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When you’re getting trashed because of what you did, change the subject – play the race card

That seems, according to James Taranto and many others, what Democrats have decided to do since they can’t conceivably defend their horrific record for the mid-terms.  Scare the low-information voters again, this time using the race card:

This column probably isn’t the first to notice a recent intensification of liberal and Democratic rhetoric about race. Last month Paul Ryan was the object of a Two Minutes Hate for some comments on the culture of poverty “in our inner cities,” which, as The Wall Street Journal noted in an editorial, were no different in substance from things President Obama had recently said.

This Sunday, as Politico notes, Rep. Steve Israel of New York, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told CNN’s Candy Crowley that “to a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism.” He did allow that “not all” House Republicans are racist, though he didn’t specify how many or which ones he thinks are.

Last Wednesday Eric Holder, in a speech to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, complained that he had faced “unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly and divisive adversity,” ABC News reports. “Look at the way the attorney general of the United States was treated yesterday by a House committee. What attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? What president has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment?”

Although Holder didn’t specifically accuse his adversaries of racial motives, others, including Crowley, assumed that was what he meant. Politico reports that in her interview with Israel, “Crowley said that Holder believes ‘the treatment he has received in the House . . . would not have happened if he were not African-American.”

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, appearing on Sharpton’s MSNBC show, went so far as to suggest that Republicans had been soft on Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius because she’s white, as the Daily Caller reports incredulously.

For this rise in the racial temperature we blame not global warming but political cooling. As November approaches, Democrats face not only an unfavorable election map but an increasingly chilly electorate. From last month’s NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza pulled presidential approval numbers for four key Democratic constituencies. Obama was below 50% among three of those groups: single women (48%, to 45% disapproval), Hispanics (49% to 46%), and voters under 30 (45% to 48%). Only among blacks was approval still strong, 78% to 12% disapproval.

By way of comparison, in 2012 Obama won the votes of 67% of single women, 71% of Hispanics, 60% of under-30 voters and 93% of blacks. It’s reasonable to surmise that the racial appeals are a reaction to this desperate political situation, an effort to minimize Democratic losses by motivating the party’s base to turn out.

Affordable Care Act?  Let’s talk about those racist Republicans instead?  Fast and Furious?  Are you serious?  Look how our black AG (as contemptible and politically driven human being as you’ll find in DC, and that’s saying something) is being treated. Why, why, you’d think he was George Mitchell. Or Alberto Gonzales for heaven sake! Wait, they weren’t black were they?

Why they’d never treat an AG that wasn’t black like they treated Mr. Eric “You don’t want to go there, buddy” Holder. I mean, he was soooo respectful of their offices, wasn’t he?

For Democrats, it’s time to change the subject and time to play the old formerly bedrock reliable race card – Republicans are racist, even though the KKK was founded by Democrats, Bull Conner was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention and Democratic governor Orville Faubus stood in the door of Little Rock High to keep black students out (and Republican President Eisenhower used federal troops to ensure they gained entry).

Forget history. That’s for those who actually pay attention. To stir up the base (apparently a history deficient base), or at least try too, the old demonization technique – with the aid of the media – is the way to go. And in the past the race card was always the best way of doing that.

But it may be wearing a little thin. The citizens of this country haven’t been hurt by “racist Republicans”. They’ve been ground under by incompetent and arrogant Democrats. Democrats who lied to them, rammed a monstrosity through Congress without a single Republican vote, and now are reaping the whirlwind.

Nancy Pelosi isn’t black. Harry Reid isn’t black. But they’re both Democrats. And they and their Congressional Democratic brothers and sisters are who put us in this awful mess. And all the hyperbole and nonsense about race won’t change that a single minute.

That’s what Republicans need to remind voters of in the near future.


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21 Responses to When you’re getting trashed because of what you did, change the subject – play the race card

  • What does it say about the strength of Deemocrat (Collectivist) ideas that they have to run for office…
    1. by flogging people via fear-inducing demagogic bullshit, and
    2. lying about what they really intend?

