAD any number from yesterday’s sign-up that was worth reporting, we’d have heard it.
    I’ve heard ‘some’ people have been able to sign up.
    “Some”  – I’ve worked in Data Processing/Info Systems/Information Technology for 35 years, ‘some’ is not a number I’ve ever been allowed, or inclined, to give as official.
    Even if I generously assumed they were only using clanking paper-tape reading teletype machines from 1975, they’d still be able to put a ball park number to ‘some’.