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If you thought ObamaCare was unpopular before …

Gallup, fresh of noting that President Obama’s trustworthiness and decisiveness have been found wanting, says the Affordable Care Act, which has never been popular, is now even more unpopular:

Americans’ views of the 2010 healthcare law have worsened in recent weeks, with 40% approving and 55% disapproving of it. For most of the past year, Americans have been divided on the law, usually tilting slightly toward disapproval. The now 15-percentage-point gap between disapproval and approval is the largest Gallup has measured in the past year.

That 15% gap shows a decided shift in popular opinion to the negative about the law.  And say what Democrats might about running on this next election, they know as well as anyone that a 15 percent shift on any one issue is significant.  Especially an issue to which they are the sole reason for its existence and therefore the sole party to blame.

The top three reasons given for disapproval were, “Government interference/Forcing people to do things” at 37%, “Increases costs/Makes healthcare less affordable” at 21% and 11% disapproved because they’d lost their insurance.

Of the three reasons, all of which are significant, perhaps the last one is the most significant.  These are people who are likely to have nothing good to say about the law or the architects of the law.  And because it effects them personally, may take political action (i.e. vote) to satisfy their anger.  It may not be the most positive motivation in the world, but it can certainly be devastatingly effective.

The fact that the President is attempting to unilaterally thwart the provisions of his own law to save his and his party’s collective hides, notwithstanding, this is probably going to get worse before it gets better.  Expect the insurance industry to consider lawsuits to kill the requirements. And there will likely be other legal challenges.  Of course that will then let the White House do its favorite thing to do and attack and demonize them.  But the only reason this predicament exists is a result of the Democratic party’s agenda.

Gallup concludes:

Gallup has long found that Americans have been generally divided in their views of the healthcare law, both before and after its passage. Now, they are tilting more significantly toward disapproval.

That more negative evaluation may not have as much to do with the content of the law as the implementation of it, in particular how that squares with the president’s earlier characterization of how the law would work.

Some Democratic members of Congress, as well as former President Bill Clinton, are urging the president to support legislation that would rewrite portions of the law to allow Americans to keep their insurance plan if they are being dropped from it, as a way to honor his pledge. At this point, it is not clear whether the president will seriously consider that, or attempt to adjust how the law is administered without rewriting pieces of it.

Additionally, many members of Congress from both parties are asking the administration to extend the deadline by a year for Americans to get health insurance before facing a fine, given the ongoing technical issues with the exchange websites, which are still being fixed. The White House recently extended the deadline by six weeks.

How the administration handles these challenges to the implementation of the law, plus any new ones that emerge in the coming months, could be critical in determining the trajectory of the “disapprove” line in Gallup’s trend chart for the healthcare law.

Obviously this was written before the President’s announcement today.  Politically it appears to be panic-city at the White House and among the Democrats.   When you have Howard Dean – Howard Dean for heaven sake – questioning the legality of the president’s announcement today, you know there’s trouble in Democrat-land.  How long it will last is anyone’s guess at this point, but I think it is safe to say, we’re nowhere near the end of this debacle.


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24 Responses to If you thought ObamaCare was unpopular before …

  • I thought our President had been some sort of Constitutional professor .. or whatever.
    Does anybody know which constitution he is working from ? .. which country ?

    • The Constitution of Costa SanObamadorela.

      • OT: Thanks for recommending the book “Armor” to me in the Ender’s Game post.  Reading it now and loving it!

        • Unfortunately Steakley died a few years back and there won’t be a followup from what I hear.
          Still, a good story is a good story and I’m glad he told it.

    • While I agree…especially in principle…and am NOT an authority on ObamaDoggle…
      it is putatively provided in ObamaDoggle…as written by Deemocrats…
      DOES provide for Pres. ScamWOW to decide “transitional matters”, giving him the legal(ish) power to do what he’s doing.
      THAT does NOT include “directing insurance companies” to do any damn thing.

  • Say again .. why did the Republicans shut down the government ?

    • Because they’re closet racist terrorist arsonists.    Obama won, it’s the law of the land, elections have consequences.  Obama and Reid will NOT negotiate!

  • Anybody want to give me odds on the Maven Of Moosesqueeze Tech working on a blog post as we speak, spinning up the “We just didn’t spend enough/have the right people/take enough rights” meme as he watches ObamaDoggle spin down the crapper?

    • The best thing about Erp is the lack of actual hard facts and solid logic they represent. He’s a total hack.

      • No, no! Erb has a ton of facts! Thing is, they all merely exist in his head where we can’t reach them, what with the nuance and our Neanderthal minds.

  • I anticipate it will get even more unpopular as it continues to unfold.

    Obamacare has its own inertia and entropy. Obama and all his little men can’t stop the bad effects. Intent doesn’t matter. Right now people WILL lose their insurance. Insurance companies WILL face loses.

    • It will be so bad in a few months that our illustrious friends and neighbors will tell the Democrats to Fix it”, and they will…oh, boy, will they fix it.

  • Nope.  We’re about to be treated to “The Republicans in Congress won’t help us hold you down while we screw you over, sooooooooooo this WHOLE mess is their fault!”
    Failure to bail this ignorant arrogant whiney narcissistic little thug out of trouble constitutes complete blame for the entire mess.  Because that’s how Boy king Barry rolls.

    • IF the Upton bill is assured of defeat, it makes a good piece of political chess.
      The “administrative fix” is a big, fat nothingburger. It expressly states insurers “may” re-offer plans. Which generally will mean…since they sorta CAN’T re-offer plans in the real world…they won’t.
      It WILL be challenged in court. It sort of invites challenges.
      And, meantime, it will essentially SUSPEND sign-ups for ObamaDoggle except for the sickest and most desperate.

  • Prepare for the Republicans to reinforce the failure.

  • “[I]t was a pitiful performance today culminating in that line ‘what we are discovering is that insurance is complicated to buy,’” Steyn said on Hugh Hewitt’s Thursday radio show. “Well, thanks a lot genius. Maybe you should have looked into that before a guy who has never done anything in his life — never run a convenience store — decides he has the awesome super powers to governmentalize one-sixth of the economy. Thanks for finally figuring out that the real world is more complicated than your faculty lounge abstractions. At some point, you know, Americans who voted for this guy — voted for a guy who has never done anything in his life and has just been wafted onwards to the next do-nothing gig before he was ever required to do anything ought to cringe under the bed in embarrassment for voting for this guy twice.”
    Wow.  The whole country seems to be catching that ODS stuff.  I bet you can get FREE shots for that under ObamaDoggle…  I’ll just check on the web-site for that.

    • Give Barry this – he’s fully prepared to lie to us for the rest of this year, past the mid-term election so we make the ‘correct’ decision.  Another decisive decision to kick the can down the road.
      “If you like your policy, you can keep it, for another year, after that it’s gone…for sure.  Vote Democrat, vote Democrat in 2014 and in 2015 we’ll make sure you get the screwing you so richly deserve.  Try not to think about that right now though, you stupid ignorant freeloading bastards.”

  • Time to trot out some more war on wimmen stuff!