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Lying liars and the lying liars who support them

I’m not one to use the word “liar” much since I consider it’s definition to be very specific, i.e. telling something you know to be false.

However, in the case of the ObamaCare lie – and that’s what it was when President Obama said “if you like your insurance, you can keep it” – I call it what it is.  And there’s no question about it now.

What I hate worse than a liar is someone who tries to rationalize or explain away a lie.  Like Steny Hoyer:

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer conceded to reporters today that Democrats knew people would not be able to keep their current health care plans under Obamacare and expressed qualified contrition for President Obama’s repeated vows to the contrary.

“We knew that there would be some policies that would not qualify and therefore people would be required to get more extensive coverage,” Hoyer said in response to a question from National Review.

Asked by another reporter how repeated statements by Obama to the contrary weren’t “misleading,” Hoyer said “I don’t think the message was wrong. I think the message was accurate. It was not precise enough…[it] should have been caveated with – ‘assuming you have a policy that in fact does do what the bill is designed to do.’”

So it was a lie to begin with, no one spoke up and now the lying liars are trying to spin the result.  You weren’t just misled – you were LIED too.  Purposely.  And shamelessly.

Welcome to politics and government today.  Utter disgust doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about the whole institution.


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51 Responses to Lying liars and the lying liars who support them

  • “It was not precise enough”
    Right, you just had to read the fine print, the President’s speeches all came with those fast talking disclaimers you can pick a word or two out of at the end of radio commercials didn’t they?
    “Obamacare may not be for everyone!  You should consult your insurance company and then cross reference their response with the details of the Obamacare bill to determine if your policy will continue to exist once the miracle of Obamacare has been implemented.   The administration denies any responsibility for misunderstanding you may have had about what we did or did not say, and is certainly not responsible for any deliberate misstatements we made in the process of deceiving you into allowing us to implement Obamacare.  Some slight increase in policy premiums and deductibles may occur which may cause you to believe you’ve been screwed.  It’s possible that you may be eligible for the ‘free handout’ subsidy portion of the bill,  If you find yourself with increased premiums and higher deductibles and no subsidy then TLFYOYO.  We reserve the right to enforce the system whether it works or not, and regardless of any actual improvement or savings to any participants.  We recognize you may be dissatisfied with the new plan but you should recognize we don’t care.  In the event of any failure or malfunction caused by the new law we will deny all responsibility.  Those wishing to complain should send in a 8.5×11 sheet of paper with your full name and Social Security number and an SASE to the Department of Justice, East Buggeroff St, Back Room, 15th Floor, WallaWalla Washington 73901 to permit quick investigation by the IRS for possible tax evasion charges and fines.”

    • I don’t seem to remember an asterisk floating around Senator or President Obama’s head wjile he was making the statement on multiple occasions.
      While it can be said that Senator/candidate Obama made this statement more in a hypothetical sense, President Obama continued to make this statement long after it was just plain false.

      • The guy always makes some qualification that gives him some wriggle room.  Like technically if you nothing about your current policies changed at all, deductible, co-pay, premium, features, you can keep it.  But in reality, none of those thing ever stay the same from year to year and rarely could they thanks to at a minimum inflation and changes in government increased bureaucracy demands, and they knew that.
        Him and his team are experts in wiggle room clauses.

  • I submit this is unprecedented in American history.
    Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon were both demonstrated liars, but they were liars in their own defense.
    Barracula is a liar in promotion of a grab of American rights that is, itself, unprecedented in history.  He KNEW he had to lie about this crap sandwich in order for it to have a snowball’s chance of support.
    Of course, this involves MULTIPLE lies, not just the one McQ takes on.  Another one is the one about its costs.  AND those costs will tend to fall VERY heavily on the middle class.
    And EVERY FLUCKING Deemocrat in the Congress was complicit in lying to the American people.

    • Not to worry man, either Peter Fonda (who thinks the right hacked the Obamacare web site) or Eric Holder (who runs some weird organization called the Department of Justice) will be on the case.

  • Senate majority leader Harry Reid took a different tack than House Democratic whip Steny Hoyer, digging in on the claim that Americans can keep their existing health-care plans under Obamacare and blaming insurance companies for any canceled plans.
    President Obama “didn’t say anything that was wrong. That’s true,” Reid said when asked whether Obama’s promises that Americans could keep their current health-care plans were misleading.
    Describing what was happening to millions of Americans receiving cancellation notices, Reid said, “Insurance companies cancel plans. That’s what they do.”

    Yes, the famously profitable Underwear Gnome business model…
    1. provide people with insurance they chose and want
    2. make it affordable by assigning…you know…RISK
    3. BIG GOVERNMENT comes in and makes your offerings impossible
    4. cancel your existing customers’ policies since you cannot legally offer them
    5. PROFIT…!!!
    Hateful Harry Reid is one of the worst men on this planet right now.

