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Assessing the worst presidency in history

Okay, maybe I’m jumping the gun, but I lived through Jimmy Carter, and I’d take that mess again in a heartbeat over the one we’re currently living through.

It’s always interesting to read what is being said about Obama and the Democrats, especially by some of the usual cheerleaders for that bunch.  Here’s Michael O’Brien of NBC News:

“President Barack Obama’s seemingly hands-off management style is raising fresh questions and concerns that could upend his second-term legacy. Claims by the administration and other Democrats that Obama didn’t know about sensitive matters in his own administration — such as problems with the health care website and revelations of National Security Agency surveillance on foreign leaders — have many in Washington scratching their heads.”

More: “Even Democratic allies of the administration question why Obama didn’t know about the serious problems, and express concern about his personal response. ‘I think he might have been better off by standing up and saying this happened up on my watch and take responsibility for it. I think that’s better than saying he didn’t know,’ said veteran Democratic strategist Bob Shrum. ‘I think people expect the president, on his signature program, to be on top of it.’”

“Confronted with missteps in his own administration, President Barack Obama has frequently pleaded ignorance — suggesting he could not be at fault about things he did not know,” AP writes. “It’s an argument with clear benefits but also inherent risks for the White House. Used too often, the tactic emboldens critics who claim the president is incompetent, detached and not fully in control. Eager to protect Obama’s time and concentration, his aides deliberate intensively about what to tell the president, current and former White House officials said. His advisers act as a triage team for an endless flood of information coming into the White House, continually making decisions about which snippets of data Obama might need.”

“Upend his second-term legacy?”  Yeah, that’s what is important … his legacy.  And if I had to guess, his legacy is not going to be one any president would want to claim.

Secondly, his “hands-off management style” isn’t that at all – it’s a lack of leadership.  The man isn’t a leader in any sense of the word.  He hasn’t a clue how to lead.  He’s a petulant autocrat who fumes when he doesn’t get his way and blames everyone but himself when his programs fail.

Finally, he’s Richard Nixon II – out of touch and surrounded with advisors who are afraid to tell him the truth.  That’s what all that “triage” nonsense is about.  His advisors filter incoming information and then spin what they want him to see as positively as possible.  He’s in the bunker and thinks he has more divisions than he really does, if the analogy makes any sense to you.

Oh, and his approval ratings are at an all time low.  What we’re watching is the implosion of a presidency, such that it was.  If there’s anything positive about it, Barack Obama has finally proven the Peter Principle to be false.  He certainly rose well above his level of competency.  That would be funny if he was in any other job.  Instead, it’s just plain dangerous.

Meanwhile the Vice President’s clown car continues to roll: merrily on its way:

“Neither he and I are technology geeks, and we assumed that it was up and ready to run.”

Because, you know, leaders always assume and never check.  That’s how they become so successful.


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54 Responses to Assessing the worst presidency in history

  • “Finally, he’s Richard Nixon II – out of touch and surrounded with advisors who are afraid to tell him the truth.”  At least Nixon had some advisors he relied on – with this president, all power resides in one person, Valerie Jarrett.  Not since Woodrow Wilson’s stroke and the resultant power taken by his wife has the real power of a presidency resided in a single person.

    • I think good ol’ Val and Mooochele double-team him.  And my read is that both of them are pretty evil, and deep in the bone haters.

  • “Neither he and I are technology geeks, and we assumed that it was up and ready to run.”
    “In the 2008 election, President Obama’s advisers talked of their boss’s belief that it was time for an “iPod government.” Obama, a technology addict who tools around on his iPad before going to sleep and who fought the U.S. Secret Service bureaucracy for the right to carry a smartphone, would be the first president truly at home in the Digital Age.”
    They ought to get their stories straight….

    • “tools around on his iPad before going to sleep”
      So does my five-year-old… the implication being? This is like all those kids in the 80s who sat around playing computer games whilst their parents consoled themselves that they’d grow up to be computer whizzes. Most of them just grew up to be average citizens who like to play games.

  • “Claims by the administration and other Democrats that Obama didn’t know about … National Security Agency surveillance on foreign leaders”
    Complete BS of course. That is just plain IMplausible deniability.

