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This week’s car review

They call it a luxury car. And it looks luxurious inside. And it’s German, so it has to be a luxury car, right? But, it isn’t.

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7 Responses to This week’s car review

  • There is nothing that deflates my heart more than a car with a luxury label that looks like a Toyota Corrola

  • You’re merely travelling backwards, with your gas tank preceding you, to The Land of Trees and Fire.

    That made me laugh out loud.

  • Not that you care, because with all-wheel drive, you’re always certain to have lots of grip.


    The Audi’s forward engine placement puts a little too much weight on the front end, which leads to noticeable understeer when you carry too much speed on corner entry. You turn the wheel, and the S4…doesn’t.

    But (full disclosure – I owned a 2001 A4 for ten years – and that’s like commenting on a Toyota Supra when you owned a Celica) when you’re in a low traction situation (like snow) the forward engine placement makes the understeer TERMINAL unless you’re accelerating. Under neutral or trailing throttle the Audi weight distribution makes it feel just like a front-wheel-drive car (like, I don’t know, my old Ford Probe GT).
    Which is why I now own an Infiniti G37xS coupe. And I can’t wait for you to review that, Dale.

  • Thanks for the link, Dale. My wife said she agrees with your review. I just wish I could afford a Jaguar XF. 🙂

  • I think luxury car from English , Bentley or Rolls-Royce , u can see at