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More ObamaCare fallout

First let me thank all the great QandO readers who sent their condolences upon my brother’s passing.  They are greatly appreciated.

Now on to the nasty business of government and politics – in particular, the abominable law called ObamaCare:

An estimated seven out of every 10 physicians in deep-blue California are rebelling against the state’s Obamacare health insurance exchange and won’t participate, the head of the state’s largest medical association said.

“It doesn’t surprise me that there’s a high rate of nonparticipation,” said Dr. Richard Thorp, president of the California Medical Association.

Why?  Because doctors refuse to work for a pittance.  They provide something of value and believe they should be compensated accordingly.  But with price fixing by the government, they’re just not going to get their just compensation.  So they’re not going to play the game and join in.

California offers one of the lowest government reimbursement rates in the country — 30 percent lower than federalMedicare payments. And reimbursement rates for some procedures are even lower.

In other states, Medicare pays doctors $76 for return-office visits. But in California, Medi-Cal’s reimbursement is $24, according to Dr. Theodore M. Mazer, a San Diego ear, nose and throat doctor.

In other states, doctors receive between $500 to $700 to perform a tonsillectomy. In California, they get $160, Mazer added.

Only in September did insurance companies disclose that their rates would be pegged to California’s Medicaid plan, called Medi-Cal. That’s driven many doctors to just say no.

In fact, as pointed out above, only 30% of the state’s doctors have opted in.

Gee, let’s see the left take the doctor’s side here, okay?  Aren’t they the ones always wanting the raise the “minimum wage”. Well, as is obvious here, the “wage” offered is below the “minimum” doctors believe they should be payed.  The left ought to be out in the street in protest of this travesty.

Higher pay for doctors!  After all, most of them are small business owners and … oh, wait, that makes them the bad guys.  I forgot.  The left isn’t going to protest this because these guys are privileged or something.  Nevermind the fact they provide jobs for others and can’t pay them more than they receive.

I’m sure trying to think this through and come to an equitable solution will shred a few brains on the left.


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50 Responses to More ObamaCare fallout

  • Opting out of ObamaDoggle looks like it will pay dividends, in addition to being the right thing to do.
    I can see any doctor, and go to any hospital.
    One of the VERY bad, awful effects of ObamaDoggle will be the ghetto-ization of American health delivery.

    • Given how thin-skinned our first (half) Arab-American pRESIDENT is…
      how about AbominableCare, or perhaps AbomaCare?

  • Obama and his allies on the left have always wanted a “Single Payer” medical system in this country.

    But how do you get there?  ACA aka ObamaCare was always to be an intermediate step in that direction.  But now the Democrats are stuck with the abomination that is ObamaCare and the question is how can they convince the American people to trust them to fix ObamaCare by going to Single Payer.  It is already being called for in Leftist circles.
    The challenge I see for the country is how do you reform ObamaCare without taking the Single payer plunge.  Hint: If the answer is to repeal ObamaCare, then you better have a plan in hand to replace it.

    • I disagree with part of what you said.
      This mess is going to cause a lot of people to fall VERY out of love with the idea of the Federal government running their lives.
      How to fix ObamaDoggle will depend a lot on when we stop it or it just craps out.  Hard to know what wreckage will need to be cleared before something new can be contemplated.
      There are SEVERAL proposals, and have been for years.

      • I agree that there will be a backlash against the Nanny State but I still contend that the GOP must have an alternative in hand, not just one of many, to show the American people.

        • Well, which do you prefer?
          Which…when the ObamaDoggle has done its damage…will still apply?
          Being the radical thinker I am, I’d like to see something along the lines of an Interstate Compact on Health insurance that would homogenize health care insurance regulation and foster interstate sales that belong to INDIVIDUALS and not their employers, a revision of the tax code to remove that market distortion, and innovation across the board (which will kind of naturally break out when you remove a lot of the overburden of crap on the entire ambit of health insurance and care).
          Hell, just removing the idiot “medical device tax” would be like magic.

      • Think about the guy who use to pay $200/mo. with a $3000 out of pocket who now pays $500/mo. and $7000 out of pocket especially probably located at the lower-middle class level where that extra $3600-7600 dollars really hurts. 

        The appeal of single payer with that person just went way up. 

        • Not if they understand the “single payer” STILL pays AT LEAST as much as they would under ObamaDoggle.
          You don’t suspend the laws of economics simply by slapping a label on something.
          Which, of course, is one of the important lessons here.  There is no free good.  Government CANNOT do things better than markets can.

    • The answer is to allow health insurance to be sold on a federal level.
      This means that the pools are nation wide and so are the rates for each insurance company.
      Companies will no longer be able to gouge one state to pay for another.
      The real problem with ObamaCare is that it set the level of “minimum” too high.
      There needs to be more options, more, not less, choice, including catastrophic coverage, which will be illegal come the new year.
      In a nutshell, everything that ObamaCare was promised to be, but isn’t.