    • “That is just plain IMplausible deniability.”
      Flip this around for a moment….The number of things he doesn’t know?   (If people will recall, he used to skip his daily security briefing prior to Benghazi….)
      He doesn’t know because they screen him.  So, what ARE these advisers telling him?
      Think about that. This stuff we’re talking about here….NSA spying, Obamacare, Benghazi, Fast and Furious as examples.
      Too insignificant to bother Dear Golfer with the details, so what kind of programs ARE they keeping him abreast of?
      That can only mean…..
      There must be MORE important things he’s paying attention to!!!! right?
      That the All-Spark is still safe and secure under Hoover Dam?  The Book of Secrets has been stolen and they’re on the trail?
      That the captive aliens in Area-57 are beginning to show signs of agitation and there have been mysterious signals discovered buried in the normal satellite signals that resemble some sort of count-down?
      Or are they letting him know that Nick Fury has located the Tesseract and they’re closing in on it?
      All of the above maybe?
      What ‘important’ things DO they tell him about to keep his massive intellect “engaged” as Valerie Jarrett indicates they must sometimes do.
      WTF ARE they telling him about if the many major scandals are to minor for him to be advised of.
      What the F* ARE they keeping him up with?

      • I don’t buy he doesn’t know this stuff. For sure when he turned up for the first day on the job the briefing on NSA activities would have included, and I paraphrase, “we spy on everyone we can, including our friends. Rest assured they are spying on us. You want a Blackberry? Are you high?”
        I mean, FFS, the French sigint organization is one of the largest in the world and they sure as s**t are listening in to Obama whenever they can.
        My lily-white ass he didn’t know.

      • Well there’s Travon Martin, Henry Louis Gates, and low budget films about islam.

        • Phew! I was worried about those.  Heavy sigh of relief to know our Resident is engaged.  No keypad error that time.

  • Hey, those golf balls are not going to hit themselves…
    But seriously folks…  This is pure, unadulterated BS.  Obama is a micromanager when he wants to be.  IF he is out of a loop, it is because that loop just doesn’t interest him.
    But…quite apart from LEADERSHIP…this moke is not even capable of MANAGEMENT as that term is understood.  Being on or off is not how you manage anything.  If it is under your stewardship, and it doesn’t ring your chimes, you FIND a subordinate to be looped in, AND you assure they are doing the job.
    And, to be fair to Nixon, he was capable of BOTH leadership and management.  He may have been a creepy Progressive puke, but he did have a rather successful foreign policy in some important aspects.  Barracula…despite hyper-delusional instructors from Moosesqeeze Technical…has NOT.

    • Perhaps they’re keeping him appraised of the Pope’s golf  handicap?

    • Actually they’re using the reverse for what they said about Bush.
      Remember, Bush was a dumb chimp, unless he was plotting evil mastermind Moriarty class crap to unleash on the unsuspecting world.
      This is the reverse – Barack doesn’t know anything, except when he knows EVERYTHING.

      • Yah, no.  I’ve NEVER bought into the Pres. Sgt. Schultz meme.
        Stuff that I know about HE damn sure knows about.  (And I almost NEVER read the New York Times!)

  • Obamacare Update: Fox News Bill O’Reilly The Factor Follow-up on President Obama’s statements…

    • Well good for Bill. He can parse like a mob lawyer.  We know we’ve been lied to. Barack find´the j u st lie once. He disillusioned it repeatedly and now, knowing why the insurance companies have taken away policies he continues to lie about the reason.  There us no excuse even if mighty no spin man has cut him slack.  Someone Knew the President was, at best misinformed the first time ha gave the assurance you can keep your plan.
      Don´t pretend they didn´t advise him that might not be true, ans Obama´s phrasing indicates it was Always your option, he has very high priced legal advice. He’´s allegedly a lawyer himself.  Doing it once can be excused as misinformed. Doing it repeatedly after he was surely advised it was not going to b e true in over half the cases shows he lied, he knew he was doing so, and his advisors knew it.
      They weren´t worried President Schultz was going to have to answer for it.

  • Contrast with Reagan on Iran-Contra: “First, let me say I take full responsibility for my own actions and for those of my administration. As angry as I may be about activities undertaken without my knowledge, I am still accountable for those activities. As disappointed as I may be in some who served me, I’m still the one who must answer to the American people for this behavior
    I share doubts as to how ignorant Reagan actually was at all times, but “I am still accountable” and “I’m still the one who must answer” have a certain lack-of-dodging, don’t they?

