Free Markets, Free People

2014 SOTU Liveblog

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17 Responses to 2014 SOTU Liveblog

  • I think one could convincingly “live blog” the SOTU by:
    1. Getting the early written version (published by several news outlets)
    2. Picking out sentences completely at random every minute or two, quoting them, and following that with a random selection from the following list:
    – “That’s unconstitutional”
    – “Pretty much what he said last year”
    – “No one cares”
    – “Lamest statement of the year”
    – “Something only a lame duck would say”
    – “We’ve got three more years of this screwup?”
    – “Harry Reid looks like he’s sucking a lemon”
    – “Why did they applaud that?”
    – “I can’t stand this anymore”

  • Who the hell watches YouPorn anymore?  It’s XVideos now…

  • MSN had a headline “Obama to Congress: ‘Give America a raise'”

    Did he actually say that?

    • Yes. Yes he actually said those exact words.
      I’m not sure I’m content to Let It Burn anymore. Now I mostly spend my time looking for a burning torch and some sort of accelerant.

  • Tonight, this chamber speaks with one voice to the people we represent: it is you, our citizens, who make the state of our union strong.
    … this is as close as Obama got to stating in clear terms the “state of the union” … why not just say the “government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem” ?

    • It is the citizens who make the union strong……or weak.  I don’t think our union has ever been weaker, and I’m glad I don’t have to hear fake BS about how strong or united we are.
      Because we are not.
      And that’s fine really.

      • Notice how he tried to turn it around.  It’s our citizens fault when the state of the union sucks.
        “They that sow Affirmative Action, shall reap the incompetent victims”

        • Except he’s kinda right.  Look at the free sh*t coalition – it kind of is their fault.

  • “I’m king.  Congress can go to hell.”

  • All I heard were tears of impotent rage from the POTUS, and they were delicious…

  • I have not watched a SOTU since the magic of the interwebs has allowed me to read the transcript the next morning. This is the first year in many, many years I have not watched it nor read the transcript. And I will not waste my time reading it. Put me in the let it burn camp.

  • Great post! By far the best live-blog I’ve seen yet on the SOTU.

  • Didn’t watch it (haven’t owned a TV since 2007), didn’t read a transcript, didn’t pay one minutes attention outside of snarky comments.
    I’ve seen death, and blood, and guts, but Der Obamafuhrer turns my stomach.