      • I think you mean “interstate” sales.
        And I doubt you’ll find that insurance companies “gouge” people of a state as much as you’ll find that the regulatory climate in a state sets very high costs of doing business, partly as a barrier to entry by other competitors, but sometimes just to “protect” consumers.

  • They’re not even subtle about trying to run individual physicians and small groups out of practice here in The Peoples Republic of Illinois.  We are getting paid here in December 2013 for services rendered to State Employees in October of 2012 – and it’s getting worse.  Medicare changed the rules in September for billing certain codes – but sorta forgot to tell us.  Investigation found they wanted a certain box filled in on the electronic form.  Okay – done.  Or so we thought.  We resubmitted as explained to us by Medicare only to get these rejected once more.  My staff is on the phone with the drone from CMS and I’m looking over her shoulder:  “Box 19 needs to be filled in.”  “But it is, I’m looking right at it on my computer screen.”  “No it isn’t…”  Sent over to a supervisor who told us they wanted it formatted a different way.  Okaaay.  We’ve resubmitted and await payment – or rejection again.  Now the Provenas and Advocates of the world can stand a few months of low / no cash flow, but us little guys not so much – and they know that.  This is no longer a viable business model, but I’ve got six working years left – if I can survive.

  • In related news, look for many of these doctors to suddenly get audited in what will surely be quite the ko-inky-dink
    Gotta please the thug in Chief ya know.

  • Opting out of ObamaDoggle looks like it will pay dividends, in addition to being the right thing to do.
    I can see any doctor, and go to any hospital.
    One of the VERY bad, awful effects of ObamaDoggle will be the ghetto-ization of American health delivery.

    ——- meh. You mean to tell me proponents of this fiasco can’t get into top hospitals when ill?


    • The elite will get whatever.
      Us proles…if we are in this train-wreck…will get the DMV-level of treatment.

      • It’s the proles who supported this that I’m interested in seeing suffer. On that score, I’m well pleased.

  • The solution is simple.  If you want to practice medicine then X% of your patients must be medicaid referrals.  Doctors can make their money off their rich patients.  There is nothing that a progressive can’t solve by applying an extra helping of government force.

    • How about “cost plus” ?

    • Wow.  Just wow.  So indentured servitude is your idea of a good thing, eh?  I work for two indigent clinics locally.  The visits are free, the surgeries are free, the post-op care is free to both the patient and the taxpayer.  They of course must sign up and have their financial situation verified (not-so-shockingly there are some cheaters), and get pre-approved before they show up at my door.  This is an all-volunteer endeavor, and I provide the exact same care to these patients as my regular patients.  So what the government did was take this FREE service (to those in actual need) and throw a multi-trillion dollar, Rube Goldberg bureaucracy (which as zero chance of functioning) at a non-existent problem.  And before you try to make the case that I am an exception and this is strictly a local solution – I’ll call bullish*t on you.  The list of participating physicians is long and distinguished, as are the number of clinics.

  • Oh Senor Castro, I theenk I have a place for our next Medico graduating class found.

  • Doctors can easily move. This should be interesting.

  • I’m sure our benevolent dictator will sort this out, he just needs a little more time to fix the mess that George W left him you see.
    Interesting clue to his personality – he’d like to be a sportscaster?   Can anyone guess why?
    I’m pretty sure it’s because he thinks all they do is show up and talk, and man, if there’s something our boy Barry can do, it’s show up and talk.

    • He gets to be around naked jocks, too.
      Several of my black friends insist Barrackah has a lil’ sugar in the tank, if you catch my drift.

  • Why are we talking about this?  We should be talking about how Mandela-like Obama is.

    • Or it that how Obama-like the now ascended Mandela is?

    • If Obama had a father, he would look like … ???

      • Allah, and if you draw a picture of Him, we’ll have to kill you.
        So just take a photo of Barack, his chin lifted, his gaze to the heavens, his hands raised in benediction over us.

        • Obama has “selfied” himself at the funeral, to save us all the trouble…
          All class.

          • “All class”
            It’s was like watching three 13 year olds.
            The only way it could have gotten better was if they’d posed in front of the coffin.

  • Some more fallout: I was notified yesterday( 1 day after cutoff date to change plans ) that my private Medicare drug plan would no longer cover 3 medications I am now taking. I was notified that I would have to get my Doctor file an appeal as to why I need these drugs and win or pick up the entire cost myself. I have a very rare disease and it takes month to get to see the the specialist who would have to file said appeal. It seems that now insurance companies and the government not Doctors will decide what medications we need!

    • My sympathies.
      A small correction…your doctors will decide what you need.
      ObamaDoggle will decide what you GET, unless you can pay for it.
      Be thankful they have not (yet) changed the deal…

      • Correction noted and thanks.

