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Ukraine crisis: Open thread

So … how’s that “reset” going?

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  • “The 80s called.  They want their foreign policy back.”
    But Pres. ScamWOW was too busy chatting up the 60s to take the call.
    The parallels with Jimmuh Cater are too strong.   Oh, and that stupid Palin woman…???  Right again.

    • The 80s foreign policy saw the USSR collapse and the cold war end.  Maybe we really should bring it back.

  • Yeo…Erp…!!!
    “Good and necessary” or “watch and see”?  Which cliche, Dr. Bung-suck?

  • You won’t believe this, but when asked about that by David Gregory, Secretary Kerry said “Well, I don’t know what you mean by the reset.”
    I guess we’ll be told pretty soon that this is “Nixon’s war.”

  • [[[Who is going to be the first to apologize to Mitt Romney? The president, the vice president or Hillary Rodham Clinton? All three mocked the GOP presidential candidate in 2012 when he called Russia “our number one geopolitical foe.”
    Obama said his opponent was “stuck in a Cold War mind warp.” Clinton, then secretary of state, offered her two cents, saying, “In many of the areas where we are working to solve problems, Russia has been an ally.”
    Biden added that “This is not 1956.”
    Actually, it is 1956 — in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. The Bear is on the march, sending in thousands of troops to the Crimea region of Ukraine. The unrest that toppled the president left an opening, and the mini-invasion probably means Putin plans to annex part of the country.
    Only Obama and his ship of fools were surprised. The military move came less than 24 hours after Clinton’s successor, John Kerry, said Russia promised it would “respect” Ukraine’s sovereignty.
    Well, comrade, that depends on how you define “respect.”
    And you can almost hear the howls of laughter in Moscow after Obama warned that “there will be costs for any military intervention.” Putin has Obama’s number, which is zero when it comes to the Great Game.
    As for Romney, just several weeks ago he said: “I think Putin has outperformed our president time and time again on the world stage.”
    Nobody is mocking him now.]]]

    • “I don’t think that Obama and his people really understand how others in the world are viewing his policies.”
      That would be because they are cocooned in their Collectivist ideology from the 60s.
      Remember: America bad. Must fundamentally transform.

    • More like 1736.

    • “there will be costs for any military intervention.”
      Of course there will, even Obama understands that it costs extra to increase your state of readiness, position troops, fly over the country you’re about to invade.   Those things aren’t free, they’re not included in the normal operations budget, you have to get additional funding for those, and I’m sure the Russian Parliament will provide the money to cover that additional cost just before they break into an improv re-do of the Hunt for Red October national anthem scene.
      Wait….you think Obama meant some OTHER kind of cost, diplomatic, world scene, UN scolding, strongly worded letters from Chamberlain, I mean, from the EU?    bwaahahahahaha, no no no, that’s too funny.   He knows it’s all okay, he skipped the intel briefing.   He only does that when things are okay, like, before the attack on Benghazi for example.

  • Putin will soon be a victim of his own success and maybe he’s all for it.  Much of the Russian public (Putin’s supports) must be enthralled with each successful and increased exertion of Russia’s hegemony in the World and on its borders.  The problem is that to keep the public enthralled requires increasing bolder and/or larger actions.  And that eventually will lead Putin to do something that can’t be ignored.
    It was basically Hitler’s situation in 30’s Germany, but his intentions were compatible with the desires of his public.  You have to ask if Putin’s intentions are similar or if he is willing to pull back at some point, if they aren’t, which will end his career.  Depending on those answers we will be shooting at each other eventually in the not too distant future.

    • Yeah, remind me again the awful price the world exacted for the Georgia adventure…?
      I don’t think this will inevitably end in a hot conflict.  Vlad is too smart for that, provided he has the option NOT to go to war with anybody who would pose a real threat.

      • Well, after Ossetia, we….sent Hillary to them with a badly labeled ‘Reset’ button.   That showed em!

  • A prediction so easy Sarah Palin could do it.

    • She can predict these things, because Tina Fey, that political and intellectual genius, said Palin can see Russia from her front porch in a comedy sketch.

  • Remember when the media laughed at Romney for saying Russia was going to be a main foreign policy rival?
    Also,  has Fukuyama had anything to say about this? History sure doesn’t look ended to me…..

  • {sigh} It’s so disappointing to yet again see you dense righties jumping to conclusions about world events. Without godlike powers of political science, how can you even hope to understand what’s happening and predict what might come next?

    And shut up about Palin predicting this Ukraine thing. Just shut up about that. You know it causes the magenta caterpillars with her face and ample bosom to get frisky. Why, I had just finished cleaning the last of them out from under my dresser last week. Now they’re back, and chanting “I told you so on Ukraine” while I’m trying to get to sleep. It’s really annoying.

