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Car Review

The Honda Accord is a travel appliance. But, it is the KitchenAid of travel appliances, at least in V-6 form. Oh, and Chevrolets have god-awful interiors. I just thought you should know that.

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6 Responses to Car Review

  • I had an ’87 Accord Hatchback for 16 years…getting rid of it only because it had no A/c and with the new “improvements” concerning freon…I would have had to had the entire system replaced.  And I had a baby…so…new car.
    Tough as nails. Carried logs like a truck.  Spun out at 70 mph and hit the side of bridge with left rear corner.  Cut off some material rubbing a tire and drove another 90 miles before getting it looked at. Rear hatch didn’t even crack.  4 cylinder.  Fast mover. and good mpg.
    If Honda can build a truck as tough as that car…..I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

    • I had an ’86 Accord LXi, 4 door (2.0L, 125HP). When I drove down from Denver to Phoenix, I averaged 77MPH for the whole trip (in 14 1/2  hours – 1 hr stop for lunch in Sante Fe) and was doing 115MPH in northern Arizona on I-40from the AZ-NM state line to around Meteor Crater (about 120 miles) and the temp gauge never went above half…and the ride was smooth as silk. Got 37 MPG +/- for the trip).
      Problem now is the Honda dealers got arrogant.

      • My Accord was “repo’d” and sent back to California.  I paid it off the day it got sent….so an ex-girlfriend in San Francisco picked it up on Friday morning and drove it back. She called me from WV …said, “Hey! Did you know that your car would go 90 mph all the way across Kansas?” and hung up.  There may have been chemical assistance involved.
        She arrived in Norfolk, VA on Sunday night.
        And yes, I know the hardest part to believe is an ex-girlfriend that would do that.
        She ended up marrying the guy who was my best man at my wedding a few years later after meeting him that Sunday.

  • “If Honda can build a truck as tough as that car…..I’d buy it in a heartbeat.”

    I had a 1988 two door Accord hatchback. That car and I had a love affair for the ages. I nearly wept when I finally had to part with it. Ended up selling it to a nephew and he drove it for six more years.  263k miles on that thing when she died.
    I might go google 88 Accord pictures pictures and have a bottle of scotch now.

  • My Honda Civic is only 5 years old and runs like it was new.  Before this car I had a Chevy Cavalier.  It wasn’t in as good of shape in 2 years (it creaked and groaned down the road in spite of being a really slow car).  Between the bailout fiasco and seeing how better things are with Honda I don’t think I could ever go back to a Chevy.
    I admit my Civic falls into the ‘driving appliance’ definition Dale talks about but it does a really good job at it.  Why in the world can’t Chevy learn from this?

  • I have an Accord with six cylinder and six speed manual gear box. Turn off the traction control and it is a handful. Of stupid fun.