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Sometimes I wonder …

I wonder just how intelligent the bulk of Americans are.  From a Quinnipiac poll:

American voters support 71 – 27 percent raising the minimum wage. Republican support is 52 – 45 percent. Given several options:

  • 33 percent of voters say increase the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour;
  • 18 percent say increase it from the current $7.25 per hour to something less than $10.10;
  • 18 percent say increase it to more than $10.10 per hour;
  • 27 percent say don’t increase the minimum wage.

Raising the minimum wage will lead businesses to cut jobs, voters say 50 – 45 percent, with Republicans seeing job cuts 68 – 29 percent and Democrats saying no 65 – 29 percent. Independent voters expect job cuts 51 – 45 percent.

We’re faced with the lowest job participation numbers in a long, long time, our economy is just starting to recover, a majority of Americans know that raising the minimum wage will lead “business to cut jobs” and yet, the majority also want to raise it anyway (to include 52% of “Republicans”).

It makes you just want to throw up your ands and say “screw it”.


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29 Responses to Sometimes I wonder …

  • “It makes you just want to throw up your ands and say “screw it”.”
    Ironically I achieved that state this Sunday last when I read Americans think the economy is getting better and that Obama’s approval rating is back in the 40’s.
    All I can say is America is the stock market.  Reality don’t enter into it.

    • Reality? Hey the lefties have a “polar vortex” to suck up all the attention now, away from Obamacare and employment and back to Mother Gaia where it belongs. Because, you know, the polar vortex has never behaved like this before (except almost all the time, since weather recording began). But at least it gives the quantum magicians something to sound wise about.

  • I’m sure in the same poll they asked:

    1.  Would you favor  the sun coming up tomorrow?
    2.  Would you like it to warm up, particularly if you’re freezing your ass off right now?
    3.  Would you favor being paid one gababillzillionmillonquintillian dollars?
    4. Would you like free stuff?

    And the above would have about the same relevance as the cited poll.

  • Oh, come now…
    It is ALWAYS soooooo easy and comfortable to give away someone’s money, and people answering polls don’t want to seem like ol’ hard-hearted poopy heads.
    This would be a great example of people who answer polls and vote very differently.

    • And what will Democrats use to “justify” raising the minimum wage?  Oh, yeah … polls.

      • doesn’t matter, Obama invents whatever he needs to justify what he’s going to do anyway – ‘vast majority’, “can’t wait for Congress to take action” and all that.

        • Doesn’t have to “invent” this time, does he?

          • Good point.   I hate it enough when he pulls numbers out of the ozone.  It IS worse when he can point to published numbers and he’s not using phrases like ‘vast majority’.

        • We could just raise the minimum wage to $50.00/hour or, let’s be generous, $80.00/hour and bring on the Economic-Armageddon even faster.

        • Except that he’s talking this up because he knows it is popular. Talking about Obamacare hasn’t worked for him. For whatever reason people are stupid and think a high minimum wage is a good thing. That has been something of a constant–I believe min wage has always polled well.

      • If you’re using this poll to finalize you’re lack of faith in the America voter, well, I believe you’re a bit late to that revalation.

        • Lol … dude, 2012 took care of that forever.

          • One commenter on PJMedia was complaining that Republicans treated voters like children.
            Well, Dem’s treated them like children since the 1930s and were wildly successful, especially in 2006 to the present.
            Perhaps the only more appropriate approach would be to treat them as though retarded.

    • Oh, I DO get the “stupid” here, McQ.
      OTOH, this isn’t the ONLY poll that will be in play.  Individual members of Congress may tout this poll, but they will have others from their own districts/states which they will ALSO read, and may say things that do not comport with this one.

  • Besides…Progressive Democrat mission nearly accomplished anyway…
    40% of babies born to unmarried mothers.

  • Will jobs be cut?
    Well, some will. The others will be filled by those who are 50% more qualified than current folks holding those jobs.
    I DO notice that many retail jobs are now being filled by middle-aged people, more so than “yutes”.

  • In related news the youth misery index is way way up. And it makes me extremely happy.
    But the polls are wastes. The GOP should just go along and hike the stupid thing. Hike it higher than the Dems even want. I know who’s going to be hurt, and I can’t wait for the crying when it happens.
    Obama has been like crack for my schadenfreude

  • We’re faced with the lowest job participation numbers in a long, long time, our economy is just starting to recover,

    They don’t publish that sort of information of Comedy Central, MTV, ESPN, etc.

    • Some anti-idiocracy commentary sometimes slips through on Comedy Central via Southpark…

  • Now, let’s talk about that alleged economic upturn again shall we?
    Below expectations, kinda like the car sales, and I note we’re not really talking much about the retail sales over the holidays.
    So now, we get excited and optimistic if the experts predict improvements (all numbers subject to adjustment downward, quietly, in the future, on page 40 in the lower left corner).
    They keep telling me the chocolate ration is being increased from 15 ozs per week to 13 ozs per week, and I’m optimistic, finally things are looking up!

    • Hey, Pres. ScamWOW is creating jobs with “Promise Zones”.  Kinda like a “5 year plan”, see?
      And those always work.  Always…according to the telescreens.

      • Yea, and I see the Democratic plan to turn Texas blue again will result in one of the ‘promise zones’ landing in Houston.

  • In order to reduce cigarette smoking, the prog nannies hike up taxes to increase the price. So increasing the price decreases the demand. The value to the consumer (nicotine, cool factor, whatever) is no longer worth the cost. I get that. Now the prog nannies want to increase the price of labor. This implies that they want to decrease the demand for it. The value to the employer (extra revenue and profit earned) is no longer worth the increased cost. A simple chart might penetrate the empty area in many voters’ head.

    • No, no, no!
      See, you are using RIGHT WING economics.  Why “independent economists” (who, apparently, have to remain nameless) ALLLLLLllllll say that raising the cost of labor has NO effect on demand.
      AND subsidizing unemployment will defy the economic law that when you subsidize something, you will get a surplus of it.
      Because, moonpony.

  • Bwaaahahahahaha, and NOW, the Obama administration objects to having to report to Congress on the progress of Obamacare fixes and enrollments, because….get this….tooo funnyyyyyy…..bwaaaaahahahahahahahah…..
    it’s an unprecedented administrative burden for them to have to report their progress!
    BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..unprecedented…..administrative…..BURDEN…….aaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.   And it’s not ‘funded’    aaaahahahahahahahahahah.