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ObamaCare: Patience is not an American virtue

Experts tell you that you have about 2 seconds to have your webpage download (or at least begin to download) or the person who clicked the link is likely to move on.  We Americans are not a patient people.

So how has that impacted the ObamaCare debacle?  Well, since the disastrous launch of the exchanges, there’s been a huge drop off in attempts:

The number of visitors to the federal government’s Web site plummeted 88 percent between Oct. 1 and Oct. 13, according to a new analysis of America’s online use, while less than half of 1 percent of the site’s visitors successfully enrolled for health insurance the first week. …

Based on a sample of two million users — or 1 percent of all online users in the U.S. — which Millward Brown Digital has permission to track, it suggests that the rush of traffic administration officials cited as the cause of the site’s problems trailed off within a matter of days.

Of the 9.4 million unique visitors to the site during the launch’s first week, according to the analysis, roughly a third attempted to register, and a third of that number — 1.01 million — completed registration. Ultimately, roughly 36,000 Americans signed up for an insurance plan online, the report said.

Not that I’m upset, but 36,000 out of 9.4 million is just incomprehensible incompetence at work.

Yet Kathleen Sebelius still has the “full confidence” of the other incompetent in office – one Barack Obama.  No surprise there.  No accountability either.

Meanwhile for those that do manage to get through, sticker shock is sure to await them.


12 Responses to ObamaCare: Patience is not an American virtue

  • Yet Kathleen Sebelius still has the “full confidence” of the other incompetent in office – one Barack Obama.

    Ah, but you mistake the true nature of her job-description.
    She is an excellent liar and tyrant.
    And Barracula is not incompetent.  If he were, by the law of averages, he would do SOMETHING right.
    He is “fundamentally transforming” America, by very intentional design.

    • Neoneocon, on her blog, has long asked the question: “Obama, fool or knave?”.

      I don’t really know the answer fully, but I think that he not fully competent. He has no leadership experience, and really does not seem to know how to lead. Obamacare is a result of that, it really should be called Reidcare, given how it was created. However, it is hard to judge his incompetence since his goals are not the traditional goals of American presidents, not even Democrats like Clinton and Carter.

      He’s not stupid. He’s a smart man. He has goals most Americans don’t agree with, hence he has to lie. He lacks actual leadership experience, hence he has trouble achieving his goals without the heavy lifting of Democrats in Congress and the media.

  • I saw on Drudge where Delaware finally got their first official Obamacare registration.
    At this rate, at the end of the first year, they’ll have 24.
    And the people in charge will still get bonuses, I bet. They’ll just redefine the meaning of success, the way the post-modern left always does.

  • So it’s been a good while since I posted on here, and I figured today would be a great day to come back.
    I work for a Health Insurance company now, and we’ve been spending the year gearing up for Obamacare as we handle Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans.  These numbers, if in any way accurate within 10%, are fatal.
    If out of 9.5 Million people they only managed to enroll 36k….there’s simply no way the law will work.  Even if they fine everybody, it wont make up the shortfall needed to fund those on the rolls, let alone discounting the legal challenges that will fly if the IRS tries to levie those penalties.
    All in all, this is why I’ve been privately advocating to simply let this disaster unfold and take its natural course.  It’s no more than they deserve.

  • According to half the cowardly flacks in the legacy media, the problems of 404Care would have been the biggest new story of the year… if only those stupid, dastardly Republicans hadn’t foolishly stood up to Obama and caused everyone to be distracted. I call this mysterious inability to cover two stories the “We can’t chew gum and walk at the same time” excuse.
    Wonder what their excuse for not covering it will be now?
    They will absolutely find one. I know that because their original excuse was blatant bull$#!+. The two stories were connected from the beginning – the limited government part of the GOP took their position because they thought Obamacare would be a disaster.
    The travails of were supporting evidence that they were right – so of course, the Obama acolytes in the press had to pretend they were disconnected, and ignore the story hurting Obama the most.
    I’m betting we’ll now see “Boy, they sure screwed up the software for this, didn’t they? But they’ll fix it and Obamacare will turn out to be the wonder and glory everyone thought from the beginning.” And then they’ll ignore lagging enrollment and stratospheric price increases for coverage as old news – until after the 2014 elections.

  • I read a quote from one of the masters of this disaster that…
    wait for it…
    they didn’t have enough money to do it right.  I spit you not.

    • Isn’t that the response of the left every single time one of their grand schemes comes crashing down?
      When has the left ever – ever – looked at one of their debacles, and said “This was a bad idea. Let’s forget the whole thing.”?

      • That was the rich, dripping irony of the thing.
        I read once that Lenin, on his deathbed, acknowledged that Communism was a failure…but he knew how to fix it!
        Maybe an apocryphal story, and yet it is played out over and over in history.