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Manufacturing a problem for government to solve

It is something government is quite good at doing, even though the solution usually ends up being worse than the problem.

And then there are “problems” that aren’t really problems, but government sees an opportunity to step in and “solve” it via, well, more government and less freedom, of course.

For instance:

Two out of three Americans are dissatisfied with the way income and wealth are currently distributed in the U.S. This includes three-fourths of Democrats and 54% of Republicans.

On it’s face, you might not think much about this, since very few people are satisfied with their condition, regardless of how good it really is.  Everyone thinks they should be doing better.  And, for the most part, many like to blame others for their inability to realize whatever goals and dreams they’ve set out for themselves.  It’s certainly not their fault they aren’t the CEO of a Fortune 100 company … it has to be the “elite” or the “rich” or the “old boy network” that’s kept them from their dream.  And they certainly think they should be making more than they do.  They’re worth it, just ask them.

They’re also fertile ground for the biggest con artist in the world to use their dissatisfaction to promise them their dream at the expense of others.  Instead of saying, “Don’t like your situation?  Work harder and smarter then”, this bunch of grifters promise to use their power to help the dissatisfied get “their due”.  And so:

President Barack Obama spoke about income disparities in a Dec. 4, 2013, speech, saying he wanted to prioritize lowering income disparity and increasing opportunities, particularly for the poor, during the rest of his second term. He most likely will return to that topic in his State of the Union speech at the end of the month. Gallup’s Jan. 5-8 Mood of the Nation survey included a question asking Americans how satisfied they are with income and wealth distribution in the U.S. Few, 7%, report that they are “very satisfied” with the distribution, while 39% of Americans say they are “very dissatisfied.”

Who says a failing economy can’t be used to increase political and governmental power?  Just hide and watch.  Of course, it is no coincidence that the “dissatisfaction” with the “distribution” of “income and wealth” took a nose dive with the economy, is it?

But you know the old Rahm Emanuel saying – “never let a crisis go to waste”, even if it is a manufactured crisis.  If it is an opportunity to expand government (especially if that expansion accrues more power to government and less to the people) then it’s all good.

They’ll have to move fast though:

Obama will almost certainly touch on inequality in his State of the Union address on Jan. 28. This will certainly resonate in a general sense with the majority of Americans who are dissatisfied with income and wealth distribution in the U.S. today. Members of the president’s party agree most strongly with the president that this is an issue, but majorities of Republicans and independents are at least somewhat dissatisfied as well.

Although Americans are more likely to be satisfied with the opportunity for people to get ahead through hard work, their satisfaction is well below where it was before the economic downturn. Accordingly, improvement in the U.S. economy could bring Americans’ views back to pre-recession levels.

Heaven forbid the economy get better before more useless programs can be “funded” and more plans executed to relieve the “rich” and “wealthy” of their money for the usual vote buying schemes.

But with this crew in charge, an economic turnaround isn’t very likely anytime soon … so I’m sure they feel pretty darn safe at the moment and believe that they have plenty of time.


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25 Responses to Manufacturing a problem for government to solve

  • And income distribution is government’s responsibility because?
    They’ve certainly made income RE-Distribution their responsibility (and that’s worked sooooooooo well).    But what the hell, let’s have another round of “Punish the rich folks!” just like we did in 2012.  It’s what that lying little crap weasel does best…divide us into easily manipulated self interest groups.
    We can do this because the really rich folks KNOW they’re protected (hell, that would be ALL of the Legislative Branch anyway…), and the poor folks and low info ( low brain) voters of will happily vote to have their pockets picked via legislation that sounds good but turns out to be lies, just like they did for Obamacare…until it’s too late to stop the fleecing.
    But THAT’S okay too, because once that’s done, it’ll give them a reason to vote for more progtard fixit policies that will further advance government and fleece them even more, and their children, and their children’s children.
    We’re not nearly as bad off as the Russians under the Soviets yet, and look how long they kept that shell game running.  Remember THAT only collapsed because they were seriously trying to keep up with us Joneses over in America with our fake Star-Wars weapons.   If the Chinese play their cards right, they can keep us deluding ourselves until we collapse from within just like the Soviets did.  Who needs to fight a war?

    • Who needs to fight a war?

      >>> Those who are sick of the free sh*t coalition bleeding them dry….. but that probably wasn’t what you meant

      • No, I was thinking more of the great patriotic war to free the oppressed masses from the yoke of Capitalism, or something or other.

  • “And income distribution is government’s responsibility because?”
    Because mommydaddy, there’s something over there I don’t liiiiiiike!!!! Make it all better! Right nowwwwww, or I’ll throw a tantrum!!!

  • Income inequality is like the poor.
    Jesus said the poor will always be with us.
    But you can be sure that come 3 years from now, when Mr. Obama isn’t POTUS anymore, the Obamas won’t be poor.

  • Two out of three Americans are dissatisfied with the way income and wealth are currently distributed in the U.S. This includes three-fourths of Democrats and 54% of Republicans.
    >>> In a related story, 3/4 of Democrats can eff themselves. With a cactus.
    I’m kind of dissatisfied with the way big-busted blonde wives are currently distributed in the US, who’s gonna help me out?

