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ObamaCare launch is debacle of the leadership’s own making

Everything I read about this debacle that is ObamaCare’s launch is summed up pretty well in this paragraph:

In an era where Google is making self-driving cars and Amazon offers next-day delivery for just about anything, the White House plunged ahead with a system it knew to be defective and is relying on the technology of the 19th century as the fall-back. Five days before the exchanges launched, the Health and Human Services Department increased the Virginia information technology company Serco’s $114 million contract by $87 million—to help process paper applications. Are contingency plans in place to sign up via telegraph?

Pitiful doesn’t begin to describe the effort. Incompetent is too tame to encompass the leadership. Inept would be a compliment if describing the launch.

And yet we think these people, the people who designed and put this monstrosity together and thought it good enough to launch, can be trusted with our health care.


It makes one wonder about the collective intelligence of the citizenry.

P.S.  Thought you’d like to know that in the new liberal conventional wisdom, “death panels” are now a “good thing”, especially if the state has final say.

Gee, never saw that coming.

BTW, can anyone guess the greatest lie of the 21st Century to date?

“If you like your insurance and want to keep it, you can.”


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41 Responses to ObamaCare launch is debacle of the leadership’s own making

  • Whatever. Let the people get it good and hard with this law. The only way kids learn is by touching the hot stove. But I’m more interested in this:

    Five days before the exchanges launched, the Health and Human Services Department increased the Virginia information technology company Serco’s $114 million contract by $87 million—to help process paper applications.

    >>>> I’d sure like to find out just who got all these fat contracts to deliver this Failware, and who in the administration/Dem leadership they’re connected to. For my money THAT’S what Issa and the rest need to focus on. There’s lucrative opportunities to prosecute here.

  • Just the tip of the FAILberg, as I call it.
    Again, note the Collective’s absolute slobbering love affair with monopoly, coercive “solutions” over leaving people with the choices that belong to them.
    See also “school, public”.

  • As to the death panels, I LOVE me some of this line:

    Yet, the question remains: Who decides? Remember that, outside of Ontario, the resolution of these end-of-life disputes is generally reserved for judges. Ontario has simply replaced them with experts and wise community members. That’s a lead other jurisdictions should consider following when families’ emotions and doctors’ judgments collide.

    >>> I don’t know about you, but I’m VERY excited about the prospect of healthcare decisions being made by “wise community members”  I’m a pretty sharp guy, how do I get me some of that sweet, sweet death panel membership action?

    • Ah, you have to be “wise” enough to be a Deemocrat activist.
      Smart don’t mean spit.

      • I’m willing to lie long enough to get into that kind of position of power. Because I plan to abuse the he** out of it….

      • “God bless him, bless his heart, president of the United States — a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy, you name the subject,” Pelosi told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in an exclusive interview.

  • What scandal!   There’s no scandal!  The failure of the web site was very clearly caused by spontaneous mass riots mass logon attempts in reaction to a inflammatory really good video about an anti-Islamic view that defamed the prophet Obamacare on You-Tube! And at this point, what difference does it make!!!!!!
    It’s Constitutional, it’s the law of the land, only radicals who are trying to overthrow the government and should be arrested are complaining about this law! It’s being very well received by millions who are eager to sign up for free healthcare!

  • As I said on Twitter this morning:
    Headline in today’s WSJ: Obama admits health website flaws.
    In other news, Christina Hendricks admits she has big tits.
    Only in a post-modern world would it be notable that someone “admits” to a reality so obvious. In any rational world, it would be noted in passing as obvious, and the focus would be on what to do.

    • C-h-r-i-s-t-i-n-a H-e-n-d-r-i-c-k-s…
      (in the fashion of Homer Simpson speaking of bacon-wrapped sticks of butter)

    • Billy!
      What to do?
      Well…then he didn’t call you (me either and no surprise there really  🙂  ) as one of the experts that is going to fix his system gratis eh?
      Otherwise you’d KNOW what to do mister!  He gave a speech!   He expects results!   Chop chop, get that code fixed!
      And ya know what, I’m thrilled.   This is worse than the worst actual code nightmare I’ve ever had to experience.   That one went on for a week.   This one…. I refuse to imagine, but I am chortling (smile, smirk, eyes rolling, lol) .

