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Car Review

This week’s car review is special. I just bought a 2006 Pontiac GTO, It’s not really a Pontiac. It’s a Holden Monaro. So, I reviewed it. How does it stack up to modern cars? How fun is it? Most importantly, do I regret my purchase? Well, let’s put it this way. Since I bought it, I’ve ridden my motorcycle once.


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2 Responses to Car Review

  • I think your review hits on the main reason that the GTO did not sell better, its drab exterior.  If an auto manufacturer is going to put out a car with an iconic name, that car better have some styling cues, especially in the front fascia that make it look like a member of that breed, such the 2005+ series of Mustang or the new Challenger.
    Your GTO has undeniable performance, I’ve ridden in a friends and it’s great, but it has the generic front end that could be nearly any car.  Performance sells, but not nearly as much as performance and the right looks.
    In any case, congratulations on your purchase, I’m sure every time you turn the key in the ignition it gives  you the feeling of being a kid at the gates of Disneyland with an E-ticket.

  • Congrats on your purchase, the Monaro is a nice car.
    About the look, the local feeling was that the original style was a smooth, good looking almost pretty design.  Which then got messed up with the addition of the non-functional ram scoops on the bonnet*.  The scoops were supposed to appeal to the sort of people who buy HSVs and you lot.
    * hood.