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Well here’s a surprise – Obama’s Syria policy is failing

Yes, I called it a surprise facetiously.  Does Obama do anything that doesn’t fail (other than campaign)?

Meanwhile, two-faced government continues because, well you know, telling the real truth outloud just isn’t politically smart – especially with this administration’s record:

Two prominent Republican senators say that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told them — along with 13 other members of a bipartisan congressional delegation — that President Barack Obama’s administration is in need of a new, more assertive, Syria policy; that al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in Syria pose a direct terrorist threat to the U.S. homeland; that Russia is arming the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and is generally subverting chances for a peaceful settlement; that Assad is violating his promise to expeditiously part with his massive stores of chemical weapons; and that, in Kerry’s view, it may be time to consider more dramatic arming of moderate Syrian rebel factions.

Kerry is said to have made these blunt assertions Sunday morning behind the closed doors of a cramped meeting room in the Bayerischer Hof hotel in Munich, as the 50th annual Munich Security Conference was coming to a close in a ballroom two floors below. A day earlier, Kerry, in a joint appearance with U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on the ballroom stage, gave an uncompromising defense of the Obama administration’s level of foreign engagement: saying that,“I can’t think of a place in the world where we’re retreating.”

Really, Mr. Kerry?

Obama/Kerry’s Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, Syria and Russian policies have been failures.  Israel has taken to actually ridiculing US efforts.  Saudi Arabia is said to be looking for a new patron in the Middle East.

And yet, given all of that, Kerry is still the loyal waterboy making false claims when anyone with an IQ higher than warm spit can see that during the Obama administration we’ve done nothing but retreat.

Being charitable, maybe Kerry meant we’re no longer retreating because, well, we’ve retreated about as far as is possible to retreat.

Oh, and yes, I saw the Obama/O’Reilly interview.  It had the same gripping suspense and entertainment content as the Superbowl.  In the case of Denver it was safety, interception, fumble, collapse. Obama was deny, deny, deny, blame, deny reality some more and then cast even more blame.



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22 Responses to Well here’s a surprise – Obama’s Syria policy is failing

  • But….I’m confused.   Syria was a tremendous foreign policy victory for the (let me make it clear by saying it) Obama administration.   The Russians were our friends, whom we cleverly maneuvered into doing our bidding in getting rid of Assad, or something.
    And Iran, we have that nucular thingie under control.
    Are we ready to bring Lurch home yet, retire him and give him a chance to become a ketchup baron?

  • My only kick, McQ, is that you left out Ol’ Walleyes as a player in all this FAIL.
    Otherwise, unfortunately, you were dead-on.  The world is a much more dangerous place, thanks to Baracula.
    As predicted.

  • If there are al-Qaeda linked terrorist groups being fought by Assad the LET HIM FIGHT THEM!  Better yet, do it on the Russian’s dime.
    Our enemies are fighting each other.  My only comment to Kerry on this subject is, “Let them you fool!”

    • Here’s the problem: According to recently declassified testimony of Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, before the House Armed Services Committee in October, the U.S. military regards itself as legally barred from going after the perpetrators of the Benghazi attacks (and, presumably, others who attack Americans) unless they are affiliated with al-Qaeda. The Obama administration’s parsing of words to deny al-Qaeda’s direct involvement effectively precludes a military response in these situations.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Dear Leader the product of the Saudi Royalty? His Harvard education was paid for by them, and there is really no way to explain where he got all his campaign cash. For example: when Barry was running for Dear Leader, he laid out $1.25 million in legal fees to hide his collage records. He didn’t have that kind of money, his net worth wasn’t that much, and there is no record of him borrowing it…. where did it come from if he couldn’t account for it? He hates Israel and loves Islam you remember? the sweetest sound he’s ever heard is the islamic call to prayer?
    This story doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • Maybe if the LA Times would ever release the Obama/Khalidi tape we’d have more of an answer….

  • Just came in from shoveling 8 inches of Climate Change.
    There’s more out there waiting for me.

  • Erp will set you all strait. He’s an expert in all things Obama, Kerry (the guy who was smeared by those Swift Boat vets Rove had the forsight to recruit in the ’70s), Russian and Middle Eastern.

    • I await with bated breath…
      I need a good larf.

    • Dem Swiftboat guys has moved on to smearing poor Wendy Davis – not clear what they’re smearin her with, but I hear they’re doing it specifically to denigrate poor teenage unwed mothers or something, and Wendy is fighting back for all of em who can’t fight for themselves.

      • I am not going to touch that…
        no, siree.  Wouldn’t be prudent…

      • Ah yes. She is known for fighting for those who can fight for themselves. Or did I get that backwards?

        • I have to admit to a moment there…
          “Smearing her’.
          Mayonnaise.  (I repudiate myself!)

          • Chocolate?
            No no, we’re being sexist, or something.   After all, you can’t smear Harry Reid with chocolate – well, you CAN, but….seriously.
            Now I vaguely recall there were a great many progressive women, um, getting hot and bothered, over the idea of smearing Barry with chocolate back in 2009.  But no one claimed THAT was sexist.
            I smell chocolate double standards in the wind.

    • Well all I know is his reckless behavior in studying the quantumness of the Universe is putting us ALL at risk –
      Studying the Universe can change it’s quantum state and lead to our destruction!!!!!!!
      By the way, if anyone needs proof that this is a danger, consider the idea that we can destroy the universe by looking at it…’d think, after billions (and billions….and billions) of years…..
      Then again, maybe this is proof that we ARE alone in the universe.
      One last ponder…
      let’s say we let a dog loose in the room with the box that contains Schrodinger’s poor cat….if the dog goes and sniffs that interesting kitty over there in the box, and determines by smell it is or isn’t dead….does that alter the state?
      Does the observer have to be sentient or at least capable of ‘thought’ in order to affect the state?
      (holy crap, I got serious there at the end….)

  • With a sycophant media and some luck, a kick the can policy works great which has normally been BO course, except when elevating element of Al Queda.  At what point do we acknowledge Barry’s Anti-West pro-Islamist inclinations without being sneared at?