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I wonder if the GOP will figure this out

I am talking about the establishment GOP – those that think compromise on principle is a good thing if it keeps it all collegial in Congress and the left doesn’t call them bad names.

As the deadline for 2014 enrollment nears, Obamacare is increasingly growing unpopular, especially among the uninsured. A new Kaiser Family Foundation survey finds that about twice as many uninsured people have an unfavorable view of the health-care law than have a favorable one.

Among the uninsured, 47 percent view Obamacare in a negative light versus the 24 percent who view it favorably. That’s a change from 43 percent who viewed it unfavorably last month, and 36 percent who viewed it favorably. Overall, half of Americans view Obamacare unfavorably, while just over one-third have a positive take on the law. ​

More of the uninsured also said Obamacare made them worse off (39 percent) than improved their situation (26 percent), according to the poll.

Got that?  The majority of people find ObamaCare to be a travesty and a plurality of those who are uninsured want nothing to do with it.

Looking for an issue GOP (clue: it’s not caving passing immigration “reform”)?

This mess the Democrats have made is the single issue on whichyou can win.  That’s right, single issue.  This is a subject very near, dear and important to every Americans.  And the Democrats have screwed it up royally. You have no need, in the interim, cave on anything.  There is nothing which requires you to pass legislation that will piss off your base.  None.

Think about it.



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  • If they don’t or if they pass Amnesty we should be wondering WHY.
    I was never much one for the whole Illuminati thing, but if they pass Amnesty NOW, I’m going to have to conclude it’s something like the Illuminati, because no one, NO ONE, can be this stupid and clueless all on their own.

    • I don’t know, looker. Consider this: the Tea Party put Boehner in the speaker’s chair. That was one of the three big GOP triumphs of my life. Reagan’s landslide, the 1994 reversal and the 2010 Tea Party takeover of the House all worked because the GOP became associated in the voters’ minds with getting serious about reining in government.
      Yet Boehner slaps them down every chance he gets. Stupid. If they succeed in another wave, he could well be out as speaker. Yet he still can’t bring himself to take their side over the DC political class.
      I’ve never been a conspiracy theorist, and I believe in Heinlein’s “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.” But I look at Boehner’s inexplicable distaste for the people who put him in power and how he’s risking his own position, and think “Could he really be that stupid? Is he getting pressures we don’t know about?” I see the convoluted logic of Roberts’ Obamacare decision and think “There has to be more to this.”

      Either a lot of them are sand-poundingly stupid, or they are gullible and soft-headed enough to believe the tripe fed to them by DC insiders and media, or they have made commitments we will never find out about concerning their future, and they have to be loyal to the DC political class to get their long term payoff. Or some combination thereof.

      • ” they have made commitments we will never find out about concerning their future,”
        That’s what I’m fast concluding.  This can’t be about ‘being liked’ by the media.   We can see the way that plays, they can see it.  They’re supposed to be closer to the main trunk and all that then most of us are, and we can see it.
        So, to me, it HAS to be controls, payoff, whatever.   I don’t know if the NSA has gathered sufficient dirt, or if someone is promising them wealth/power for votes, but I can’t believe they are THIS stupid any more.
        What they should do is blindingly obvious, even discussing amnesty is disheartening to their constituency and weakening their position.
        They better be planning on getting their rewards in another country though, it won’t be pretty here for them if things go south.

      • The donor base is constantly whispering in their ears. Lunch, Dinner, Drinks.
        Also being against immigration has racisty tones. (Not really, but they might think so.)
        The only “rational” explanation is they feel they can get away with it this year because of Obamacare and they want to “clear the decks” and be done with it. I think that is a real possibility. Stop hearing from the donor class, hope they can rid of it, hope they can run in 2016 without being called racist.
        Now, if they were really tricky they could be floating these as PR balloons knowing they will not go anywhere. But they are not that smart.

