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Here we go again …

The cult of the vicitim is alive and well in the US.  It’s been fostered by politicians and lawyers who are open to the idea that one’s problems, whatever they are, are the fault of someone else.
And, given that doing so gives the pols more power (and the lawyers more money), the field is open for exploitation.  Remember the tobacco settlement?  Well guess who is next and why:

Lawyers are pitching state attorneys general in 16 states with a radical idea: make the food industry pay for soaring obesity-related health care costs.

It’s a move straight from the playbook of the Big Tobacco takedown of the 1990s, which ended in a $246 billion settlement with 46 states, a ban on cigarette marketing to young people and the Food and Drug Administration stepping in to regulate.

Yes, getting fat is the fault of “big food”.  Being obese is just not your fault.  So lets soak “Big Food” (and raise already high grocery prices through the roof, shall we?):

“I believe that this is the most promising strategy to lighten the economic burden of obesity on states and taxpayers and to negotiate broader public health policy objectives,” said Paul McDonald, a partner at Valorem Law Group in Chicago, who is leading the charge.

McDonald’s firm has sent proposals to AGs from California to Mississippi explaining how suing “big food” could help their states close budget gaps as billions in Medicaid expenditures eat a growing share of tax revenues.

In a letter to Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane last year, McDonald noted that the state faced a $3.7 billion budget shortfall in 2012 and had to cut back on certain services. The state’s total Medicaid burden that year was $10 billion — and getting a piece of that back could help close the gap.

Yes friends it is the “most promising strategy to lighten the economic burden on the states and taxapayers” … say what?  Taxpayers?  Aren’t they the one’s who will foot the bill for the “Big Food” pass-through of cost to litigate this idea and then, if the lawyers are successful, pay the settlement?

Name someone you know who isn’t a “food adicit” and doesn’t buy food from “Big Food”, will you?  I’d be interested to meet them.

In the meantime, if this guy is successful in selling this to state AGs (and I’d not be surprised if they bit), the cost of food will go up as the cost of litigating this nonsense rises.  After all, Big Government is now in charge of health care costs (something they’ve actually driven up) and are desperate for ways to make it cheaper.

You’re just a victim, slugger.  And these guys have your best interests at heart, don’t you know?  Let the demonization of Big Food begin.

As an aside, it is a bit ironic that the laywer pushing this full employment for lawyers scheme is named McDonald, no?


20 Responses to Here we go again …

  • As citizens of the several states however, we’re just as guilty if we allow the State AG’s to participate in this.
    Unlike the Justice Department, we can actually hold the state AG’s responsible for this kind of crap, and our votes will count.
    So for this one, we’re not helpless – mail and call the AG’s if this looks like it’s going to actually get off the ground.

  • Just wondering when all the stoners realize Obamacare means drug legalization will never happen with possibly the exception of pot for a short time. 

  • “As an aside, it is a bit ironic that the laywer pushing this full employment for lawyers scheme is named McDonald, no?”

    Yes. LOL. When I first scanned thru the post I was thinking to self why would McDonald support this?

  • What we really need is food equality via a mandate to have government purchase your food for you.  That way only the healthiest choices will be entertained and healthcare costs can be contained.  And think of the freedom people will enjoy by not having to budget for groceries or be burdened with often confusing decisions to make at the grocery store.

    • Ewww…yah.  And think of the delightful possibilities for social interaction and indoctrination…er…education we’ll get at the community slop center when we are gathered for our feeding!
      Vundabar …!!!

    • I think I want hot chick equity.  “Mr. Kate Beckinsale, go for a walk.  I’ll be taking husbandly duties tonight!”.

  • I hope this will…if it happens…break the back of this kind of mass tort bullshit.

  • I’m planning a suit against BIG SILVERWARE.  From now on, we all eat with chop-sticks…!!!

  • By this logic, we should all be able to sue the Obama Administration for the poor utility of

  • I know it won’t happen but just suppose in each state that sued, ” big food” simply up and left?
    How many thousands of jobs would be lost? How much taxes would be missed out on?
    I wish they would. In a very real sense, we need Mickey Ds and Burger King (no matter how lousy their food is) more than they need us

    • What are we going to call it when the food deserts are completely food free after the Big Food places move out?    Food moonscapes?  Food voids?   Food vacuums?
      We’ll have to create government cafeteria’s to replace ‘big food’ right?
      Those can probably be run by ACORN, or maybe by ObamaCare helpers.
      Is there someone who went to college with Michelle that we haven’t paid off yet with a no bid contract who knows about food?

      • What are we going to call it when the food deserts are completely food free

        Food choice zones.  Have you not been paying attention to the Peak Orwell?

  • Hmmm, f**k around with the food supply in ways that will obviously have unforeseen consequences. Historically a good way to speed the downfall of an unpopular regime. Maybe the “US Spring” will start like the “Arab Spring” with some protests over bread. Oh and Twitter.

    • If you noticed “Springs” aren’t what they are cracked up to be.  When the US goes to crap it goes to real crap for 100 years.  There’s no Phoenix scenario for us.

  • You should have seen the look on the face of the nurse at the VA when I answered her question, “Do you know why you might be suddenly gaining so much weight?”  with “Yep.  I’m lazy and I eat too much.”
    She just……blinked.
    Said I was the first honest man she’d seen all week.