  • This administration is something straight out of Monty Python:

    “Let me take the time here to assure everyone that there is no cannibalism in the Royal Navy, none.  Now, when I say ‘none’ I mean there IS a certain amount….more than we’d care to admit.”

  • This is off topic but I just gotsa know …

    Most U.S. libertarians do not identify with Tea Party: survey

    “There’s largely agreement on economic issues – the gap is in how libertarians approach social issues, ” said Robert P. Jones, CEO of PRRI, which conducts an annual “American Values Survey” on political and social issues.

    .. excuse me.  “social issues” ?
    I’m not a Tea Party member, but I am a Tea Party sympathizer.
    I don’t look to the Tea Party for anything except fiscal responsibility, an economic issue.

    Does anybody know what social issues the Tea Party has a stand on ?

    • The media will tell them what social issues they have stands on, and what those stands are.    Strawmen happen.

      • In Ohio, the Tea Party has allied itself with big mouth social conservative groups. All you have to do is look at the speakers, policies being promoted, etc, by the Ohio Tea Party to see it is no longer about fiscal responsibility, but more about shoving religion down peoples’ throats. And that’s too bad, as I can support the fiscal policies. I can’t support a narrow religious belief forced on everyone else. It kinda goes against the idea of more liberty, IMHO. But I guess my idea of liberty (leave me and other consenting adults the eff alone to take care of our own stuff) is outta the mainstream.  There was an Op Ed penned by the leader of the Ohio Tea Party. In it, he said the only people who should be “allowed” to vote and participate in gov’t are those who agree with his interpretation of the Constitution. Somehow I don’t think it works that way. So I don’t think the media has made out the Tea Party to be in league with the social conservatives. From what I’ve seen in Ohio the Tea Party has done it to themselves, deservedly so.

        • In Ohio, people who care about fiscal responsibility are going to have a lot of intersection with social conservatives.  If you only are interested in supporting them if they are ideologically pure, maybe you and the 5 guys that show up who qualify can hold rallies outside the capitol, I’m sure the politicians will quake in their boots.  Meanwhile the Democrats who aren’t as picky where their numbers come from win all the battles.

        • And while I will not deny what you are saying is true (it’s the problem I also have with the socons.  Not paying attention to Ohio, I cannot say one way or another)
          it’s also the point I’m trying to make.
          Is the Tea Party really allying itself with the socons who want to control your bedroom and your religion?
          Or are you being told by the media that it is?
          The tar brush is a very useful thing.
          As JPM notes, the Democrats are clearly not as picky where their numbers come so long as the Democrats win.

    • There really isn’t a “tea party”.
      The movement is very amorphous.  I’ve seen everyone from Randians to LaRouche nut-bags at rallies.  Democrats and Republicans and Libertarians and bears…

      • There is a loose collection of organizations.  Some have even been attempting to get tax exempt status from the IRS, I’m told.

    • What do you mean “tea party member”? Is it an org you can join?

      I thought it was basically fiscal conservatives (broadly speaking) who oppose Obama’s massive spending agenda including (but not limited to) Obamacare.

      Hell, many tea party protestors wanted to protect SS and medicare. That’s I added “broadly speaking” above.

    • Does anybody know what social issues the Tea Party has a stand on ?

      >>> War on women! Legitimate rape! Birth Control! Vagina dissenters!

      • Oh, YEAH.  And don’t forget being ‘terrorists with bombs strapped to our chests’.
        We’re bad, bad, bad….  We’re nationwide…

    • 1) The media has succeeded in re-branding the Tea Party as social conservatives.
      2) Some crazy people joined the Tea Party bandwagon.

    • Number 2 behind the racism smear, was that the Tea Party was a bunch of social conservatives.  They used speakers like Sarah Palin to prove their point.  And I’m sure some local chapter are or are now.   And many self-described libertarians ate up that smear like other ate up the racism smear.

    • fighting the legal corruption (or as Sarah said nicely, crony capitalism), Sarah Palin’s core platform.

  • But don’t cha’ know, Mitt Romney is a bulls&$tter!!

  • I’m thinking you guys are going to need an unbelievably small military action against some convenient post-Ottoman non-youthful dictator pretty soon, in order to take the heat off the Obamacare cock-up that was supposed to divert attention from the previous unbelievably small military action that was diverting attention from the IRS which was conveniently distracting from some film maker orchestrating al Qaeda attacks in Benghazi in order to cover up for gun running in Mexico that, erm, well I am getting lost here I have to admit. But anyway, tail, dog, wagging etc. Time for the newly fledged warhawks to fly!