      • Everything changes in software except for one thing: A large proportion of software projects fail, and the larger and more complex they are, the higher the percentage of failure.
        The last project I saw up close that was a colossal failure was the MARS project at HCA:
        I wasn’t working on it, but I was a consultant for the company that lost the bid. Cap Gemini got it.
        The article mentions $130 million written off, which, with inflation, is about $150 million today. Reliable sources on the inside say the total losses were easily over $200 million, and they threw away every line of it.
        They didn’t get anywhere near done. As soon as they assembled all the pieces, and saw 30 second transactions that were supposed to take 1/10 of a second, they pulled the plug.
        The root cause was political decisions to give the IBM mainframe crowd the control, which they felt they were losing to the Microsoft oriented crowd. They didn’t know what they were doing in distributed systems, even though they had a technology background. Cap Gemini smelled the ability to soak them, and they unloaded the bus (or plane, actually) with dozens of 20 something consultants at $100 an hour every Monday, and let them go home to Atlanta on Friday.
        This is how bad it gets when politics puts inadequate people in charge of software development in the private sector. Imagine how much worse it is in the public sector.
        I expect the Obamacare drones will kludge something together which sort-of-kind-of works, or at least doesn’t lock up, and gets people to a screen that says the equivalent of “Congratulations! You’re signed up for Obamacare!”  They will not worry about the integrity of the data, ensuring that the data gets where it’s supposed to go, compliance with the law, or anything else. They will trumpet its “success” to the skies, not caring they they are just making the problems worse while shifting them to a later time.
        And the compliant media will somehow never notice that there are hundreds of thousands or millions of “glitches” in the form of people who thought they had coverage but don’t, or get charged three times what they expected, or whatever.
        So, yeah, I get some satisfaction of (1) expecting something like this, (2) knowing just how hard it will be to fix, and (3) seeing the collectivists who have total faith in government squirming. Think Professor Polywobble types, feverishly trying to pretend that this thing is less of a disaster than it is. But they will hear about the kludged up “solution”, buy the scam about it being fixed hook, line, and sinker, and put their fingers in their ears every time they hear about problems in the future.
        Balanced against that satisfaction. though, is the empathy I feel for people sucked into the morass. Though, like shark, I recognize that such is the only way they will learn the truth about the government in which they put their faith. So I’m not losing any sleep over their plight.

        • “while shifting them to a later time.”
          An effective summary of everything done during the Obama years.

        • And I’m really not thinking of the people trapped in the morass, because we’re in the morass together.
          WE are trapped in it, all of us.  Private individuals, businesses, the country.
          Some of us will be affected more than others, but we’ll all be affected, whether through higher premiums, lower quality medical service, increased taxes, penalties.   The only ones to walk away from this wreck will be ‘the rich’ and those bastids in Washington.
          And that little weasel in the White House, of course.

        • And the compliant media will somehow never notice that there are hundreds of thousands or millions of “glitches” in the form of people who thought they had coverage but don’t, or get charged three times what they expected, or whatever.
          What do you want to bet that Obama will fix this all up with taxpayer money ?

  • Each more mindful of the other’s strategic vision, Reid and Obama made a mutual commitment to legislative stubbornness. A week after the meeting, Reid threatened to gut the filibuster if Republicans didn’t let through a slate of executive nominees. Republicans caved. Looking forward, the two vowed to steadfastly oppose any effort to tinker with the president’s health care law as part of a continuing resolution to keep the government running. And when it came time to raise the debt ceiling weeks later, they would refuse to negotiate altogether.
    Through the first government shutdown in 17 years and a near-breach of the nation’s debt limit, they followed this playbook until it ultimately resulted in a Republican collapse.
    “We just both came to the conclusion that the time had ended to be taken in by these crazy people,” Reid said. “The president said, ‘I’m not going to negotiate.’ I said, ‘I’m not going to negotiate.’ And we didn’t.”

    No, you can’t dare negotiate with “crazy” people who step up to obvious truths, like we are on an unsustainable path to fiscal collapse.
    You have to continue the Collectivist delusions.
    And then you lie to the American people, and tell them the conservatives are refusing to negotiate.
    And morons will republish your lies, like the two-bit whores they are.
    Right, Erp…???

  • The ObamaCare website has been fixed!!!!  Go see for yourself and try and apply!!! 

    • Oh man, thank you, I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks.
      Must be the job   🙂

  • Hey!  How bout that NSA spying on the French and Mexicans!!!!!
    Wait….that’s real….it’s actually uh, another scandal…..oh crap……
    How bout them Redskins!  We need to change that name!  It’s wrong!

    • Right, take the word “Washington” out of the team name, it’s insulting to the players!

  • In an era where Google is making self-driving cars and Amazon offers next-day delivery for just about anything,

    And Amazon gets, what, 10 million hits A DAY? And makes a million SALES TRANSACTIONS?
    Gee…maybe their motivation are different, and their competition is, well, their competition EXISTS!

  • The best comparison website would be FAFSA, the website that does financial aid. It talks to the IRS for the parent’s information and does not do that in real time.
    Its slow and creaky but you can save your application, etc.
    But I suspect the politicians wanted to show off how great government can be.

  • If Drudge can handle the traffic, you’d think the “smartest man in the room” could do better.
    No amount of “lipstick” is going cover this “screwing of the pooch.”

    • Smartest man room.    The other day Jarrett observed he’s so smart he gets bored and he has to be engaged or he loses interest.   Apparently she’s such a pin head herself she sees this as a compliment.
      Being President of the US is not enough of a challenge for the boy genius.   He’s Mr. Data, graciously taking cycles out of his thinking the stars into their orbits and regulating solar fusion to help run our country.
      Well, and if necessary, occasionally, he’ll give a speech to set things right.

