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The law with the Orwellian name continues to lose support

The Affordable Care Act, the monstrosity of Democratic legislation with the Orwellian name, continues to lose supporters.   And, as an added special feature, people in employer based programs are now paying more out-of-pocket for their medical expenses than before ObamaCare.  Very “affordable”, no?

Support for the Affordable Care Act has plummeted since late last summer, and people with employer-based health insurance say they increasingly are paying more for out-of-pocket medical expenses, a new survey released Wednesday revealed.

When first polled people in September—right before the launch of Obamacare insurance exchanges, there was an even split between those who said they would repeal the Affordable Care Act if given the power to do so and those who would keep it: 46 percent each. (The rest either had no opinion or didn’t know how they felt.)

But three months later, after the botched launch of those government-run exchanges, the number of people who said they would gut Obamacare had risen to 48 percent, while the number of respondents who said they would keep it as law had plunged to 38 percent.

While the “botched launch” may have had some effect on that “plunge”, my guess is that hitting people’s wallet has pushed it down even more.  Health care insurance isn’t some esoteric policy argument.  It’s something that is important to everyone.  It is about their family and trying to afford the best for their family’s health. When policy negatively effects real people, they react just as negatively (and I do hope that Democrats double down on their support of the law, since it is all theirs anyway) :

The survey also found that people, by a 2-to-1 margin, felt Obamacare had had a more negative than positive impact on their own, individual health care. The poll questioned 1,005 adults, and had a margin of error of 3.6 percentage points.


His company’s survey also found that a total of 44 percent of people with employer-provided insurance said they are shelling out more dollars in deductibles and copayments than they were a year ago. And 47 percent of that group of people reported having more money deducted from their paycheck to pay the cost of those insurance plans than in 2012.

People earning between $50,000 and $75,000 annually were the most affected group: with 64 percent of them reporting a bigger hit on their paychecks from health insurance. Just 38 percent of the people earning less than $30,000 reported paying more for insurance in payroll deductions as of 2013.

The great leveling.  Apparently you’re “rich” if you earn between $50 and $75k, so it’s okay that you’re paying more – and besides, those “Cadillac plans” just aren’t fair (well, except for the exempt unions, of course … and Congress, and ….).  Don’t forget the tsunami of cancellations that will hit employer based programs hasn’t yet happened.

Obviously it doesn’t take great powers of perception to realize that this is just going to get worse and worse as the months pass.  And as those months pass, those supporting the legislation will become fewer and fewer.  It will be a grand issue on which Congressional Republicans can run (if they actually can figure out how to do that successfully without the usual idiocy).  Unfortunately, politics aside, it is going to be a building disaster for the American people.

Repeal is the best remedy.


21 Responses to The law with the Orwellian name continues to lose support

  • Repeal is the best remedy.
    >>> Not until there’s been more suffering. Much more. Otherwise the lesson will get forgotten quickly.
    And frankly, it’s much more entertaining for me as well.

  • The real, full name is even MORE Orwellian…
    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
    Doncha feel all “protected”…???  We toldja, American dupes…
    Erp…???  Wanna step up here…???

    • Waffle waffle…millions covered….waffle waffle….few policies canceled, really renewed with better coverage and no real additional cost to the persons!  waffle waffle….
      Waffle waffle…better!!!!!…..waffle waffle.
      Disagreement is lying…waffle waffle

    • It sells really well with the “40-50 hours of TV each week” crowd.

  • It’s all okay though, you see, even though Obamacare is effectively controlling a 6th of the US economy, it’s NOT an economic issue….or something…..and the Repelicans are going to lose if they harp on Obamacare.
    See, Americans are worried about the economy (you know, the thing that Obamacare smashed a 6th of…), and non-functioning government (you know, like, the Obamacare exchanges and the web-site disaster, and the new government rules in health-insurance that require people to have coverage for things they can’t possibly use….)
    and THEN maybe this tiny little problem with the Obamacare thingy….

    “So the answer to your question is, it is going to be the No. 1 issue in 2014.”The American public has a different view. A Gallup poll last month found that 47 percent cited economic issues as their top concern, including 31 percent who listed the overall economy and jobs. After that, 21 percent named dissatisfaction with government,”
    The way I see it Dana baby, it’s tied in to about 85% of the things Americans ain’t happy with.
    And only the Republicans are good enough to screw up this major chance to benefit from the fiasco.

    • “And only the Republicans are good enough to screw up this major chance to benefit from the fiasco”
      Well, the GOPe has become the Democratic Party lite, doing its bidding but in a lighter form so no surprise there.

  • How many of the complainers voted for Obama and a Congress member who voted for this?  As an object lesson it would be good for them to suffer a few years but I’m not sure the lesson would take.

  • It’s all O.K.. McCain said Cristie could fix it all so lets nominate him.

  • Speaking of Christie, anyone else find it hilarious that suddenly Democrats are aghast at governmental abuse of power when it comes to a bridge, but couldn’t care less about the IRS?
    On one hand, Christie is a creep and I hope this ends his 2016 ambition, but on the other hand, I do sorta want to see someone come and just abuse the left even though I know how wrong it is.

    • Was watching the Christie Bridgegate coverage on CNN in my hotel this morning.  Compare and contrast the coverage of Fast and Furious. Amazing.

      Also, while trapped in the Detroit airport I watched some CNN coverage of those “turists” trapped in the antartic ice. No mention of AGW or the reason those “turists” were there.

      • Yeah they were quick to trot out ‘the death caused by the emergency vehicle delay” and tie that pork chop around Christie’s neck.
        I’m all in favor of the Jersey’s Sta-Puft Marshmallow RINO staying home in 2016, but, funny how the press can do their job for him so quickly, but a dead ICE officer resulting from Federal malfeasance….now several years gone….
        Bryan Terry?  Who?  What’s that got to do with Obama or Eric Holder or the ATF or gun control?….What?

        • That whole bridge thingy is the work of some rogue traffic engineers in Cincinnati.
          Phony scandals, anyhow…

        • If only the bridge has been in Benghazi, maybe the press would’ve cared then?

          • No, they didn’t care about an Ambassador and former Navy SEALS, they probably wouldn’t have been too upset about a nice old lady who didn’t make it to the Heathen Hospice for Infidel Christian Dogs in reasonable time.

      • And in case anyone would like to question the difference in the feeding frenzy going on at (God help us) “Bridge-Gate”, and the ‘ho-hum’ of Benghazi or Fast and Furious….
        Already…talk of felony murder charges….
        As a side note….good Lord, how I wish, these 42 years later, the Watergate complex had been called Waterfall or Waterwheel, anything but gate.