  • “I don’t think the message was wrong. I think the message was accurate. It was not precise enough…[it] should have been caveated with – ‘assuming you have a policy that in fact does do what the bill is designed to do.’”

    Ah, Democrats and lawyers (is there a difference?). Theysure know how to lie with a strait face.

    • Democrats and lawyers

      BITE your tongue!  There are a LOT of very fine Conservative lawyers and law professors, and a good thing, too…!!!

      • There clearly aren’t enough, though I know a couple of outstanding ones.

      • Yes, there are.

        But the Dems all seem to be lawyers. Both Clintons, Obama, Kerry, Biden, . . .

        Contrast with Romney, Palin, McCain, Bush, Reagan.

        But yeah, there are many good conservative / libertarian lawyers. But all the top Dems seem to be lawyers. And they all employ the “technical truth” contained in the “meaning of is”, etc.

  • And how many have signed up?
    Oh, millions, billions maybe according to the guy who doesn’t know the web-site had a problem,  but I’d rather not say exactly.
    We’ll have the exact number by Mid-November.

    • We’ll have the exact number by Mid-November.

      You mean 2014, right….???

      • Well, yes, certainly.  After the primaries and the mid-terms.
        The White House has determined there’s no need to cloud the heads of the voters with distractions when they need to be focused with laser-like precision on making the best possible choices for their government.

  • So, would it be wrong of me to say She’s-bilious is facing her own “Death Panel” today, employment-wise…???

    Actually, I bet she stays where she is as long as she wants. Accountability is not a trait of this nest of outlaws.


  • It doesn’t matter, they’re already planning how they can turn this disaster into a victory.
    They’re going to use the pseudo clean up of the web disaster to cover up the disaster of the plans and premiums.
    The administration, and the media, will then combine to conflate improving the web portal with FIXING OBAMACARE.
    If you’re still complaining, you’ll be made to feel YOU and your racist friends ARE ALONE and it’s going great for everyone else, and everyone else loves it.
    Best of all, they’ll burn more tax dollars fixing it, and then they’re going to use your tax dollars to promote it.

    • As long as the correct people suffer – and right now they are – I’m fine with it.

      • So am I.
        I’ve watched the pieces of the country I care about suffer these last several years, it’s about time some of that misery is spread back around to the people who helped cause it.

      • They elected him, they elected ‘them’.
        Let them receive the pork(ing) they anticipated when they cast their votes.

    But, really, it was that disgusting video by that guy…that nobody saw…that caused the spontaneous systems crashes…that never were really crash-crashes, because the system always worked…except really slow…unless you compare it to a glacier.  ‘Cause then it was really, truly, honestly FAST and NEVER crashy…

  • I keep hearing Denis Leary’s voice in my head, “Big L, little i, little a, little r.”  That scene from The Ref needs to go viral.

  • “At this point, what difference does it make”
    Accountability is for the little people. Not the boy king and his clown court

    So…  Things I learned today…
    1. the system NEVER crashed.  (Pay no attention to that computer screen shot.)
    2. Barracula is TOTALLY keeping his promises.
    3. the insurance industry was TOTALLY unregulated before ObamaDoggle.
    4. women for the first time in EVER now have health insurance.

    • From the same people who threatened Standard and Poor’s with the Justice Department, we should be surprised?
      From the same people who (snicker) didn’t use the IRS to waylay and threaten people?
      From the same people who are (snicker) probably not using info they gleaned from illegal NSA spying on US citizens?
      What’s the point of having a massive tax payer funded army of thugs if you can’t be thuggish?
      the only way they could be MORE thuggish is if they had a still in the basement of the White House, or a temple to Kali.

      • You are aware of the “grow lights” in the former White House bowling alley, right…???

        • Is the undergrowth thick enough to cover the statue of the nice lady with many arms?
          Oh let’s all pray to Kali,
          Though embracing her is folly,
          She’d be quite an armful golly,
          But she’s good enough for me.
          Give me that old tyme religion…..

          • See…?  You’re just a bigot.
            The religion of Kali is simply misunderstood by you Euro-centric white-eyes.  It is a religion of peace.  Especially for its “subjects of sacrifice”.  You just HAVE to treat them as ‘others’ because you have not made a deep, profound, and quantum-political sciencey study of them like I have.  It took hours of reading the New York Times and Washington Post.  People like you, with all that damned certainty hanging out of your cursed double-wide swamp trailers, are dangerous.  This makes me more determined than ever to confuse…er…instruct the young, who are our saviors, doncha know, in the ways of complete dithering in place of your dangerous moral “codes”.

          • Curses!  You’ve discovered my secret again!