    Part of “the buck stops here” is that it has to stop there even on occasions when it’s not “really” your buck.
    The power comes with the responsibility. They’re not separable.

  • “Neither he and I are technology geeks, and we assumed that it was up and ready to run.” Ok so now he’s insulting people who understand technology and how to make things work?

  • I take the strongest possible exception to your equating of Obama and Nixon.  Nixon may have been a lot of things that weren’t good for this country, but he was a leader.  Obama is nothing by comparison.

  • President “blue screen of death”

  • From the LA Times, this delicious nugget of schadenfreudy goodness:
    “Most young, middle-class Americans I know are happy that millions of previously uninsured people will receive free or heavily subsidized insurance under the Affordable Care Act.
    We just didn’t realize that, unless we had health insurance at work, we’d be the ones paying for it.”
    >>>> And this is the type of cluelessness that gonna drive me to nuts.  Because they were warned, vocally, repeatedly and quite clearly. But since it was those racist Republicans and evil, unhinged Tea Party types doing the warnings, they felt quite smug in ignoring it. Now they’re butthurt.
    So I’m happy you and your fellow travelers are paying for it with your lost insurance. SUFFER.  Shut the eff up and pay “your fair share” like you’d be quite happy to impose on others. Little b*tches are happy about Obamacare? THEN SHUT UP AND PAY FOR IT.
    But don’t whine in my earshot, ‘cuz I’m fixing to shove the sh*t sandwich down your throat if I hear ya.

    • Don’t be too angry with them. Many people get mugged by reality and suddenly become Republican.

    • … or at least aren’t Democrats any more

      • Rubbish. They’ll rationalize it as Obama being a “disappointing” Pres. and turn around and support Hillary like the brainless lemmings they are.
        You don’t actually expect any of these dopes to support evil racist unhinged republicans do you? War on women!

    • The Republican and GOP are villified to an point of emotion and that negative emotional reaction is actually used to manipulate these idiots.  There’s some point where they are responsible for being fooled and the people doing the ‘fooling’ are to blame.  Its hard to say where.
      OTOH, we need votes to undo this.  Its all about the votes.  The Democrats know this.

  • From the Times

    Opposition lawmakers and pundits have seized on the White House explanations to accuse Mr. Obama of being a “bystander president,” as the Republican National Committee put it. Even some Democrats are scratching their heads at the seeming detachment from significant matters. MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” ran a montage of clips showing Mr. Obama or his aides disclaiming presidential knowledge of various issues as well as a graphic titled “Implausible Deniability.”
    “It seems to me there’s a pattern here — with any bad news coming out of the administration, the excuse is the president just didn’t know about it,” said Representative Adam Kinzinger, Republican of Illinois.
    “There’s a point at which the I-didn’t-know excuse really violates the idea of the buck stops here,” he added. “We want to have a feeling that the president ultimately takes responsibility. The American people want to know they have a president who’s in control and in charge.”

    I’m willing to believe that perhaps the President didn’t know the details, but to have the HHS Secretary go to Capitol Hill with the same “Sargent Schultz defense” is beyond reason. “Whatever” .. OMG
    There was no requirement by the text of the ACA to rollout on Oct 1st, but somebody let it go online anyway, knowing it was “unstable.”  They did the POTUS no favor.
    Then Obama goes into this defense blaming Mitt Romney and the Heritage Foundation for coming up with the idea.  Mitt Romney did it a hell of a lot better than Team Obama.  It looked like the boy who claimed his dog ate his homework, not the “Leader of the Free World.”
    The defense of the “if you like your insurance, you can keep it” is just an exercise in pure unadulterated prevarication.  Blaming the insurance companies.  Cue the boy who claimed his dog ate his homework, yet again.
    The childish reaction of this President is beyond partisan politics.  The man is a failure, a lair, incompetent, and shows no ability to actually lead.  Perhaps Democrats will feel the shame that Republicans felt with Richard Nixon, but I doubt it.

