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Why today’s liberalism is a bankrupt fantasy

Make no mistake, Barack Obama is a failed liberal, who, given the chance to advance the liberal agenda, has hopefully, at the very least, crippled it for years to come.

His poll numbers and the polling for ObamaCare tell the tale.

But why has he failed?  Well I think this offers a pretty fair explanation:

The president and the officials around him are the product of the same progressive version of higher education that simultaneously excises politics from the study of government and public policy while politicizing education. This higher education denigrates experience; exalts rational administration; reveres abstract moral reasoning; confidently counts on the mainstream press to play for the progressive political team; accords to words fabulous abilities to remake reality; and believes itself to speak for the people while haughtily despising their way of life.

The education President Obama received at Columbia University and Harvard Law School — and delivered to others as a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School — encourages the fantasy of a political world subject to almost limitless manipulation by clever and well-orchestrated images. This explains why the harsh exigencies and intractable forces of politics keep stunning the president, each new time as if it were the very first.

We’ve now had 5 years to study the results of this particular product and they’re not very pretty are they?

We’ve  made these same points off and on for years.  We have a commenter who visits here fairly regularly that also exhibits the very traits outlined above and is a member of academia.  All anyone needs to do is read the nonsense he spouts to understand how pervasive this crippling process is.  His one asset to this blog is he so aptly demonstrates the point of this post.

We’ve also said many times that you still have to face reality when all is said and done (or said and not done).  That’s what Obama and his ilk are finally having to do.

Obama is and always has been a “give a speech and all is well” kind of guy.  He was sure that the force of his speeches combined with his personality was indeed enough to calm the seas and have them recede.  In his world, saying is doing.  He had no need to have actually done anything or run anything.  He was an intellectual who knew how things should run and be done.  All he needed to do was enlighten the masses.  And that’s what he’s attempted to do.

Except reality keeps biting him in the keister.  Pass a law to totally remake the health insurance industry and then discover:

“What we’re also discovering is that insurance is complicated to buy.”

No kidding you incompetent boob.  Ask anyone in the real world who has actually delt with the problem and they’d have been glad to tell you that.  But he “discovers” it after he’s been a party to destroying the health insurance industry as we knew it.  He blithely promised it would be easy and reality spit in his face.

Unfortunately the other part of reality is he’s not the one that’s going to suffer because he’s an ignorant boob.  People facing medical emergencies with no insurance are.

Peter Berkowitz says that isn’t the only “discovery” this gang of incompetents made “on the job”:

In January 2010, in a Time magazine interview in which he was asked about the setbacks to his ambitious attempt to reach a final peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, he remarked, “I think that we overestimated our ability to persuade them to do so when their politics ran contrary to that.”

The problem, the president acknowledged, was that he and his team had failed to understand the domestic challenges faced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas: “I think it is absolutely true that what we did this year didn’t produce the kind of breakthrough that we wanted, and if we had anticipated some of these political problems on both sides earlier, we might not have raised expectations as high.”

In June 2011, Obama again acknowledged that he had based a defining policy — the $830 billion stimulus package that he sold to the nation in the first month of his presidency as designed to take advantage of “shovel-ready” jobs — on false expectations. With unemployment at 9.1 percent and in the 27th consecutive month in which it had not fallen below 8.9 percent, he told his Jobs and Competitiveness Council meeting in Durham, N.C., that “shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.”

On Nov. 4 of this year — five weeks after the calamitous online launch of the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces, almost five years into his presidency and less than two weeks before he would reveal that the loss of insurance coverage by millions of Americans taught him that buying coverage was complicated — Obama said to the Affordable Care Act Coalition Partners and Supporters in Washington, D.C., “Now, let’s face it, a lot of us didn’t realize that passing the law was the easy part.”

Contrary to the president’s breezy attitude suggesting that these drastic miscalculations were not knowable in advance, we know that all were foreseeable because all were perspicaciously foreseen by critics from the beginning. (The only possible exception is the staggeringly inept rollout of the website, the magnitude of which caught even the president’s toughest critics off guard.)

Finally … finally, what many of us have been saying for years is evident to everyone.  And because he’s so badly botched something that is important to everyone, they’re actually paying attention.  Thus the 37% approval rating.

Right now, Barack Obama would love to have George W. Bush’s approval rating.

Ironic, huh?


20 Responses to Why today’s liberalism is a bankrupt fantasy

  • One thing I have observed in discussing Obamacare with progressives is that they argue how the law was supposed to work and not how it is actually working.  It’s as if they ignore reality long enough then it will go away.

    • Hilarious isn’t it?   Intentions are what matters you see.   Probably has something to do with ignoring simple phrases that explain how the road to hell is paved.
      There really IS a point to those old sayings.

    • They are used to working from a movie script where everything happens the way their whims dictate and all the characters operate like the scripts tells them to. That’s why Hollyweird is dominated by the left and their parallel reality.

  • Remember when there was the bru-haha over the Barbie doll saying “math is hard”?
    Baracky kinda reminds me of that….

  • We are beginning to see stories that some elements in the White House knew before Oct 1st that was ready to “train wreck.”
    If we assume for the sake of conjecture that the POTUS knew, what possible other failure were they trying to obscure with this “train wreck” ?
    One quick thought was that they tried to used the simple failure of the web site to hide the fact that much of it just wasn’t complete, but that explanation seems a bit empty.

    How can this broken child keep breaking every “promise” he makes before even the Collective sees this is all too damned “1960s” for safety?

  • Until Obamacare is removed with nothing similar or worse, the only harm is short term to the Democrat politicians. 

  • Dear Sen Reid: PLEASE GO NUCLEAR

    • Your wish is granted man.
      He must be feeling good about Obamacare’s effects for the 2014 elections.
      Reid, another nasty little piece of work.

    • Time to do a top-to-bottom reform of the Federal judiciary…
      when we gain control of the Senate after 2014.
      If you like your Republic, and you vote for Conservatives, you can keep your Republic.
      Otherwise you’re screwed.

      • The filibuster will be a bulwark of the Republic again if the Republicans win the Senate in 2014.
        Harry Reid, who will no doubt lead the minority will absolutely insist the Republican arsonist terrorists stuff the nuclear cloud and it’s attendant radioactive fallout back into the bomb casing of the bomb he just detonated.

        • Dear Hateful Harry;
          Get.  Stuffed.

        • WHo says he’ll be around to lead the minority? Change the rules, 51 votes to expel him from the Senate.
          We can have some fun with this.
          51 votes for repeal.
          51 votes to get a pro-life judge on the SCOTUS
          51 votes for………….WHATEVER WE WANT.
          Have at it!

    • A positive aspect of this I hope will be to make the Republicans over all much more reluctant to participate in anything the Democrats want to do, like, Scamnasty or fixing Obamadoggle.

  • House Republicans think they are a lot of people out there like Jessica Sanford.
    Sanford was touted by President Obama in a Rose Garden speech as a sterling example of Obamacare’s success. But then she found out she couldn’t afford health insurance under the law. The government had merely miscalculated her subsidies.
    House Republicans doubt the Obama administration can certify that other people are getting the right information from the exchanges.

    Can this Administration do anything right ? This is truly pathetic.

  • Surprised Cash for Clunkers wasn’t mentioned, an early indication of how little this administration understands. Very few people who weren’t otherwise going to buy a car used the program. As a result, we the taxpayers spend several hundred thousand dollars for every car that would have otherwise not been purchased. Genius.
    I’m sure the program made so much sense in those WH bull sessions. Reality sucks, eh?