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Clueless and incompetent

That’s a dangerous combination but that pretty aptly describes the ObamaCare roll out (ObamaCare is a name that the administration and Democrats would now like to distance themselves from).

It seems now that “no one knew” that the roll out was going to be a disaster because, well, no one knew.  Gee, maybe they should have asked the IT guy:

A key player in the development of the Obamacare website said Tuesday that up to 40 percent of IT systems supporting the exchange still need to be built.

The revelation from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Deputy Chief Information Officer Henry Chao occurs as the administration works to meet its Nov. 30 deadline to shore up the website.

40% of the supporting systems … still need to be built?!

And no one knew?  That’s freaking mindboggling.  You have a system that is 40% incomplete, you’re the head of a department charged with rolling out the system and you don’t know it’s not even close to being ready?

“It’s not that it’s not working,” Chao told lawmakers at an Energy and Commerce oversight subcommittee hearing. “It’s still being developed and tested.”

Phenomenal.  If incompetence could be bottled, this administration could corner the market.

Financial management tools remain unfinished, he said, particularly the process that will deliver payments to insurers.

The update hits hardest at Democrats, hopeful that the system would function smoothly by the end of the month.

Chao said that the consumer portion of the website, including account registration, plan shopping and enrollment functions, won’t be affected by the ongoing development effort, but that “back office” functions including accounting and payment systems were not yet complete.

Did this boob tell anyone?  And if he did, didn’t they listen?  How do the insurance companies get paid?  And until they are, how can any insurance plan go into effect?

My goodness … why wasn’t Chao sounding the alarms?

Oh, wait, see, he really didn’t know either:

He also told lawmakers he didn’t see a spring report that warned of potential stumbles and foreshadowed many of the problems that thwarted the website’s launch.

“I was aware some document was being prepared,” he said, but had no knowledge of a report until it was leaked to The Washington Post and obtained by POLITICO.

Chao told the House Energy & Commerce oversight subcommittee that he may have answered questions for the study but was not involved in any briefings on it.

The report, which independent consulting firm McKinsey conducted for CMS, described a process that relied too heavily on outsider contractors, didn’t provide enough time for complete testing and failed to hand authority to one decision maker. Chao’s limited knowledge of the report feeds lawmakers’ frustrations with the site’s fractured management and unclear controls.

These are the people who would run your healthcare (and everything else in you life if you’d let them) and make it both cheaper and better (and a good number of Americans swallowed that snake oil and ordered another bottle).

Oh, by the way, speaking of trust in government, did you know the jobs numbers were faked by the Census Bureau on the eve of the 2012 election?


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35 Responses to Clueless and incompetent

  • But wait!  It’s going to be ready by November 30th!   Right?
    When did they discover that only 60% even exists?   That’s not exactly something that someone would uh, just discover, no?   I mean, I can understand maybe Barack didn’t know it was only 60% there until the news tells him today in a few hours (since that seems to be how he finds out what’s going on in the government he is in charge of) but what was everyone else’s excuse?
    Like, that little Katy Sebelius who had more than enough opportunity to mention that during the Congressional hearings she was invited to so recently.  They didn’t tell her?  That would have been a burden?  How about all these other schmos that have been telling us it’s being fixed for the last couple of weeks.   They didn’t know either?   Did it not come up in their initial ‘punch list’ meetings?   Have the wizards from Google and Oracle and Red Hat not made it so yet?
    Man, I want me some of that government contract – three years into it, hundreds of millions spent, it’s only 60% THERE, and no one knew?  What did the spring report that Chao missed say, that it was 50% there?  that it was 40% there?  They had their summer vacation to get a couple ten’s of percents more towards completion, right?
    And Chao doesn’t even find out internally that it’s screwed?  He gets the info, from a leaked copy of the report?   Seriously?
    You realize almost nothing they come out with any more is going to be a surprise, right?  Well, except for a government run health insurance system that works, THAT will be a surprise.

    • The blind leading the blind.  This Administration is deaf and dumb in both eyes.

    • But wait!  It’s going to be ready by November 30th!   Right?

      Or November 31st. They never specify November 31st of what year.

      • Face the facts … this failure on the part of the Obama Administration to deliver on their landmark program is just so … unexpectedly.