  • I think you’re too ready to take Obama at face value.  I wish I could find it, it was  compilation of a quotes from Obama just before and just after being elected.  Saying before we could get universal care, there would need to be a first step.  This idea of a first step was repeated in over half a dozen quotes.
    What we know as Obamacare is irrelevant to Team Obama if its successful, in fact failing is conceivably part of the plan to move to universal care.  Obama doesn’t care it introduction is a fiasco, he just cares it doesn’t get repealed or defunded.  He doesn’t care if it helps improve coverage for the average person.  He want to establish government intrusion and public dependance into healthcare and the American psyche.  He doesn’t have to be insulated.  Any appearance of ‘insulation’ is his indifference  or plausible deniablity.

  • I finally found an article that explains the way so many of you respond:
    It’s not just that we disagree, many you guys think differently.  We’ll never be able to have productive conversation if that’s true.  You’re convinced Obama is “the worst President” and nothing will dissuade you.  I have been foolish thinking dialogue was possible.  So carry on with your beliefs!   The authoritarian personality doesn’t want authoritarian rulers, but wants a clear black and white sense of right and wrong.  They want certainty, and a very clear set of principles they can stick to regardless of the context.  I consider such thinking utterly irrational and out of touch with reality.   So for people like Elliot, Rags, Looker, McQ, and a few others out there, we’re just wired differently, our brains work differently.  I respect your intelligence and belief in your own opinions, but we’ll not see eye to eye.  So carry on!

    • So for people like Elliot, Rags, Looker, McQ, and a few others out there, we’re just wired differently, our brains work differently.

      Yes.  To paraphrase Baghdad Bob Carney, your brain “has been functional — it’s just been poorly functional.”
      Ours work.  We know a lie from the truth.  We know failure from success.
      And the RAW STORY is SUCH a typical moonbattery source for your junk-science retelling of the “crazy conservative” trope.
      Can you be more trite?

      • Heh – there’s no confirmation bias in THAT article…no no no no no.

        • Several times a year, they dust that old canard off and bounce it off teh ol’ echo chamber.
          And BOOOBS like Erp always threat it with “scientific certainty”.
          The guy is SUCH a moron.  Plus, being a knee-JERK Collectivist tool for his authoritarian and totalitarian tribe.

      • Lol … for a supposed PhD, citing a Raw Story article as his authority kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

        • For Erp, it should be Rah-rah Story.
          One of his “trusted” moonbattery sources from the Lie-0-tron.

    • I finally found an article that explains the way so many of you respond. Thank goodness a fellow leftie came along to offer me some rationalization for the fact that you guys nailed me for being completely wrong on the surge, the elections of 2010, Arab Spring, climate change, Obamacare, free market economics, postmodernism, Benghazi….

      It’s not just that we disagree, many of you guys think differently. We’ll never be able to have productive conversation if that’s true. And the fact that a dozen people here have been pointing this out to me for years is beside the point and I don’t even know why you bring it up. And don’t start on how, since you figured all this out years before I did, that must mean you are all much smarter than me. Because you’re not. I decree it, plus I have a doctorate from a place with “advanced” in its name and a book that isn’t either published by a vanity press that specializes in taking advantage of gullible academics.

      Because I’m not gullible. And it’s absolutely not true that my belief in quantum physics spirituality shows I’m gullible. Those Dilbert spaces and quantum funneling and quantum mental waves that influence the future are all things I understand completely. Completely, do you hear? LOL.

      You’re convinced Obama is “the worst President” and nothing will dissuade you. I, on the other hand, see his wonder and glory. Which is entirely based in reality, and your position, as the article clearly proves, is based in prejudiced, dogmatic thinking. So don’t you dare bring up those charts and graphs with debt and spending that’s worse than any other president, or the foreign policy stuff that makes us look bad. We’re just in decline, and Obama is managing it just great, and it’s a good thing that we have to prostrate ourselves before the world for our long standing sins.

      And for goodness sake, stop bringing up those phony scandals to prove what a bad president he is. If there’s one thing that proves how much in touch with reality I am than you dense righties, it’s the so-called scandals. Every time some IRS person gets in front of Congress, you’re all like “See, the IRS is political because it punishes tea parties.” As if they didn’t deserve it. And you guys actually get upset about some dead ex-Navy seals who were hung out to dry by Obama. Again, as if they didn’t deserve it for taking such a mercenary job.

