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The Car Review as Substitute for Podcast

Superbowl sunday has ruined the podcast, by ensuring there won’t be one. In lieu of that, I present this week’s car review, about a car that’s affordable, economical, fun to drive, packed with technology, and too enraging to ever, ever own.

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5 Responses to The Car Review as Substitute for Podcast

  • The trans. is a DCT which means you can’t go directly from 1,3, or 5 to 1, 3, or 5.   You can only go directly to 2, 4, or 6 if the engine speed is compatible for the new gear selection.  And same for leaving 2, 4, or 6.  So if you try to go to 2 from 4 you have to wait for it to go to 3 first.  Imagine someone changing their mind part way through this process.  So satisfying the physics and customer possible actions can lead to funky behaviors.
    Price tag of a transmission designed use a dry clutch system  to get rid of the torque converter which drains away fuel economy in many situations

  • Any chance you get to review the new Honda Civic coupe?  I’ve got a 2008 one and was wondering if the new ones are any nicer.

  • “Honestly, I’d rather be followed by a crowd of little people constantly tapping on my kneecaps with tiny, golden hammers than own a Ford Focus SE.”
    Dale?   Uh….. Remind me not to let you select my eternal punishment for my various sins – you’re way too creative.
    And thanks for the warning on this – What you’re telling me I should stick with liking the ST.

    • Dale reminds me of a line from a TV Movie for Babylon 5… “[I]f you do shoot me, the rest of my people will be all over you. And what they’ll do to you is worse than anything I could dream up in a thousand years. And I can dream real dark.”