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ObamaCare – the political gift that keeps on giving

As this Obamanation known as ObamaCare contiunes to unroll and unravell, we find more and more incompetence evident.  At this point, you mostly are so in awe (in a negative way) of how badly this was done, that all you’re left to do is shake your head in wonder.  The latest:

Amy Goldstein of  The Post reveals that the appeals process guaranteed in the Obamacare law does not actually exist. The story outlines an almost comical process that requires citizens who seek a fair hearing to have an innocent, mistake corrected to fill out a seven-page paper form that is then inexplicably shipped to Kentucky, where it is entered into a government database that isn’t actually connected to anything. It’s a digital dead end for those who dare to complain. Typical. As a result, 22,000 Americans who have submitted an appeals request remain without proper coverage and they have no recourse. And, according to The Post, in the latest show of non-transparency from this administration, officials have “not made public the fact that the appeals system for the online marketplace is not working.” There is “no indication that infrastructure . . .  necessary for conducting informal reviews and fair hearings had even been created, let alone become operational,” and administration officials are refusing to give any information as to when the appeals process might start moving. This is an administration that wants to hide things rather than fix things.

So, the appeals process is analogus to filling out a long paper form and then just throwing it into a dumpster for all the good it does the person filling out the form.  But has the administration made it clear that the process is – well not broken, how about nonexistent?  Nope.  People are still required to fill our their appeals forms, submit them and wait.  Except there is no mechanism in the current system for anyone to see, much less review, the submission.  The appeal is entered into a data base and that’s the end of the process.  Those waiting are left without recourse.

One more time for the morons in the establishment GOP – here’s your issue.

Or, if you continue to pursue immigration – here’s your sign.


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15 Responses to ObamaCare – the political gift that keeps on giving

  • The White House on Tuesday refuted arguments that Obamacare reforms will hurt jobs, and said a new report from the Congressional Budget Office finds the reforms will spur hiring during the 2014-2016 period.

    “Claims that the Affordable Care Act hurts jobs are simply belied by the facts in the CBO report,” the White House said in a statement about the report, contradicting assessments that said the CBO showed reforms will result in a cut to hours.

  • ObamaDoggle = job killing machine.
    It was true.
    It IS true.
    It WILL be true.
    Again, as predicted.
    What good thing has ObamaDoggle delivered that was promised?
    What bad thing we predicted has not been realized?

  • Only three things left…
    1.  When (not if) it will collapse;
    2.  How many people get hurt;
    3.  What’s next.

    • The distinction to this argument today is that ObamaDoesn’tCare in fact doesn’t force employers to not employ these 2 to 2.5 million people but that these people will see that it is to their advantage not to work additional hours and will cut themselves off.
      Wow!  The government has create as disincentive to work, to be more productive, to remain in your station.
      If that isn’t the ultimate argument against upward mobility, there just isn’t one out there.

  • I truly believe it is time to make a law that says “If a politician says this will happen if we do this” and then this doesn’t happen they are immediately thrown out of office and criminal files charged.

    • How about a mandatory test administered after a vote to determine if the pol actually read the law? If fail, the bum gets thrown out and 20 years in jail, no appeal.

  • Just remember though, none of this is Nancy Pelosi’s fault either.

    • We had to pass it to see what was (or wasn’t) in it, she never promised you’d like what was (or wasn’t) there.    Just that you’d be able to keep your plan, and your doctor.

    • That is one of the brewing talking points, that Obamacare as it is based on a Republican implimentation and done that way so it would pass the obstructionist republicans in Congress.   The Obamacare that should have been (singlepayer) was wonderful and will fix this mess. 

      • Well, that and the Republican evil thought towers broadcasting negativity in tight beam at the places  and people implementing ObominableCare.
        And Fox News of course, mustn’t forget Fox news.
        And George W. Bush, Sherlock Obama’s own Professor Moriarty (which ties back into my first point…”always with the negative waves Moriarty!”)

  • The republicans want Obamacare.  Elements of their supporters probably believe they can dump employees off of their health care without having to replace that compensation.  But mostly they like the expanded power and influence it makes available to them (why government never gets smaller under them).  They only thing that really bothers the leadership right now is that its setup to benefit the Democrat’s cronies and not their cronies. 

  • McQ-
    WHy you gotta be such a racist hater pointing this stuff out?  Besides, the fact that O-Care is causing lost jobs is a good thing!