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The content of a man’s kitchen

There’s a lot of internetness going on over Jay Carney and the choice of posters in his kitchen.

Priorities people….but what the hell, it’s Sunday morning and I’m not cranky yet.  Maybe I will be when I’m done  🙄 .

Apart from the choice of Soviet Era posters that Joe Stalin may have had the originals of in his garage or basement pool room let’s take a visual tour of the rest of the place.

First let us note, admire, and praise the skill of his son flipping that egg, and timing it all so his sister can point at it at precisely the right instant for the camera.   Come on people, that’s pretty awesome.   How many of you have TRIED to flip an egg in the pan?    That boy got some serious hang time there, and I have to assume it’s still going up because the egg hasn’t even rotated over yet.  AND I want to be there when that still runny yoke smacks into the pan from that height as Newton’s laws do their thing when it comes back down.   Ah, good times, good times…..

Second, I hope the Carneys (Given this photo, can I spell it Carnies? That joke never runs out does it.) enjoy the repast they’ve laid out.  When Michelle gets wind of the sugar laden carbo loaded feast for two dozen that the four (I’ve allowed for the photographer) are about to settle down to she’s going to have words with Jimbo about healthy diets.

Food to the left of them,
food to the, uh, even further left of them,
food behind them.
Stacked and plated,
sliced up with special care,
boldly it sits, all there,
gather ye world, and stare.
No spot on the counter bare,
none of them have bed hair,
displaying their hominess flair,
the family of Carney.

Let’s see – nice plate of butter sticks, looks to be about two pounds, poached eggs in cups, bananas just in the left of the frame, blueberries strewn across the counter closing in on one infidel strawberry, sliced bread plates, a tray of bagels, stacks of muffins, stacks of Danish.   I can’t tell if that’s an entire cheese cake covered with strawberries, or a massive bowl of said fruit.

Yep, life must be goooooooo-oood at the Carney house if that’s a normal breakfast layout.   Maybe there’s a slew of undocumented maids off camera that will be eating after the Carney family is finished picking over this smorgasbord buffet pastry collection that wiped out the local bakeries’ stock for the morning.  I’m surprised they’re all so healthy looking if that’s what they normally lay out.   What about the hungry?  What about the poor?  That’s a lot of cash, well, for me it is, laying out in baked goods that are going to get stale before noon.  I’d swear they were feeding way more than 4 people.  I’ve seen local computer user group meetings where that layout would be the first go round as the vultures, uh, participants, arrived for the 8:00 am opening.

I don’t know, maybe those pastries were provided by ‘green’ bakers looking to schmooze Jay so he’ll put in a good word with the boss for the next big payoff, I uh mean of course, stimulus package.   I don’t really care what Jay does with his paycheck, that’s his business, but, dude, kinda wasteful, no?  Maybe that’s just the deep down stingy Yankee in me talking.  Maybe it’s the jealous guy who’s fighting off and losing against the advance of his stomach over the belt border line.    Maybe I’m just a racist who resents imported possibly undocumented Danish pastry taking the jobs of American baking powder biscuits and corn muffins.   I think I’m suffering class envy!

As I write this I am link hunting, and discovered Noah Rothman’s most excellent de-construction of this, and other pictures I didn’t know existed.   I’ll leave this to Mr. Rothman now, read his piece.   I can’t top his, but I am encouraged to see several of the observations he made were ones I made myself.

Where I was going anyway was what disturbs me, and still does despite Rothman’s wonderful take down is that THIS is what it takes to piss people off.   THIS is what we talk about around the table, at the water cooler, wherever. We’re not pissed enough that they might be listening in to our phone calls and reading our emails and accessing our computers.  We’re not angry enough that they’re ignoring, inventing and mis-enforcing the laws, that they’re using executive branch agencies to clamp down on every conceivable corner of our way of life while they plot new ways to stuff us in neat little demographic pens.  Where they can pander and feed and water and house us while they whip up our anger against the people two pens down because they have a bigger pen than we do.   They give us a new ball to keep an eye on in a never ending shell game while they pick our pockets and divide us for their own ends.

We riot over whether or not our team loses in the NCAA, heck, we may riot if they win.  We worry and grouse, and demand action against “the rich”, without stopping to wonder whether or not we’re ‘rich’ to the guy on the other side of the tracks.

Especially pernicious is their use of race to deflect and divert justifiable criticism of their policies as they work to divide us.  Focusing on what makes us different while claiming they want us to embrace and accept everyone in harmony.

Based on the photos, with the exception of the posters (kinda scary really)  I guess they want us to judge people based on the content of their kitchen.

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19 Responses to The content of a man’s kitchen

  • … Newton’s laws …


  • Wow.
    A Potemkin family.
    Talk about your brain-dead images.

  • Something about that family begs to have tomatoes thrown in their faces

  • Possibly, Alan, but it strikes me that there is very little doubt as to why Jay Carney is currently employed by this administration.  Thereby, it reinforces what we already knew about the values of this administration holds dear.  Trust me, that has nothing to do with a pound and a half or 2lbs. of butter on a plate for breakfast in the morning.
    By the way, as to that breakfast in its content, clearly they didn’t get it approved by Michelle Obama.  Maybe it’s just the less connected people that have to abide by her diet choices.

  • I’ve actually thought about purchasing some lenin/marx/mao posters while in China. But its seemed like it would be expensive to ship back / a pain, so I didn’t.
    But I also have a pack of Chiang Kai-Shek cards. (Funniest thing was that they put his mug on the jokers, too!)
    I suspect many of the heavy weight dems secretly imagine themselves leading a commie revolution and “making it work” but they are enjoying the fruits of capitalism so much that they keep that firmly a fantasy.

    • Harun, if you really want Mao garbage, go to NYC Chinatown.  They’re in the backs (or basements) of some of the stores there, but you can get them.

  • When you’re marked as a racist all the time, it’s like being wet all the time, you get over caring you’re wet because you accept there’s no alternative.


    If they keep up this crap of presuming racism based on skin color and political affiliation, I’m fairly sure the response is going to be “eh” in noticeably short order.

    I’m not saying we’re all going to become actual racists, but I am saying we’re all going to stop caring when they do their screaming racism pee pee dance and point fingers at us.

  • No surprise there — Progs are phonies who live in an imaginary world.

  • “He’s got a commie flag tacked up on the wall inside of his garage” -Charlie Daniels, “Ballard of the Uneasy Rider”
    It Used to be a joke, now that joke is the Spokeshole of the Regime.

  • That photo reminds me of Comedian Robert Klein.  He used to do some schtick about photos of “colleges with students always walking with one leg in the air while waving hello.”

  • On more durn thing I want to know….
    Where’s the stove top that kid used to heat the pan?      All I see on the right is the side of what looks like a big ol office sized drip coffee maker.
    Ya want to know what I think?
    I think that picture was posed!

    • Posed ?!?  It was PhotoShopped.  The egg isn’t the least bit blurry from motion.

      • Well, yeah, but I don’t think they photoshopped in all the goodies or the posters, I think those are/were there.   And I think the little family vignettes are also them and then various parts of the world altered around them, like the identified frying object.

      • Oh, besides even I have a camera that would stop that egg’s motion as if it had been created by the Deity and left hovering motionless in that spot for all eternity.
        Not that I believe young Carney is actually dealing with an egg in that shot.

  • Later photos where the parents are “taking questions” were photoshopped so badly that even I noticed the repeats….they even left the boy’s finger in the copy/paste.

    • Photoshopping –
      This will all make it easier to replace the boy in the photos with a dancing moose when he becomes a Tea Party Republican in 15 years.    If only Stalin had had Photoshop.