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A fat finger apology.

I attempted, from my GRENDEL to correct a spelling error on my last post.  Heh and the fat finger progression (several) led to, not a correction but an obliteration of said last post.

I ain’t hardly rethinking anything I said with regard to Holder’s contempt of Congress, except for the misspelling of Jason Statham’s name.

And yes, between Silk browser and my fat fingers this IS a GRENDEL, not a Kindle.

My apologies for the bad comedy.  The absence of the document is nothing more than dumbfoolery on the high interweb.

6 Responses to A fat finger apology.

  • This is probably part of the show commenter Docd was anticipating.

  • In case you don’t have a copy anywhere, I happened to have it sitting in an open browser window:
    Eric Holder – “You don’t want to go there buddy”.
    That covers it doesn’t it?    A nice summary of the attitude of this administration acting like ‘gentlemen’ from Chicago.   Covers 6 years really.   Budgets, Fast and Furious, Gun control (but, as Mr. Twain observed, I repeat myself, and so will they),  Benghazi, IRS Scandal, Obamacare and “If you like your health plan…”, Government spying, Immigration…
    “You don’t want to go there buddy.  You don’t want to go there, okay?”
    Oh man, how I wish we hadn’t already gone there.
    “You don’t want to go there buddy”
    or what Eric?  You going to come across the table and bust him up?   Or are you going to do it administratively?  Use your agency to do some investigating?   A few phone call records you got from the NSA, maybe a little IRS investigation?  Have Harry Reid mention on the Senate floor that he he heard someone say something.  Check out his campaign finances, his personal finances, his dog’s rabies vaccination?
    What does that even mean, “you don’t want to go there”….should we call you ‘General’ or ‘Mr. Thug’.
    Don’t go there buddy?   That sounds, as they say here in Texas, like fighting words, certainly the prelude to fighting words.   So what was that other than the opening of a threat.   Why not complete the sentence Eric?   “Or…”.
    Makes you wish you were writing Gohmert’s lines right?   “Or what?”   That would have been my preferred response at that point.    You must keep in mind my “esprit descalier” is awesome.
    “Or what, Mr. Holder?   Don’t go there, orrrrrrrr?”
    If I was scripting for Holder we wouldn’t have gotten to that point though.  Because I’d probably have started off his opening with a little thuggish honesty…
    “This is a nice little Congress you got here Mr. Gohmert (looks around appreciatively), be a shame if something was to happen to it eh? (smiles and winks).
    (Clears throat)
    Which is why I’ve, uh, come to, uh, visit here today (straightens his suit), to let you know, that (bows head and raises hands in halting motion), we’re done with these…(locks eyes with Gohmert) investigations and questions.  Mr. Obama has had enough of this “reparte”, and he wants me to give you a message….”.
    I just can’t decide if he should deliver it as if he was from Newark New Jersey, or Birmingham England.   A nice Brummie accent would work but only if  Jason Strathman is playing Gohmert.    But then we’d require stunt men for at least one of the starring characters, certainly for Holder.
    Yes, this was a long week for little Eric.
    He and the boss are planning on another gun grab attempt while ‘protecting’ those 2nd Amendment rights by letting us have biometric/electronically linked weapons.   You can bet they’ll grandfather all of those non complying guns out of existence and transform their owners into felons for failing to yield them up.
    Then he tells us he has discretion (which he admittedly does) on what he prosecutes.   It’s just going to remain remarkably focused on administration foes.
    He sort of threatens a member of Congress while treating Congress with continued contempt over his contempt of Congress charge; and for flair manages some high dudgeon about it for publicity sake.
    and plays the race card on anyone daring to question him or his performance as AG.
    Did I miss anything?
    Oh yes, I missed the huge guffaw he probably gave off when he heard that Congress has cited Lois Lerner for criminal behavior and is waiting for him to prosecute her.
    Probably not much danger in you going there, eh buddy?

    • I’ve concluded that Eric Holder is the racist.  He and his boss’ Administration just don’t get along with non-African-Americans.
      They are discriminating against Congress-critters who are non-African-American.
      My proof ?  … Rep. Elijah Cummings had no problem getting tax information about “True the Vote” while Rep Issa has to issue a subpoena and the IRS still drags their feet.

    • Thanks Billy.

      I also had a copy up on my system when I got back to the house.   I regret I clobbered everyone’s comments.  Not quite sure what to do about those.

      Thank you for posting it here in the comment section so anyone who was interested can see it.


      My fingers, they are too large, and the Kindle print, she is too small, and the hour was early early, sitting in a place I really would rather have not been at all.