    • No one in the media will call them on it.  They have their bases covered.

    • In the face of overwhelming evidence of hopeless incompetence or absolute corruption we are not allowed to question the black man?
      Well, that sort of leaves us with only two choices, doesn’t it?
      A- You are not allowed to question a black man.
      B- Black men are allowed and expected to break the law, see part A.
      BTW didn’t Dirty Harry’s snotty little brat go on camera last night to make a bid stink about following the letter of the law? Yeah, I know, a real Chuckles the Clown.

  • Did anyone else see the current study that says little white kids are racist as early as 15 months.
    Yeah, we just can’t help ourselves, it’s genetic you see….or something.
    Must have been time to trot out that story again – the white babies are getting better though this time it took the babies 6 months longer to be racists.
    I mean, don’t let the idea that kids don’t completely have a sense of “self” until they hit 15 to 24 months, but by all means, they’re racists, the little monsters.
    So you see, it’s really pretty much ALL about race from the get go.
    The only way it gets worse is if they’re descended from white Europeans and are male.

    • Of course, you’ve realized by now, that means most of the Democratic party is racist by birth.
      They just can’t help themselves.

    • That has the same “scientific validity” as the “legal validity” of the Pakistani baby who was accused of murder.
      Which is to say “none“.
      Do you know what qualifies you to be termed a “scientist”?  Yah.  NOTHING.  Anybody can call themselves that.
      See Erp, Scott.

    • How does a baby know it’s own race?

      • Thank you.


        Apparently the researchers didn’t think that question had any relation to the studies.    Given that particular fact, the odds are very high they only did the study to validate their conclusion.

        • In stunning news today, a social “scientist” discovered that babies find familiar surroundings comfortable. This scientist reportedly has never raised children. In other news, water is still wet, bears crap in the woods and the Pope is reportedly Catholic.

          • “the Pope is reportedly Catholic”

            I hate to be the one to break it to you, but…

          • Well…what about the bears then?

            Polar bears?

            Bi-Polar bears?

            Pole dancing bears?

          • @DocD,
            It’s really a product of a society that rewards Seniority with leadership.  .  We have the 60’s & 70’s radicals & hippies for lack of a better term in top positions via Seniority.  The Catholic Church is no different, you  have a bunch of hippie generation Cardinals, Euro-socialists mostly, who elected him.  They will regret it eventually.  This applies to business & government as well although they started sooner and will end sooner.
            Then there will be a glimmer of reason with the 80’s reactionary generation.  After that its the brainwashed 90’s & 2000+’s that take over.

          • I only wonder how much there will be left for the dears to ‘take over’.

            The Gods of the Copy Book Headings aren’t nancies when it comes to hitting the reset button.

  • Gov. Mike Pence, R-Ind., will deliver a speech today at the historic Hotel Adlon by Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate in which he will decry “Russian aggression” and call on President Obama to resurrect a planned missile-defense shield for Eastern Europe that Obama scrapped in 2009.

    Over the Water’s edge …. ouch !!

  • The very first sentence of the opinion, by Judge Ray Kethledge, calls out the EEOC for its hypocrisy:

    In this case, the EEOC sued the defendant for using the same type of background check that the EEOC itself uses.

    Good Lord, it’s the “alright for me but not for thee” reasoning

  • Speaking of Democrat dementia, lies and double standards.
    Is anyone else waiting for Harry Reid to get up on the Senate floor and rant about the dangers to the country posed by “Bloombergia”?
    Yeah, me neither.

    • No, no, no…
      You dense righties just DO NOT comprehend.
      There are GOOD oligarchs and there are BAD, TERRIBLE, AWFUL oligarchs.
      (Rolls eyes…)

    Cripes, I’ve lost count of all the times Pres. ScamWOW’s outlaws have been spanked in courts across the land.
    Not nearly enough, but some cases are just about to pop.