      • My buddy in your neck of the woods (Georgetown) was told by his insurance  company that his Asthma medication was being cheapened. It damn near killed him, but in true, 21st century American style, they trotted out endless excuses about “our policy”.
        Only in the super-wussified USA!

  • The approach I’m trying to take is to try to enjoy the interesting times we live in. I have a feeling the continuing rollout of Obamacare will provide plenty of amusment.

  • The other day it was mentioned about the cascade that will take the Democrats out in the Senate, and crater Obama’s agenda, for at least the next year – but the NYT for one, and the HHS, and the White House, are already in full bore Gobbels mode, lying, about what was, only last week, a total train wreck.   Knowing the back end of Obamacrea, where all the work has to be accomplished, isn’t even there, they’re claiming the site is “working”, that people are being covered, that the numbers are looking good, that premiums aren’t going up, that everyone is on-board (except you….).
    The Times is selling that their polling indicates Obama’s approval rating is back on the rise after dropping off in prior weeks (at the same time the WSJ says it’s dropping lower).
    Sibelius sits in front of Congress and lies through her teeth, they misconstrue the numbers they are even willing to admit to.   The economic forecast for the country is ‘positive’! (Recovery winter!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!)
    What is about to happen in the next three months is reality will be subverted.  If there’s a problem with your insurance…it’s only YOUR insurance that has that problem.  If you have 5 friends that have the same problems, it’s anecdotal, and the problem is more than likely just yours, oh, and you’re a racist too.
    We are about to be hit with a nation wide level of Baghdad Bobbery.   Black is white, up is down, and if you don’t see it that way, YOU are the only one who doesn’t (well, you and your Bible clutching right wing last century tea bagging radical friends), there are NO American forces in Baghdad, and EVERYONE, except you….is happy with their new Obamacare future (praise Obama).   If the media agrees to it, by November it’ll be firmly planted that there WAS a problem, but now it’s all fixed and Democrats saved you.
    Will it sell?  I’d like very much to bet America will reject it.   But after November 2012,  I’m not feeling good about that bet.

    • President Barack Obama’s job approval among American voters drops to a new low, a negative 38 – 57 percent, as the outlook for Democrats running for Congress and the U.S. Senate fades also, according to a national poll released today. He even gets a negative 41 – 49 percent among voters 18 to 29 years old and a lackluster 50 – 43 percent approval among Hispanic voters.
      The president’s job approval compares to a negative 39 – 54 percent score in a November 12 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University.
      Today, Obama gets negative scores of 6 – 92 percent among Republicans, 30 – 62 percent among independent voters, 31 – 64 percent among men, 44 – 49 percent among women and 29 – 65 among white voters. Approval is 76 – 18 percent among Democrats and 85 – 9 percent among black voters.
      American voters say 41 – 38 percent that they would vote for a Republican over a Democrat for the U.S. House of Representatives, the first time this year the Democrats come up on the short end of this generic ballot. Independent voters back Republican candidates 41 – 28 percent. Voters also say 47 – 42 percent that they would like to see Republicans gain control of the U.S. Senate and the House. Independent voters go Republican 50 – 35 percent for each.

      If you remove the racist block of black voters…
      Well, it is pretty ugly.

      • Right, and then there’s THIS pack of lies from the paper of record…
        Look at some of the comments of ‘independents’ they interviewed – now ‘the young’ are back in his court, according to the poll.
        Do I believe it, no.   Do I think they’ve found the necessary way to skew their poll?  yes.   But this is a week after it was announced the young have abandoned him, now they haven’t, right?
        Imagine what that’s going to look like in July of 2014 if it’s only been a week to see this new sea change.
        I’m not agreeing with what it says, I’m just pointing out, this is how they’re going to try and bluff their way through the election.

    • Flipping through channels, I caught a few seconds of Bill Maher dismissing complaints about policy cancellations with his typical sneer, referring to them all (millions) as “crappy insurance plans”.
      Because lower premiums, lower deductibles are so “crappy” when your plan doesn’t offer coverage for something you don’t want, don’t need, and are biologically incapable of ever needing.

      • …AND which you got to chose.
        I guess choice is the bellwether of “crappy” to the likes of Maher…

        • Choice is good when it is something that falls on the Democrat side of Maher’s hyper-polarized view.  And, if he can’t find solid examples, he’ll exaggerate like hell or use some straw man to show how Republicans want to deny people choice on something he values.
          When it’s Democrats opposing a choice, he mocks people who oppose them as getting upset over trivialities, or he pretends that the only reason the Republicans care is because of racism, sexism, or other form of bigotry.
          His political philosophy can be summed up as: Democrats good, Republicans bad.
          It’s why he just isn’t funny.  Every joke is some variation of: “A bad thing happened, just like Republicans.”
          I really wonder about people who watch his show, enjoy it, and think that he and his guests are wise and informative.  How do they manage to feed themselves?