  • “I am sorry, I’m not going to be put into a situation based on the sorry-assed assurances the BLS has given me”

    • On October 17, the Obama Department of Health and Human Services, represented by the Obama Justice Department, submitted a brief to the federal district court in Washington, opposing Priests for Life’s summary judgment motion. On page 27 of its brief, the Justice Department makes the following remarkable assertion:

      The [ACA’s] grandfathering provision’s incremental transition does not undermine the government’s interests in a significant way. [Citing, among other sources, the Federal Register.] Even under the grandfathering provision, it is projected that more group health plans will transition to the requirements under the regulations as time goes on. Defendants have estimated that a majority of group health plans will have lost their grandfather status by the end of 2013.

      • So someone knew before Obamugabe discovered it last week that buying insurance was complicated.
        More proof that the first goto answer given by this administration is always a lie.
        Most. Corrupt. Administration. Ever.

        • “Shovel-ready” wasn’t…you know…ready for any shovels, either.
          But this is really not news to these people.  It is just how the deal with the revelations of their failures…or SEEMING failures.

          • They only have to last through the current news cycle.
            What’s important is to keep the farce going from one news cycle to the next.
            Since they seem to be the only branch with legal authority in the country, I don’t see a problem for them, other than poll numbers.
            And oh, how horrific that must be!  low poll numbers!  We don’t like them!  We don’t trust them!
            But we don’t stop them.
            If no one stops them, there is no difference between them being wildly popular, and universally hated.
            Take amnesty for example, the ruling party (The Demopublicans, or the Republicrats…your choice) is still talking about how much fun it will be to inject another 11 million workers/voters/wards of the state, into a clearly broken system.
            Paul Ryan is promising we’re going to continue to fund the government at the current out of control outrageous level.
            I fail to see how, aside from their possible embarrassment (and I don’t think they care what we think) and our effectively useless outrage, this is stopping the forward progress of the government machine.

          • A given moment can offer no chance of “stopping” a particular thing.
            Sometimes all you can do is prepare for the next moment, so to speak.

        • Exactly how many levels of management are there that they have no idea what was bullt and what was running and what was working ?
          I’ve worked a project or two on embedded software (not web sites) and the first thing the CEO wanted to know, other than when will it be done, is what is working ?  .. how many bugs did you find/resolve ? (and a whole bunch of QA metrics)
          For such a landmark program, it seems that nobody was asking any of these questions … or somebody was purposely hiding the state of affairs.  Both of these are management breakdowns for which the CEO is ultimately responsible.

          • Uh, no man.  Barack, he…he gives speeches and motivates man.  He’s not all in your face and that kind of thing.   No man, he’s cool, and mellow, and uh, what’s the word, uh, unfazed?  No, that’s not it, un…uh un….. unflappable?  Yeah, that’s it man, he’s unflappable and uh cool.    So, he kinda let us you know, do our thing man, because we like, explained to him that we were uh, different and radical.
            He’s not responsible man, there’s a guy, who’s name I forgot man, and he’s the one responsible man, not Barack.  Barack is totally cool, I’m sure if he came out himself man he’d be cool with what we were doing, and he like, would probably, you know, like sit down and light up with us.

  • Weren’t we told that the early “glitches” were the result of “overwhelming demand”?
    Nothing but lies…all up and down.

  • Unless the media connects the dots for the public (and it won’t), it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that Obama is upset at the situation.

    • And NO ONE is as mad about all this as he is.  Well except maybe the people who lost their policies, or had the rates sky rocket, but I mean apart from that really really small rounding error sized group of people.

      • There is another group…
        Deemocrats up for election this cycle.  And there is no higher law in their world than self-preservation.

        • Get a bare majority in the Senate, go nuclear to change the rules, let Reid choke on it and pass a “repeal” bill.
          Let Obama veto it.

  • 40% of a website that will deemed a “success” if it serves 80% of the people.
    That’s Democrat math.

  • FORT COLLINS, Colo. — The Colorado healthcare exchange has processed applications for thousands of people … and one dog.

    Shane Smith, of Fort Collins, says his dog Baxter received a letter informing him that a health insurance account had been opened in his name through Connect for Health Colorado.

    “I thought, ‘Wow, this is so awesome,’” Smith said with a laugh. “They have gone out of their way to insure my 14-year-old Yorkie.”

    Smith had called Connect for Health Colorado to sign himself up for insurance because his old plan was cancelled due to Obamacare.

    He’s not sure exactly how the confirmation letter went to his dog, but he says he thinks it’s because of a series of security questions a representative asked him over the phone.

