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Thoughts on a snowy Wednesday

I sure am glad I’m not into drunk blogging, because given the Wizard of Oz show last night, aka SOTU, I’d still be plastered.

BTW, Cory Remsburg stole the show.

On the 2014 election front, the president may be facing some real problems in his “year of action” (which I’ve come to believe mostly refers to how often he’ll wield his pen signing executive orders – something he blasted as a Senator.  I’m sure it’s Bush’s fault):

[T]he 2014 Senate playing field is potentially brutal for Democrats. Democrats are defending seats in five states — Arkansas, Alaska, Montana, South Dakota, and West Virginia — where Obama’s approval rating was at or below 35 percent in 2013, according to Gallup. In four other states where Democrats hold a Senate seat that’s up in 2014, Obama’s approval rating was well below his national average of 46 percent: Louisiana (40 percent), Colorado and Iowa (42 percent), and North Carolina (43 percent). In Oregon, New Hampshire, and New Mexico the president had a 45 percent job-approval rating, just below his national average. That’s a whopping total of 11 Democratic seats that could potentially be in play this November.

Republicans also have seats they must defend, but far fewer of them. In Georgia, where the GOP must defend an open seat, Obama’s approval rating of 45 percent is below his national average. In Kentucky, where Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell is running for reelection, only 35 percent of voters have a favorable view of the president.

This is intersting on a couple of fronts.  One, if the GOP holds on to the House (and there’s no real reason to believe that won’t happen) and take the Senate, executive orders are about all this president is going to have at his command.  Second, since Harry Reid went nuke, it will be interesting to see how he enjoys being on the other side of it.  Oh rest assured he’ll be like a goose who wakes up in a new world everyday, because you can count on him to blast such an abuse of power and the traditions of the Senate.

I find some solace in all of that even though I’m not a fan of the establishment Republicans.  And I darn sure don’t think they’ll do what I think is necessary to dismantle this monstrosity called ObamaCare or, for that matter, solve any other problems by just getting out of the way.  They’re “lawmakers” and that is their product  – well that and taking your money for hare-brained scemes like jobs programs, etc.  Nope, I fully expect the GOP, should they control Congress to cave to the pressure of special interests – like Democrats and media calling them names and talking about how mean spirited they are – and basically pass a Democrat lite agenda.  Watch immigration for the cue.

Where I find the solace is in defanging Obama for the last few years of his presidency.  He’ll wield his executive order pen and thunder (or perhaps by then, squeak) about Republicans blocking his agenda (something they should gladly admit too, but they won’t – they’ll cower), and blah, blah, blah, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

Nope, the good news is if the GOP can take Congress, the Obama nightmare, er, presidency, will be effectively over.

That, I will drink too.


21 Responses to Thoughts on a snowy Wednesday

    There’s some statutory law.
    In addition to the stupid vacuity of the Pres. ScamWOW gesture regarding Federal contractors (it won’t have much effect, in the real world), it is against the law.
    I’m getting the feeling that a backbone is a-growin’ in some of the “leadership” in the respective houses of Congress.  If not, they are not long for their positions.

    • Unless Obama turns white, I would expect reports of a backbone are greatly exaggerated.

  • BTW, Cory Remsburg stole the show.

    >>>> Uh oh! Can’t upstage Obama. Expect Remsburg to be audited soon….

    • Here in Phoenix, Cory is being feted by one of the car dealers in town (Sanderson Ford) where he’s a celebrity of sorts.
      Sanderson has been in town since the 1930s and they’ve had a family member in every war and police action since the Spanish-American War. Every Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day, and Sept 11th remembrance they sponsor a Rally that runs from their parking lot up to the National cemetary north of town.
      Here was their departure the year before last (don’t go to sleep counting Harley’s, even with the racket)

  • Second, since Harry Reid went nuke, it will be interesting to see how he enjoys being on the other side of it.

    >>> Whatever makes you think the Senate GOP will actually do the same thing?  You think McCain and the other nitwit RINOS would allow it?

  • We’ll see.  Though that’s exactly what the Democrats accomplished against Bush in 2006.  If your best case scenario comes true, that will create a certain amount of symmetry.

    • That 2006 election lead to an explosion in spending beginning with the FY2009 budget, when Bush was headed for the door.

    • Symmetry be damned we need good government. I don’t want autocratic conservatives any more than I want the current imperium.

      • I think Erp was referring to the way the Collective had demonized BOOOOOOOOooooosh by 2006, not any actual Bush tendencies to act the role of emperor, which were entirely illusory in the minds of the moonbattery.
        Compare and contrast.

        • you’re right, but I don’t want revenge, I want them to fix it.
          Revenge will come as a result of watching their plans collapse as various forms of Unconstitutional.

        • illusory in the minds of the moonbattery.


    • Tell us, since we know you’re here, Erp…
      Do you believe anything this poor, sick, lying bastard says any longer?  YOUR President YOU voted for?

  • Unfortunately, it looks like the Establishment Republicans are getting ready to pass Amnesty.  If that happens, they will NOT win anything.  This is their game to lose.  Let’s see how they play it.

  • A plan wihout action isn’t a plan, it’s a speech.

    • So…pretty much Obama’s presidency, hell, his life….except for the EO’s of course.

  • RE: South Dakota.  I’ll be surprised if the seat is won by the GOP.  South Dakota has a way of electing one of each.  This is that state that gave us Dsachle.

    • Tim Johnson won by about 400 votes and the Indian reservation in central SD had more votes cast for Johnson than they had people over 18.