      I have been foolish thinking dialogue was possible. Yes, out of the goodness of my heart, I have been coming here so long, in the forlorn belief I could show you sterile, inbred righties the reality of our world. Definitely not just to have fun irritating you, no matter what I’ve said before about doing exactly that.

      But I’ve been foolish. And, since I’m not promising to leave and stay away, I guess I’ll go on being foolish. Which absolutely doesn’t show any pathologies, so stop with the armchair psychoanalyzing. I mean, I can do the same thing, of course, by referring to this article and claiming you are all, every one of you, affected the way this guy says, even though I’ve never met any of you. But that’s because of my advanced degree and godlike powers, etc. etc. But when you do it, you’re wrong. As I’ve said a hundred times, you don’t know me and you have a distorted view of who I am. Get it? I can tell you what you are like based on a single article I ran across, but you are absolutely not allowed to do the same thing to me, because of that deranged, out-of-touch, absolutist thinking you prefer. So don’t drag out those Dunning Kruger links again.

      So carry on with your beliefs! The authoritarian personality doesn’t want authoritarian rulers, but wants a clear black and white sense of right and wrong. And that’s what I decree that you all are – authoritarian personalities. How someone can be authoritarian when their fondest desire is to be left alone is not relevant, and I don’t know why you bring it up. But I’ve not got a random article that explains why you are all just screwy in the head, so now I understand, at long last, why you disagree with me. Since I’m always right, that has been such a tough mystery to solve.

      You authoritarians want certainty, and a very clear set of principles you can stick to regardless of the context. And principles are just the worst. As I’ve said many times. It’s much better to be pragmatic like me, which doesn’t either mean simply rationalizing whatever I find emotionally appealing as the right thing to do. Stop saying that.

      I consider all this whacky thinking about principles and honor and reverence for dead people like the founding fathers to be utterly irrational and out of touch with reality. So for people like Elliot, Rags, Looker, McQ, and a few others out there, we’re just wired differently, our brains work differently. Which, as I said earlier, means you’re out of touch with reality and I’m not. Yep, even an Army Ranger who has endured some of the worst reality can throw at him is out of touch with reality. Because I, in my magical little college town that’s whiter than Ivory soap, and in which nothing bad ever occurs, working in an academic bubble at a college where there are not even graduate students to challenge me, am completely in touch with reality. Because I get to Italy for a tourist gig once a year.

      I respect your intelligence and belief in your own opinions. Well, not really, which is why I’ve called you inbred and other stuff in the past. But hey, I’m trying to soothe you a bit, after referring you to an article that basically says you’re insane.

      We’ll not see eye to eye, thank god. So carry on! And notice yet again that I have definitely not said that I’m staying away. So I’ll be back soon to dispense my wonderful, pragmatic, non-principled wisdom to you, despite your complete inability to understand it and zero chance that we’ll ever agree. Not because of any pathological need for attention, mind you, but just because I care about you so, so much. Like the giant magenta caterpillars with Sarah Palin’s face, amble bosom, and naughty librarian glasses, I loathe you but somehow I can’t figure out how to get along without you.

    • In other words, Scott, you can’t refute a single word, so you’re reduced to flailing around with ad hominem accusations of badthink.  It’s official — you’re made of fail.


      Yep. Just ANOTHER instance of our being totally correct about the criminal gang that is the Obamabanana Republic.
      But Prof. Moosesqueeze condescends to tell us he “….consider[s] such thinking utterly irrational and out of touch with reality.”
      While his is the one lost in denial and delusion.  Typical Collectivist ‘thinker’.

    • First off, Bigots Local #325 wants to know why you are crossing the picket line man.
      Imagine us thinking differently than you!  What a concept!
      Imagine us being allowed to form our own conclusions, based on facts from reality, based on personal experiences and historical observation.   Imagine!
      You just discovered we think differently from you as a result of having principles and whatnot.  You now understand we’re adults with our own stock and store of living and working to give us reference points?  Took you reading an article to achieve this Eureka moment?  Impressive.
      And who would ever anticipate that we might be, um, offended at being told we’re utterly irrational and out of touch with reality, even when done in a peppy upbeat style while wearing a moronic smile that would rival the best grin of the banjo player from Deliverance.  Who would ever think that those were insults when clearly they’re just friendly ‘constructive criticism’!
      “The authoritarian personality doesn’t want authoritarian rulers, but wants a clear black and white sense of right and wrong. ”
      I like this part….we’re authoritarians who…don’t….want….presumably…..Obama because he’s….an authoritarian?…or something…because…well….that would mean you DO like authoritarians rulers and…..probably best to just skip this bit  and move on eh?
      How very very gracious of you to take time out from flouncing around in other places to flounce over here and give us your leave to carry on with our beliefs!  How noble and selfless of you to take time out from your busy day to recognize we’re ‘just different’ and to come by and tell us that you forgive us and understand and you respect our….irrational, authoritarian, regimented, out of touch way of thinking.
      Yes….uh…..well done.   You may do a fly-by on the tower and don’t forget the victory roll as you head back home.   Word of warning….you’re going to have to peddle a lot faster through the roll and keep the nose up.