        • BTW, this also implies the donor class are really stupid, too.
          What do they think is going to happen to their now legal immigrants wages? They will go up. They will vote in higher taxes, etc.
          Are the donors more scared about hiring illegals and getting caught? I really don’t see how legalizing illegals helps them. I can see how H1B1 visas do though.
          Or is the GOP really just views the entire issue as a looming mountain and wants to take the hit?
          They seem so dumb compared to the conservatives in Canada – who court immigrants!
          I will soon be going to a naturalization ceremony (hopefully) and I will be interested in seeing if the GOP is there…I understand the Dems always have a booth.  If the GOP is not there, then they would be wise to get their infrastructure in place before passing amnesty.

          • And welcome aboard, sorry we seem to be working so fiercely to screw up what was once a place worth coming to.

          • Good news about your wife!
            I STRONGLY support immigration reform…to de-kludge the system to make LEGAL immigration MUCH more rational a process.
            Any time you can attend a naturalization ceremony, that is a rare treat, and something that will result in “cinders in your eyes”.

        • Yes, as soon as someone can outline the various Mexican, Honduran, Guatemalan, Salvadoran, etc “races” to me and how I can always identify them, they can continue by describing the racial characteristics of “Americans”.   I’ll want to follow up with what race the English are.   I’m fairly sure I’m going to hear that Englishmen born as what we’d call Jamaican-English or Indian-English aren’t going to be considered in their racist replies.

          • My wife is the one going for citizenship. Its quite depressing to help her with the test and realize how the ideals are corrupted now.

          • Heh…
            I was a census taker.  Because I spoke a little spanish, I ended up doing certain neighborhoods.  When it came to tabulating the local immigrants, both legal and illegal, they were terribly confused by the questions on “race.”
            For them, especially the Mexicans, it was about their ancestors.  I had “white” people claiming to be “indios” and “brown” people claiming to be pure Spanish.
            Our emphasis on race is idiotic and unhealthy.

          • Hispanic is not a race, any more than American is.
            Apparently the progressive racists think only ‘brown people’ are Hispanic, and only brown people sneak into the country, and my wanting to stop people from sneaking in will of course wave ‘da white folks on through’ when we find them breaching the border.
            Because ya know, I’m just dying to have another hundred thousand Tzarnaev’s in the country.

        • Against immigration? Hell, I think we should step up immigration right after we shut down the illegal immigration that we currently have. But it should be based on the interests of the US.

  • Or the NSA really has something on these guys.

    Personally I’m praying it’s that they have something on them, but I believe it’s because they are blindingly so stupid.  It would take a major miracle to advance them to the clueless level.

  • I have always been a conservative above being a republican but for the first time in my life, I am actually thinking about going to the DMV and leaving the republican party. This immigration crud will break the camels back.

  • I believe another winning issue is the way Harry Reid runs the senate! I don’t think 20% of voters even know who he is! The GOP lets themselves get labeled as obstructionist while Reid gets by with running the Senate like a dictator. Boehner should have been screaming for Reid to give an up or down vote on repealing Obama-care. It is way past time for the GOP to start fighting back at to do the branding instead of being branded! The traditional GOP Congressmen are a bunch of spineless wimps! I just hope more TEA-party types get elected and start fighting for the people they are supposed to represent! Every GOP Senate candidate should run on the GOP taking back the senate so as to remove Dictator Reid from power!

    • The media has a lot to do with it.

      • I believe the main problem is truly the media. This is why I am not optimistic for any meaningful change.
        I suspect the GOP is aware of this which is why they play so half-heartedly.
        Obama can sit up there at SOTU and claim the GOP had no alternative plan. Except they just came out with a plan.*
        But you never mind that. They have no ideas!
        *the plan actually looked fairly decent – including one-off pre-existing conditions window.

  • Lesse how the math woiks out here…
    We have umpty-million unemployed/underemployed American citizens, with an entire generation screwed to the wall…
    and we are talking IMPORTING (OK “legalizing” the imports here) ANOTHER several million “workers” (we devoutly hope).
    And the logic here is…

    • The Democrat logic is that we will be importing Democrats, and at the same time will trap poor Americans (particularly blacks) in the world of EBT, where they will remain Democrats for ever. It is perfect, if your goal is expanding Democrat power.

