Free Markets, Free People

An Introduction

Dear readers of QandO.


I intended this to precede my musings on the Crimea, alas, Id10T error received by WordPress novice.

Normally you may see my…observations…in the comment section here, assuming you read the comment section, and assuming you read my comments.

After years of being ‘looker’  somehow my credibility would be increased (nay confirmed even!)  if I used my real name, at least, according to one particular person I shall not name (curse you Voldemort!).   On reflection perhaps ‘pain in the …’ would have been a better handle for me, but when I first commented, I was only  ‘looking’, hence ‘looker’.  That didn’t last long.

The proprietors have apparently had enough of my Irish whispers in the background and rather than show me the door, have decided that I should try and earn my keep instead.   So they’ve offered me the opportunity to stop merely being a wordy guest, and maybe do some actual work.

Trust me, I have now officially discovered writing allegedly coherent, if not thoughtful, pieces for presentation versus commenting ain’t the same thing.   My level of respect for those who do so daily has risen dramatically.

I would like to express my thanks to all the contributing authors, especially Dale and Bruce, for this opportunity.

As for everyone else, I am sorely tempted to warn you to flee while you may.

9 Responses to An Introduction

  • Well, I sure hope you post more often than some of those lazy, good-for-nothing frontpagers….

  • I’ve been told that the floggings will continue until morale improves

  • So Look, what does the gig pay 😉
    In all seriousness, if your Crimea post is indicative, the quality of this blog just got even higher – if such as thing was even possible!

    • Fame?
      The possibility of saying something that will bring me to the attention of the IRS?
      but thanks for the morning ego boost Shark  🙂

  • Flee? I hardly think so, I think I’ll stick around and enjoy the show.

    • Now you’re making me think you stand under kitties stuck in trees while yelling “Jump!” “Jump!”

      • Only after having helped them up in the first place. I’m nothing if not polite.

  • You’ll always be ‘looker’ to me Alan.  Good luck and have fun!