      • Jarrett observed he’s so smart he gets bored and he has to be engaged or he loses interest

        Heavy coke use will have that effect pretty often.

      • This is what comes from prolonged usage of Ritalin

  • ” I think that we talked about having testing going forward, and if we had an ideal situation and could have built a product and, you know, a five-year period of time, we probably would have taken five years but we didn’t have five years.”
    Kathleen Sebelius….
    Oh, see, they just needed MORE time.   Probably more money.   See we just put too much pressure on the dears and well, they did the best they could in the limited time we gave them.
    Information Technology….supposedly so vibrant and constantly changing that something you started out with 5 years ago is probably going to be obsolete when you roll it out.
    It must be nice to have years of unfettered development time and a huge budget to create a product you are NEVER EVER EVER EVER going to have to show a profit from…

    Sounds like a hobby to me.

    The product, so NECESSARY, that people were DYING in the streets without it!
    All this damned thing had to do was work, it had mandated demand, it had tax payer support.  It’s IP AMTRACK.  It ONLY had to work, it didn’t have to be super and flashy, it didn’t have to sell, it didn’t have to make one stinking dime in profit.   It was mostly fire and forget, use it once, probably not go back again for 20 years.
    It didn’t have to stream video, it didn’t have to have interaction between millions of participants, it didn’t have to let you talk, it didn’t have to use your desktop camera, or microphone.   It had to provide graphic tables allowing you to make comparisons, maybe even give suggested recommendations based on lowest price, based on your information, allowing you to make a determination of rates (like Flo from Geico….) and link you to a private insurer correctly delivering your data to them for application purposes.
    And make no money.  Ever.
    Remember that next time someone like Sebelius or Boy Wonder tell you how difficult this was to turn in to an epic fail.

  • Federal contractors have identified most of the main problems crippling President Obama’s online health insurance marketplace, but the administration has been slow to issue orders for fixing those flaws, and some contractors worry that the system may be weeks away from operating smoothly, people close to the project say.

    Administration officials approached the contractors last week to see if they could perform the necessary repairs and reboot the system by Nov. 1. However, that goal struck many contractors as unrealistic, at least for major components of the system. Some specialists working on the project said the online system required such extensive repairs that it might not operate smoothly until after the Dec. 15 deadline for people to sign up for coverage starting in January, although that view is not universally shared.

    Time to panic? No. But it’s time to prepare to panic. It sounds like the earliest anyone is projecting fixes is sometime in the middle of November. That’s the time when it absolutely has to work — and if it doesn’t, we should panic. Maybe not “Get in the shelter, Homer!” panic, but I’d definitely think about rebalancing the 401(k) and maybe voting in some politicians who will treat this with the gravity it deserves, rather than giving Rose Garden speeches saying that everything’s basically A-OK if you don’t look at the parts that don’t work! Because make no mistake: If this piece doesn’t work, then most of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act doesn’t work.
    —Megan McArdle
    Death Spiral… I LIKE the sound of that…

    • How can he tells us that it is O-K ?

      President Barack Obama didn’t know of problems with the Affordable Care Act’s website — despite insurance companies’ complaints and the site’s crashing during a test run — until after its now well-documented abysmal launch, the nation’s health chief told CNN on Tuesday.
      In an exclusive interview with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta asked when the President first learned about the considerable issues with the Obamacare website. Sebelius responded that it was in “the first couple of days” after the site went live October 1.
      “But not before that?” Gupta followed up.
      To which Sebelius replied, “No, sir.”

      I believe Rumsfeld called these “known unknowns”
      Either Obama’s staff are the most stupid bunch of clowns every assembled by a POTUS, or this POTUS has moved “plausible deniability” to a new level.

      • No wonder he’s not engaged….after 5 years, it’s obvious, they never tell him anything.
        I’d be bored too.
        He probably wakes up every day and jumps out of his jammies, thinking “wow!  Maybe today is the day they’ll tell me some stuff and I can be President!”
        But, alas, that never happens.  The young boy who wanted to be President isn’t allowed by those around him to do his job now that he’s grown up and has been elected.
        It’s a tragedy.   The smartest man in the world isn’t being engaged to solve our problems.
        Instead he’s constantly having to play catch up as ‘they’ keep the various secrets of government from him until it’s too late.
        He often has to discover the grim truth of their bungling by hearing the news from the press during briefings or Q&A sessions.
        And this makes him mad, in fact, NOBODY gets madder than him when he finds these things out.
        Did I say it’s a tragedy, no, it’s a crime.  It’s a crime that he’s kept in the dark when he should be leading us.
        It’s a crime for them to keep him out of the loop on so many important issues.
        He SHOULD be mad, he should be really mad, really really really really mad.
        How long do they think they can hide these activities from his laser like focus?
        How long do they think they can do what they want without his notice?
        How long will his godlike patience last?
        He’s only human, and he’s getting mad.   Really really really mad.

        • Wow.
          I hope he isn’t…you know…”outraged”.
          Like he was with the IRS scandal.  ‘Cause that just got UGLY…what with all the heads rolling…