      • The Democrat logic is that we will be importing Democrats,

        >>> Any why not? That was what the Labour Party did in Britain.

  • One thing to consider is that they may feel that now is the time to pass this, since they are safe because the threat the Dems face from Obamacare. That is, they really are dedicated to importing illegals. It might be because they buy the idea they can pander to them, win them over.

  • Real Unemployment is as bad as its been in decade.  So the timing is perfect for pumping millions more into the job pool.  Democrats are going to be more than willing to let Republicans take credit for this one.  It won’t influence Hispanic voters one bit and will alienate the Republicans from the rest of America.  Allowing illegal immigrants to become easily legal and raping the near dead body of the ‘job market’ doesn’t leave many people out in terms of contempt.

  • The explanations I see for this is a financial incentive behind the scenes at work.  Because why do people do strange and contradictory things.  Sex or Money. And Sex only affects the young that way, so that leaves Money.
    One hidden financial motive is that there are a ton of small business contributors who rabidly believe the couldn’t exist without black market labor.  But the truth of that is they only ‘need’ it because the other guy is doing it.  Ay bnd the other truth is that when that guecomes legal, he’ll no longer be the cheap servile employee he currently is.
    The second explanation is a secret agenda to flood the labor market with bodies, a backroom war on wages.
    The first explanation is not something anyone who gave half a thought would believe that turning black market labor into white market labor is going to secure the black market labor situation.  After legalization these employers will find them no different than the current ‘lazy overpriced’ legal worker pool.  So this is no smarter than believing you will sway people from a socialist country to vote conservative by giving them citizenship.  So the second explanation, as conspiracy-ish as it seems, feels like the more likely.

  • I believe the conversation goes something like this:
    Two GOP “leaders
    A) “Did you notice?  We might actually win a majority!”
    B) “What?  You mean….we’re going to be in charge?”
    A) “Yep.
    B)  “Quick! Get that amnesty plan activated!  Why in the hell would we want to be in charge and be held accountable when we can have all the perks and just complain about the Democrats!”

  • What are the odds that most desirable of working illegals, will continue to work in the shadows, they and business now having whatever amount of heat turned off of them (“Surely, she must be a citizen now, after amnesty and all… I mean, we must assume that now, right?”)?  The number may even grow, if a business is interested in expanding its labor force or paying lower wages for current positions.  What is the true incentive for the illegal workers to NOT keep the sub-minimum wage (probably raised, coincidentally) jobs to build wealth back home?  How many of the rest… become citizens and enjoy the largesse?

    • Well, for one, hispanics tend to be suspisious, and many will prefer under the table for that reason. Otherwise there are reasons to remain under the table to reduce taxes and such. I suspect a high % will remain illegal,which I understand was the case with the 80s amnesty. In any case, it sends the message that we are not serious about enforcment, and so more illegals will flood in.

    • Some will become legal to enjoy workman’s comp, wrongful dismissal lawsuits, and last but not least, unionization (opposing it will get swarm of reporters calling you racist on the 6 o’clock news).
      Those that can’t transform their workplace into a near socialist paradise will move to other more publicly visible better paying jobs they avoid now.  Receptionists, nurses, managers of these work crews.  The void will be filled with more illegal aliens coming here.  At a minimum we’re going to aggrevate the unemployment problem immensely.  Which is why Republicans will be allowed to have credit for this and they by hang themselves in time for the next election.

  • And yet there they run out an amnesty scheme that effectively makes me consider voting for the Dems.  To draw a hack film parallel, we have to deal with Saruman (GOP) first, then deal with Sauron (Democrats) next.

    • Voting for Dems, or staying home, either way that idiot John Boehner better not be standing around crying when the results are counted and Harry Reid still runs the Senate and Emperor Barack the 1st continues to issue EO’s.

    • The real situation is blown at primary time.  That’s the timing for crying over our choices.  The actual election is when you need to hold you nose to slow the decay until an actual cure can be found.

