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Style Evolves

I dunno, I just thought I’d dial it back a notch on the text size. Swap over to a san-serif text font. Go with a more responsive web design for tablets and whatnot. Generally just monkey around with it a bit. Still keep it really simple and text-based, though.

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5 Responses to Style Evolves

  • Yes, style change, so you say…  But do you promise you’re only capturing and storing the punctuation in my posts, and not the actual text, yes?
    Would I be imagining it if I said it seems to work a little faster on this cranky older PC?
    The Kindle will be my next test, we’ll see if how it does on the older smaller, younger larger kindles too.
    So fars so goods though on this machine (except for the text storing and the programs you’re probably running to see if there’s a connection between words used in various sentences and paragraphs to keep Merika safe for illegal immigrants and crony capitalists).

  • Young larger Kindle sees it faster than the last version.  Smoother too

  • Put the date back on the articles.