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The March to Slavery Continues

Well, I suppose this was inevitable.

FYI last night at the Great Falls Grange debate, Democrat delegate candidate Kathleen Murphy said that since many doctors are not accepting Medicaid and Medicare patients, she advocates making it a legal requirement for those people to be accepted. 

But of course she is. What other option could there possibly be but forcing doctors to see those patients? It’s clearly not possible to pay doctors an economically justifiable payment for seeing such patients. I mean, if you’re not willing to take substandard payment for Medicare patients, you probably shouldn’t be a doctor anyway, what with being a greedy bastard and all. You have a $250,000 annual malpractice insurance payment? Too bad. You got a couple of nurses that cost you $100,000 per year, and $50,000 a year in office rent? That’s on you, bucko.  You’ll take my $50 Medicare payment and be happy to get it, or maybe we’ll just levy some really serious fines on you.

If you’re a doctor—and really, if you’re, well, anyone—you belong to the state. Oh, we might not lower the boom on you until we really need to, but let’s make no mistake. The collective has a claim on you. Your labor. Your income. Maybe we let you keep most of it. Maybe we don’t. Either way, if we need your stuff, we’ll take it, because we have a right to it. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one, man. And if you don’t think so, we can always just clap you in prison to help you come around to the right way of thinking.

We’re gonna get our medical care. And our unemployment benefits and food stamps. And our social security. Somebody’s gotta pay for it. If we decide that somebody is you, then you just need to suck it up. That’s what we got the law for, after all: to make you suck it up whenever we say.

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32 Responses to The March to Slavery Continues

  • Wait till the doctors opt to not practice (or at least not practice on the open market….they’re laying the foundation for a massive black medical services market)
    What will they do then?

  • I was stationed in Great Britain in the 1970s while in the Air Force and witnessed the aftermath of the mass exodus of British doctors, outside of the major metropolitan areas, to anywhere else in the world to practice medicine.  They were replaced by doctors from Pakistan, Bangladesh or other such third world nations. The British health system was, for the most part, salvaged in those days because of the first class facilities and nursing staffs – who had not fled like the MDs had.  When ObamaCare was first enacted, I shuddered aloud to many of my friends because, not only for the socialization of the US health care system, the legislation did not provide for any more doctors, nurses, or medical facilities for the additional 30+ million people entering the system.  I could then and can now see an influx of witch doctors similar to those I saw flooding the British medical system 40 some years ago.  Bottom line, we will have gone from a system of excellent medicine and so-so insurance to so-so insurance and shitty medicine.  A system where we all lose.  All hail ObamaCare!!!!

    • Considering the size of the US I wonder how much we’ll be loved (since that is so important) when we inflict a medical brain drain on those countries that barely have much in the way of a medical profession to begin with.

  • OK, never say never, but…
    This is a whack-out notion from an obscure state-level pol, and it has very little chance of ever seeing the light o’ day.
    Big fun to play with as a “dark concept” thought game, but LESS credible than having your plumber be dragooned into Federal service.

    • Disagreed.  See, e.g., EMTALA.

      • Which has been employed how many times in the close-to-four decades it has existed?
        Sometimes “emergency” really means “emergency”.

        • I don’t understand the response.  EMTALA is a mandate that every emergency hospital who takes any Medicare patients provide free medical care to those who can’t pay for it.  The costs, impact, etc., are not a factor for the government.  On the front end, it requires a screening for any “maybe” emergencies, then you have to treat if you find one.   It isn’t “employed,” although it creates a private cause of action.  Hundreds of them have been filed, if that’s what you mean by “employed.”
          And I don’t know where you’re coming up with the four decades number.  It was passed in 1986.

          • Beg pardon on the miscount of decades.
            HTF could you conflate EMTALA (a very bad policy) with “slavery” WRT doctors?

    • History reveals the primary difference between whack-out notion and whack-out policy to be time.

      • Sometimes.  Only sometimes.
        I well remember…back in the 80s perhaps…two NE Deemocrat Congress-critters proposing that killing an intruder in your home be made a Federal crime.

  • Doctors not allied with the government say many patients began dying from easily treatable illnesses when Venezuela’s downward economic slide accelerated after Chavez’s death from cancer in March. Doctors say it’s impossible to know how many have died, and the government doesn’t keep such numbers, just as it hasn’t published health statistics since 2010.

    … I see a lot of this stuff coming

    • Oh, I’m sure we’ll continue to see plenty of health statistics. Which will be about the same level of reliability as our current unemployment statistics.

      • … like ObamaCare enrollment numbers ?   The Congress has threatened a subpoena.

      • The argument will be deliberately kept at whether quality of care degraded.  People will dispute that it degraded with a straight face.  To the point you’ll want to punch them in the face.
        In doing so you dodge the discussion on how we need to get out of it. 

        Instilling Socialism is Priority One.  All other priorities are recinded.

  • I have a vague recollection of a book I read once by Friedrich von Hayek, The Road to Serfdom.

  • Why not, a poll I read this morning said people aren’t overly disturbed at the idea that NSA is watching.   Which is why no one is freaking out.
    “I’m not doing anything wrong”
    “It’s to keep us safe”
    being two of the opinions I read.
    ‘Wrong’ just hasn’t been fully explained to them yet and will be when they do something they didn’t think was wrong.
    And Safe?  sold the illusion that  they aren’t already pretty damned safe, just so they can be sold the illusion they will now be safer.

  • Even in the Peoples’ Paradise of Venezuela, there is a public AND private health care system.
    Of course, BOTH are going into the Collectivist toilet…but that is true of the country generally.

  • CMS’s chief technology officer is “retiring” before is scheduled to be back up … or just up … whatever

  • The Democrats are all about power and control.