    Anyway, if you want some real rich, creamy analysis on Ukraine, you should come on over to my blog. I’ve got a long, long post with lots of facts and figures that I definitely did not crib from Wikipedia, so stop saying that. And I don’t either have to give credits for the photos and the reference materials, because when you have godlike powers of political science and are charged with indoctrinating teaching young minds, you are allowed to get anything you want for free and act as if you just came up with it yourself. By any means necessary.

    I conclude by saying “One thing is for sure, an escalation of the crisis and violence is not in anybody’s best interest.” I mean, really, where else are you going to get that kind of deep thinking?

    And don’t start about how you can name half a dozen leaders for whome escalation would just be peachy. You thick righties don’t have a PhD from a place with “advanced” in its name, so you are not qualitifed to make such an assertion. They’re all just great guys, and it’s a good thing that America is being brought down after the Bush regime. They need to see a few more years decades centuries of penitence and submission to see that we mean them no harm, and then the whole world will just be kites and rainbows and…

    Oh, sorry, I have to do something about the caterpillars now. They’ve started their “Schroedinger’s Pussy is definitely dead!” chant again. Probably because of that recent article about one of the members of Pussy Riot that I saw. You know, I did a ton of blog articles about Pussy Riot back when the whole thing was in the news, and it was not either because even though I didn’t know a thing about it that I just looove saying the p-word all the time. Nope, definitely not. And I don’t either get a tingle up my thigh every time I write that word. Stop saying that. Now excuse me. I have to have some private time.

    • And Vlad SOOOOOOOOoooooo respects Baracula…!!!
      (“You may vant to put some ice on zhat, bitch.”)

    • Not good for anybody, except maybe Putin as he ‘restores’ Russia’s ‘Soviet glory’.

  • hubris  …  it should end here

  • The take-away  …  Think of the commercial for Prego spaghetti sauce. A woman wonders what other bad decisions she’s made (like the 70’s).
    We all know this won’t occur to anybody at the White House, but perhaps they have made other bad decisions.

  • All hail the Autonomous Collective Republic of Crimea!


  • One element of Barack Obama’s extension of Carterism in his foreign policy is his hostility to Israel. In his hostility to Israel Obama has proved steadfast.
    The generally unflappable and moderate David Horovitz, editor of the Times of Israel, expresses deep dismay over Obama’s unloading on Israel in Jeffrey Goldberg’s interview with Obama. Horovitz calls it an “earth-shattering interview.” He concludes with the observation “that Obama chose to have his real say about Netanyahu before the prime minister had arrived, and it constituted something akin to political assassination.” John Podhoretz has more, all of it worth reading, here.
    There is an odd consistency about Pres. ScamWOW’s foreign policy apparent from the beginning.
    He’s reluctant to support real democratic urges, like those in Iran.
    He supports real anti-democratic regimes like that in Venezuela and other Latin states, and he pisses on our allies given any opportunity.


    • It does seem like it’s the only foreign country he HAS a plan for.   And it’s hostile.

  • The simple reality is that Ukraine’s territorial integrity is not defensible either historically, ethnically or geographically with Crimea included. Since Crimea’s annexation by Russia is now fait accompli, there is little point in trying to reverse it.  Ironically, Russia may have done Ukraine and the West a favor by removing any ambiguity about the sphere of influence Ukraine will orbit. Ukraine sans Crimea is overwhelmingly, undeniably, unambiguously pro-Western and will lock into the European orbit.
    Taking the Crimea was easy. Holding it will be costly. Russia lost Afghanistan to guerrilla warfare. The Crimean Tatars hate the Russians. If we support the Crimean Tatars we can expect them to keep the Russians busy for a long time to come.  Our posture in the West should now be obvious. Cut bait with Crimea but support the Tatars. More important, we should draw a [real] red line around the rest of Ukraine. The West in general and NATO in particular should act decisively and with clarity in defense of the new government in Kiev and the Western leaning Ukrainian people.

    • NATO heh…See Obama.   Who they gonna call?  The Italians?  The French?  Is Merkel going to send panzers sweeping across the steppes again?  I think not.  How long did it ‘NATO’ to run out of ordnance in Libya?  I guess maybe we can lead from behind again.
      We’re back to Brezhnev’s doctrine executed by Putin.
      And when Russia, Free Russia, not Soviet Russia, draws a bright red line around the Crimea about supporting the Tartars is there really any chance that we have the balls to do Afghan Mujaheddin or central American Contras?   Nope.

      • And is there a Charlie Wilson among the Deemocrats today…???

        • There’s a Nancy Pelosi though.   If she were still House Majority leader she’d get us to declare war against someone, but we wouldn’t know who till we declared it.

        • Furthermore, I want to know which contiguous ‘allied’ country we’re going to use to move supplies through…..Ukraine?  Maybe Russia!
          Supplies across the Black Sea isn’t like mule/camel trains over mountain trails from Pakistan