Free Markets, Free People

Coming in 2014 whether you like it or not

Just for an intro:

A Russian expedition ship carrying global warming scientists got stuck in ice earlier this week. Now a Chinese ice breaker sent to rescue the scientists is frozen too just miles away.

Yes friends, “global warming”, “climate change” or whatever the alarmists choose to call it next year, will be with us and with a vengeance.

You see, “if you like your insurance you can keep it” Obama has said it will be one of his highest priorities.  There’s gold in that thar air.  It is an as yet untapped revenue source that, well, he’s bound and determined to tap – science, or lack thereof, be damned.

Nevermind that 13 new Obama taxes go into effect this next year and will likely stunt economic growth … again.  Global warming produces an entire new opportunity to gouge taxpayers “for their own good” — you know, just like ObamaCare.  And, of course, the grab will be couched in language much like ObamaCare.  They’ll promise the moon.  They’ll deliver misery. The only institution which will benefit?  Government.

What will be chipped away?

A little more of your freedom.  Your liberty.

It is obviously okay now for government to just engage in bald faced lies and get away with it.  Obama’s “if you like your insurance …” lie led the parade of Pinocchio awards by that renowned right-wing rag the Washington Post. Result? Nada? Penalty? Nada?

Lesson learned by the perpetrators of the lie?

Hey, it’s okay, there are no penalties and it works.

Next up?

Global warming (and your wallet).

You’ve been warned.


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20 Responses to Coming in 2014 whether you like it or not

  • Amazon still has bulk incandescent bulbs for sale…today.
    Today…less tomorrow…you can live where you want.
    Tomorrow, the Pres. ScamWOW and the Collective starts to “affirmatively” shape your neighborhood to meet quotas for race, income, what-the-fluck-ever.

  • The Newcandescent company has exploited a loophole in the law banning incandescent lightbulbs and is manufacturing so-called rough service bulbs in 100W, 60W, 40W, and more — made in the USA and compliant with Dept of Energy requirements. So, if you know where to shop, you will still be able to buy incandescent bulbs that produce the soft, warm glow you’ve always enjoyed:

    • …like your refrigerator, your closets…

    • For now anyway, until the govt shuts it down.  Well I guess it depends if the company head is a GOP or Dem donor if they get raided and shut down…

      • It seems you failed to pass the necessary environmental restrictions we’ve invented for you and you alone.   Unless you spend $10 billion to upgrade your plant to meet our completely arbitrary and unjustifiable mandates, you’ll have to close your facilities.

  • Still and all…

  • Lesson learned by those who fell for the lie?

    >>>> None. I guarantee it.
    Which is why I love love LOVE the misery inflicted upon them.

    • New lie, that seems to be working.   Economic recovery.
      We’re all confident now.  What’s changed isn’t clear.
      Go figure.

        • Somebody needs to tell Wall Street.
          I don’t resent capitalism, but I have to say, this is pretty strange.    Someone is getting rewarded  (actually my 401K….).
          I wish I felt better about it, but it’s like sitting in the car as it ratchets up the coaster at Six Flags.   I’m pretty damn sure there’s a drop ahead.

          • This isn’t about capitalism, it’s about inflating another bubble.
            First, the stock exchanges reflect how BIG, compliant businesses are doing in a fascist economy.  Predictably, they are doing well.
            Second, where are people going to put money just now?  Most other investments are simply paying too little, and uncertainty is off the graph.  Hence, people are restrained from investing in entrepreneurial business ventures (which fascist economies HATE, because the central planners cannot control them readily).
            It’s a weird time, when Amazon is worth billions, and has never yet turned a profit.  You gotta figure the speculative bubble behind outfits like that HAS to burst, and it will.

          • Hence my decision to invest in capital items that will retain their worth if the bottom falls out.
            Like….9mm ammo and a new Walther for example.

          • To add to rags reasons, there is also more money from all the puimping. It has to go somewhere.

            So. lots of money, few places to spend it, and a system that rewards big buisness.

  • BBC/Guardian global warming research/propaganda cruise trapped by record breaking irony via @wattsupwiththat—
    Mark Buehner (@ElBuehn) December 27, 2013

  • The other shoe in the insurance story are the people who have corporate plans that will be toaaed into the insurance pool who don’t realize it yet. .

  • I dunno. I mean, sure, I’m as cynical as the next guy, but considering that even the IPCC is having to walk back its predictions to the point that one wonders what the problem even is anymore (so it may or may not warm 1.6C in 85 years, and probably less? errr…. so what was the problem again?), I’m not sure there’s a “there” there anymore. Unless the climate takes a really sharp uptick, climate “denialist” alarmism is probably on its last legs, and goodness help them all if the global temperature actually goes down.
    They may have managed to turn a 1970s concern about cooling smoothly into a warming alarmism with just some gentle history rewriting, but there’s too much momentum this time to pull that again.
    If they do go down this path, it would probably be a good sign; it would be a sign of just how extremely bankrupt they are in terms of ways to sway popular opinion.

    • Hence ‘climate’ change. They figure to sell and control us on the basis the sun rises and the wind may or may not blow.

  • In the end however, not one of these bastards will suffer for the lies and distortions.   Al Gore has had a great run, and he won’t suffer for it.
    You and I on the other hand, well, for one your electric bill has gone up, and that won’t be the end.   And once the government has dipped into your pocket, they only dip deeper, they almost never take their hands out.

    • I remember with a certain wicked glee the…was it Green Peach?…ship that sunk in Antarctic waters a few years ago.
      Pollution like you would NOT believe…but hardly even mentioned.  Though it was one of the worst such events in the history of the Antarctic.