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This week’s auto review

So, let’s say you’re a dirty, poor person who wants to buy a new car. Your choices are as limited as your ramen, beans, and rice diet. But you may want to take a look at this.

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7 Responses to This week’s auto review

  • Great article !!!

  • ” This is Hyundai’s entry-level car, with a base retail MSRP of $14,465. That’s a grand cheaper than the Dodge Dart …”
    Sat in a Dodge Dart in a showroom.  Hit my head on the roof.

  • I always like reading these articles as they are funny and well done.  Sometimes I wish for more images of the vehicle, but that is just me.
    Here in Florida, we are seeing a growth of riders on scooters – specifically super scooters such as the Suzuki Bergman (400 / 650 / 640 Executive) and the Honda Silver Wing.  It sure would be interesting to get you to test ride and compare those bikes.  I know that they are not as powerful as cruisers or as sexy as sport bikes, but they do seem to be capturing more of the market.
    Of course, I always hate when people ask for reviews of certain things, so I am breaking my own rule but suggesting this.  But I am doing so because of how much I trust your opinion.
    So there.

    • Yo! great idea!    It would be informative and no doubt comic.
      Dale!  Get Elio to let you play with one of their three wheelers!   My son is waiting for someone else at Lockheed to order one, and then do a body reshape of an F-16 fuselage.

  • Great article.
    Times certainly have changed for the better for entry-level rides, that said; I’m so glad those days are in the rear-view mirror for me.

  • I guess the other question is whether or not you would be better off with a good used (better model) car for the same price as a new Hyundai accent/  Somehow I remember the Yugo being compared unfavorably with a used Chevy Chevette back in the 1980s.
    Great writeup, by the way!

    • Have owned two Hyundai Accents.  A used 4 door that I paid $1000 for and that we beat to heck and a new 2008 Hatchback.  Hyundai’s have a number of things going for them.  They seem to have been designed and built by mechanics.  Anything you need to work on is right where it should be and is easy to get at.  The cargo capacity of our little hatchback has simply amazed people when we used to do the farmers market and took the entire set up, awning, tables, steam tables, two big ice chests, and assorted pieces in the back.  Also Hyundai has completely free for owners that wish to work on their own cars.  Their newer cars and higher end cars are much nicer but for someone that refuses to spend over $15K on an automobile they are hard to beat.