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Car Review

When you think of a reasonably-priced, midsized, 4-cylinder economy sedan, the last you expect is that it’ll give you a tingly feeling in your gentleman’s sausage. But this one does.

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5 Responses to Car Review

  • Thanks for the review.  I am considering the Mazda 6 to replace an aging Corolla.  Based on your review, my questions are

    Would the Sport trim be preferable as it would not have as many buttons?
    When (if ever) do you think Mazda will bring the diesel model?
    Did you really get 40 mpg, or did you get to test fuel economy at all?


    • Sorry, I can’t really answer your questions. Which model you’ll like is subjective. I csn’t tell you what you’ll like. And mileage is pointless to talk about. It’s so dependent on the terrain in which you drive–hilly or flat–and how you drive. If you assume I’m driving these cars pretty hard, you need to assume my mileage is never good.
      Treat mileage ratings like they don’t refer to some mythical MPG, because largely, they don’t. They’re just points on a scale. More points is better.

  • The Mazda6 seems to be great sedan, but the real problem with it is not the lack of six cylinder option or the braking or the annoying electronics layout.  It’s supply.  I bought a midsize sedan in September.  I couldn’t even drive a Mazda6 let alone buy one.  My local dealer would get in a few on the truck and they’d be gone in under a week.  If you wanted one you needed to show up while they were in stock and pay sticker plus markup for whatever model they had, probably a fully loaded grand touring.  No thanks.
    I ended up across the street at the Honda dealership and bought an Accord Sport.  I don’t really regret my decision under the circumstances.

  • Where does Mazda currently stand in the J.D. Power ratings? IIRC, it was damn near at the bottom a few years back.

  • Is the Mazda6 really an “economy sedan”? It’s competing in the Camcord bracket, not the Economy Sedan (Corrivic, I guess? Civolla?) bracket, right?