    • President Assaulted By Clue-bat!  Breaking…
      Like, since it was first proposed…

      • Maybe Erb was right.  Maybe Republicans have been thinking quantum badness into the Obamacare system and mentally steering it to disaster.
        The Republicans thought bad thoughts at it, and made it crash, yeah, THAT’S the reason!
        Poor Barack, powerless, powerless I say!  to stop it!   Oh, if only he had spent more time learning to master the force instead of toking up!
        And how about this spark of brilliance, this profound statement from the man who would stop the rise of the tides, the man who was so brilliant, well spoken, eloquent, gifted in speech and charismatic
        “We probably underestimated the complexities of building out a website that needed to work the way it should,”
        Yeah, that’s the smartest man in the room talking there.    They under estimated how complex it was to make something work.
        I guess they were able to estimate how easy it was to deliver a piece of shit in three years with hundreds of millions wasted though, because that’s what the smartest man in the room delivered.

      • If only Barack were as honest as this man.

    Well, yeah. See, in the Obamabanana Republic, the middle class is just a target.
    They don’t give a good crap about you or me.

  • His scant resume consisted of… wait for it… The Annaberg Foundation! By all accounts: a decided failure.
    Given is over-inflated view of himself, would hire anyone to out-shine him?
    All these cards were on the table in 2008, yet tens of millions said: yup! the empty suit is my guy! Really?
    Is anyone eles getting the feeling that there’s a drunk with a lead foot piloting the bus?
    Careening, that is the feeling I’m getting, careening down a dark mountain road with the headlights off.
    Moochelle was quoted today that “Barry spends a lot of time in the bathroom signing”. Or was it fiddling?

    • I have enough problem seeing him sitting behind the desk in the Oval office….now I have to poke out my mind’s eye, no matter what he’s doing in that bathroom.
      Maybe we can find some of those liberal women who were having fantasies about him early in his first term who will swoon over that image.

      • …now I have to poke out my mind’s eye, no matter what he’s doing in that bathroom.

        Has anybody checked on the whereabouts of Moooochelle’s vibrator…???

    • Was the Annaberg Foundation a failure? Technically I think it constitutes his only actual executive experience, but he did not advertize it as such (or at all). Further prior to 2009, my understanding is that he was just put in charge of deciding what pet leftist education projects would be selected for funding, so it was more like going on a shopping trip then real executive experience . . . .

    • In defense of those 2008 voters … John McCain was no prize either.
      But in 2012, While I wasn’t crazy about Romney, he was head and shoulder better than Obama.  Just look at Recovery Summer IV .. Recovery Summer III .. Recovery Summer II .. Recovery Summer.

  • A very long time ago (’80s), I worked for Hewlett-Packard. HP was transitioning from one computer hw platform to a completely new one. It was very complicated because not only were we creating new sw for the new hw, we had to make certain that old programs written for the old hw would work on the new hw without any modifications at all. In some cases, the original source code was no longer available so there was no option of recompiling. The project was slipping, very large customers were nervous and looking at alternatives. We had project meetings 2-3 times a week in a room with huge PERT charts showing what was on target and what was slipping and what projects were impacted by what slipping projects. If your project was on the critical path, you needed a detailed plan of action. I was a project manager which means my team consisted of engineers working on code (I dug in as well). The times that my team was critical path, I got help from other teams. Not throwing more engineers on it (that does not work) but management help, engineering brainstorming, and so on. I also had lots of light focused on me. And even though our teams were 5 or 6 levels below EVP, the EVP in charge of these new systems knew who we were. He regularly came to our building and participated in reviews, asking relevant questions, not yelling, not pointing fingers, but showing that upper mgmt knew the score.
    I cannot fathom why The Dear Golfer did not demand weekly updates on what he perceives as his signature achievement. I cannot understand why Sebelius did not do the same. There is no way that I would have allowed myself to be blindsided in such a fashion. I cannot imagine any EVP or CEO ever being so out of the loop. Even if you are such an excrement exhaust pipe that your reports are terrified of bringing bad news, you would take the time to journey to the trenches to find out what is happening to avoid being a laughingstock as well as getting booted by your BOD.

    • “you would take the time to journey to the trenches to find out what is happening to avoid being a laughingstock as well as getting booted by your BOD.”
      man, THAT image, of Obama actually going out to meet the troops and doing some observation for himself…..too funny for words.   I mean, I can imagine it because I remember being on projects like yours (software only) and having the big guns show up and show support for us, but, the idea that it would REALLY happen with Obama?  too too funny.