    • Don’t worry Scott, we’ve known for a long time that discuss was impossible with the likes of YOU.
      Now be a good shoeshine boy and go eff off, m’kay?

    • Thirty-seven percent (37%) of American Adults believe the federal government would do a better job than zombies running the country today.
      Just as many (37%) feel zombies would do a better job running the country and another 26% can’t decide between the two.

      • It’s that last number that really kills it….37% think zombies would do better, and 26% feel you won’t be able to tell the difference.
        Now that is certainly a recommendation of where we’re at under Obamugabe don’t you think?  63% of the country thinks zombies wouldn’t be worse.

    • Hey, Erb, that article also explains why Leftists are so vulnerable to Orwellian Doublethink.  Oops!  Maybe next time you’ll actually read the article before linking it…

    • We’re honest, you’re not.
      That distinction matters more than anything else.

    Well, THAT’s just creepy.
    Plus, if Junior has a brain in his head, he’ll laugh in mommy and daddy’s faces, and explain he’s not their fool.

    • sooooo….this ‘government’ program is being advertised by…..Lord God Obama and his minions?, more like Barackobama.con
      Next he’ll be pushing Solyndra solar panels and Chevy Volts….no no….
      florescent light bulbs and digital TV.
      “If you like your old lightbulbs!  You can keep them!”


    The party of Pres. ScamWOW is eating the consequences of the ObamaDoggle…???

  • Why are my comments locked in “moderation”???

    • I’ve found it happens when – you provide more than one link in a post
      or you change your ‘name’ and the IP is the same as one it….references under another name?   not sure what the rule is, I just know when I swapped from Looker to this name in response to Erbtaunt I was under review for about a day as A Prendergast till I was, vetted?   🙂

      • Yeo.  But these comments only include ONE link.  I was careful.

        • Rags, sometimes I have to clear my own comments from moderation. I can’t figure out what does it either.
          But the alternative is worse. It’s the price we pay for keeping the comments section free of the SEO vermin.
          Bruce does yeoman’s work in clearing legitimate comments, and I occasionally do a bit when I know he’s busy, but no one can be on duty all the time.

    • A lot of times, when a link is included, the system puts it in moderation assuming it might be spam.  I think it does a key word filter too — so it goes to moderation.  A small price to pay to keep all the spam and trash out of here, I think.

      • Oh, I DO thank you all for the site generally, and I DO know it is a LOT of work.
        Please don’t take it as ingratitude…just frustration.  I never have liked being confused.  I was being a good boy, according to my lights, and just didn’t get why I was being put in “time out”.
        Thanks, guys.  Both for the help understanding and the work generally.
        One of the things my military experience taught me…Like the love of God, some things are just a mystery…

  • So Erb steps in once again and calls us all out for what he really thinks we are – slobbering Neanderthals with a pathological condition that is terminal and not worth his effort to heal, and he even has a so-called study to support that thesis.  But then he says, “I respect your intelligence and belief in your own opinions . . . ”  What utter and total bullshit!!!  He has absolutely no respect for anyone who differs with his head-in-the-sand obeisance to The One and the so-called progressive cause.  So, in response I say goodbye to Erb for the moment – HE WILL BE BACK, HE ALWAYS COMES BACK – and to tell him he does not deserve any respect for his intelligence or his belief in his own opinions.  Why?  Because he only believes what he is told to believe by his Messiah, Obama, and his Democratic masters.  Come back Erb when you have a mind of your own.  Or better still, don’t come back.