  • I’m asking for help. There is a way to save our country from amnesty, but we have to mobilize quickly. Amnesty likely means the end of our country. We have to decide whether we want to fight now in the next few days, while we still have a chance, or fight later when we are boot heeled against the wall and its too late. Eventually all the anger will boil over and people will resort to arms. At that point, it will only result in pointless carnage.

    The GOP sellout of conservatives and the American people on amnesty is obviously for the most selfish and petty reasons. None of the GOP politicians promoting amnesty believe illegals getting amnesty will vote for them, knowing that it will destroy the balance of our two party system.  The most likely reason they are betraying their base is that greedy business wants cheap labor and has threatened donations to the party. So why would anyone do something so suicidal and ugly to its middle class base, basically piling on during a recession? Add the rather mild threat of lower donations with the ingredient of career politicians to the chemistry, in particular a general flaw of careerists, their natural slimy, predatory ability to recognize when there will be no injury to them as the first, primary and too often only consideration in their voting and it becomes apparent why they are doing this. The only way to fight this also becomes apparent. It’s not an issue involving morality, but simply the path of least resistance. The only thing that will be effective is to make it clear that there is a penalty for these amoral, sociopathic thugs if they vote yes. Shame on them. It’s not like they have had any push back so let’s see what happens when they do.

    Here is where I challenge everyone’s patriotism. Anyone who wants a little short term safety instead of standing up to tyranny doesn’t deserve freedom. At this point it’s all or none, so there are no boundaries on the coercion involved, there is nothing to lose at this point.  In a sense we are free. And in reality we don’t have to go to war or physically protest for that matter so it’s not a matter of extreme sacrifice, but it is important to realize that we act now, not tomorrow and that we have to gear up as patriots. The RINOs are alone responsible for the extremist, absolute nature of our petition and actions. We can quickly organize and set up a powerful alliance using the internet.  There is no vehicle set up to directly penalize the RINO’s, no threat that they will fear so we have to construct one. A petition can be sent to all GOP members of the house in a matter of days. Here is the key threat and likely the only one that will put any fear into them:

    A vote for amnesty will cause you as a Republican to cross party lines and vote for their democratic opponent. (Since they appear to want us to commit suicide we want to make sure that there’s a very good chance they will join us in the suicide party they are throwing, even in solidly red districts. It doesn’t take many disgusted people crossing over to change many elections.)

    The other suggested threats that can be checked as an option in the petition: It will state if they vote for amnesty, there will be a primary challenge and you will vote against any front runner in the primary, but if they win in the primary you will do two things: Help to get a third party conservative candidate running against them and swear to vote for the democrat, regardless, in a simple act of vengeance to make sure. And that they will remain unforgiven for this treasonous act and will never get your vote in the future.

    It will also state as an option that you may not be a deep pocket donor but you will not donate money to any Republican candidate until after the 2016 elections and you are going to make every attempt to influence your vast coterie of conservative friends to  do so as well, and another option that you will you have a waning interest in politics, particularly when it comes to the GOP. That you might send money to democratic representatives facing Republicans who were prominent in promoting amnesty.

    It will state as an option that you plan in participating in setting up a third party since as they are not interested in representing me as a constituent and run candidates against the GOP. There is no way that you will win the presidency in 2016 because we will run a viable, conservative, third party candidate.

    If this is so morally good and they want the people of their country to commit suicide then they will recognize that it is worth risking their jobs also. They can commit suicide right along with us. Too bad it’s only political. Let’s not go down without a fight or do things that are pointless and ineffective. We know who and where the point of attack is.

    I’m not tech savy nor do I have a working method to influence politics, but I do know there is no mechanism right now for people to effectively block amnesty and the only people who want and can change this appear to be the “silent majority” who see themselves without leverage, who only need a definite plan of attack to get motivated, something they see as effective.

    If someone can help me put up a petition or web space, I’ll write the petition for people to sign. We could make this go viral. Also advice on how to best impact the representatives or other tacks that may be effective with politicians would be appreciated. Email me with help.

    Sincere thanks,
    Jeremiah Lloyd         jeremiah_lloyd