    • Man you got way ahead of me, I was only going to complain about the disparity between me and people in nicer houses with faster cars or those who take really nice vacations like… in Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard.
      But hell, nicer house, faster car, hotter wife….variation on older whiskey, younger women, faster horses.   I’m in.

    • How dare you! You told a politically incorrect joke about blondes with big busts!
      At least, that’s what some humor-impaired leftist programmers who go to the Church of Holy Agile said about a joke I did a couple of months ago in a conference keynote. I was responding to someone at Microsoft who said “I prefer to have two human testers for every developer” and my response was “I prefer to have two blonde supermodels in my bed every night, but reality doesn’t allow it.”
      You can see a typical response in the YouTube comments about what a pig I am, and there were several additional pathetic beta-males who chimed in Twitter. I did enough checking on their profiles to discover that every single one was a committed leftist as well as having a quasi-religious faith in the latest software development fads.
      Next, they’ll be claiming that I should share the evaluations I got, since it’s not fair that mine are higher than theirs.
      Damn, how I hate leftists more every day.

      • Agile!  I bow!  I bow!!!!!
        Yes yes, let the users hard test our shit, I mean our golden code!
        I mean, who cares if your business if farked for the day today!   If it doesn’t work, well, that’s okay man, there’s always tomorrow.
        Chances are if you users used it the way the programmers meant for it to be used it’d be just fine….screw what you thought your business model is.
        Next step, Agile aircraft design!

        • I’ll have you know these people are software artisans producing handcrafted code. Or at least, that’s the glurge that was on one of their Twitter profiles.


          They apparently have some kind of envy for people who make pottery or furniture, but I guess they’re too prissy to get clay or sawdust on their hands. Or perhaps they’re afraid they would cut their hand off on the first day.

          • As an “old guy” I always enjoy enduring the derisive sneers of people who spend months of time and millions of dollars creating godly code for systems that ultimately don’t work.
            I take every possible opportunity to remind them that their fancy quantum hyper 4th dimension development environments and tools are no substitute for knowing what you’re doing and that you can have all the objects and methods in the universe but if they ain’t properly ‘oriented’ to what the customer wants they might as well be written on paper.
            Why is it I am deadly certain that a host of programming “gods” using the latest hardware, methodologies, tools, and fads were involved in the genius that is Obamacare.
            And that must have been awesome, gods programming it, and government fools telling them what to program.

      • “I prefer to have two blonde supermodels in my bed every night, but reality doesn’t allow it.”

        Does this “reality” have a name? 🙂

        • Yes, and she was at that keynote, actually. First time she had seen me speak in about twenty years, now that the kids are in college and she can travel more freely.
          However, since she’s about the most politically incorrect person you would ever be likely to meet, she thought the “blonde supermodels” joke was hilarious.
          True story – she likes to talk about coloring my gray hair. Preparing for a vacation one day, she said, “I think while we’re there, I’ll like to put a little blonde on you. What do you think?” I instantly replied “Depends on how good looking she is.” Which got me a hard punch in the arm.

      • Billy-
        On a side note – agile sux.  My boss is totally enamored with it though.

        • Unless you teach it and write books about it of course.

          • One of my comedy bits that I do for developers skewers that very fact. It’s called “How to become a software guru in 9 easy steps”.

          • It was like being told back in the 90’s (by Creig Larman no less) that if we’d just learn UML (nearly) all our problems would be solved and the code would practically write itself.
            The old timers kept looking at what we felt was an implied box labeled ‘miracle occurs here’ and wanting to know when the scut work was actually done….silly I suppose.
            Looking back I think we lacked the appropriate sense of awe.   Agile hit me the same way.

  • I read somewhere that we’re behind Rwanda on a scale of ease of starting a new business.
    Could be that has a good bit to do with…well…lotsa thangs…
    AND “income” is much less a good measure of the quality of life of individuals or their families than is “standard of living”.  Which, along with income equality, has been going in the toilet under Pres. ScamWOW.  This is predictable from Cloward-Piven economics.  Remember, the Collective HATES a middle class.

    • and we’re behind Zimbabwe when it comes to just printing more money.
      I’ll bet we’re catching up fast though.

      • Silly rabbit.  We don’t print money anymore.  We hit a few keys, and WALLA…thar tis…
        Quantum easing with funny money!  Why didn’t someone think of this before now…!?!?

        • More than likely because Jack wasn’t carrying his I-Phone around with him to register that we’d deposited 10 magic bit-coins in his account in exchange for his REAL cow.
          Then his mother would have had to throw the whole i-phone out the window before the magic electronic pathway grew up to giantland….and
          It would never work now, the NSA nexus would have had the thing growing sideways and DHS would have wanted TSA to man the top and bottom of the path with metal detecting shampoo sniffing dogs to make sure no giant terrorists, or blue haired grannies from Iowa, got on the pathway and upset the American way of life they were busy turning into the old Soviet state in order to protect it’s freedoms.
          We had to destroy the Constitution in order to save it…..

  • The ‘satisfied’/’dissatisfied’ measurement might be interesting if anyone actually knew what it meant.  But since the question is vague and open to broad interpretation, who the hell knows?  It can and will be used by all sorts of people to make cases for actions that are considerably different.  America – land of oversimplification.  The cancer that is marketing and mass communication is killing off brain cells faster than alcohol ever could.