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Gallup says only 4% “newly insured”

To make it even worse, of those 4%, only 2.1% got them through exchanges:

All of this … mess … for 2.1% (the rest likely got theirs when they found a job)?  All of this intrusion and incompetence and frankly, fascism (see IRS involvement in the ‘new’ system) for a percentage that is essentially insignificant.  We would have gotten off a lot cheaper and disrupted a few million less lives if we’d have just paid for it (I’m not suggesting we should have, just pointing out how ridiculous the “solution” was/is).

Makes one want to pound their head on something, doesn’t it?

Oh, and probably the most unsurprising thing about the “newly insured?”

All of the newly insured are more likely to identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party than the overall national adult population. Those who signed up through exchanges are the most likely to tilt Democratic and not Republican.

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you …


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15 Responses to Gallup says only 4% “newly insured”

  • I see glimmers of hope on the horizon (or is that around the verizon) …
    Media Matters for America is apparently resisting an effort by Service
    Employees International Union Local 500 to unionize its staff.

    I figure eventually this will have to migrate to Congressional offices, rendering all of DC hopeless.

  • It is only a waste if you think helping the uninsured get insurance was the goal.
    If socializing medicine, needlessly growing government or otherwise just Effing-up the Republic was the goal… then it was a resounding sucess.
    It’s all in the way you look at it: massive stupidity vs. intentional Usurpation, I’m going with the latter.

  • Meanwhile, joyus disregard of reality continues

    I particularly like this line – “Enrollment has surged beyond expectations. Costs are coming in lower than predicted. Various reports say the number of uninsured Americans is falling. Now it’s good news snowballing, and it’s critics who increasingly seem to have missed the mark with their warnings of inevitable collapse.”

    Costs are lower than predicted…..PREDICTED in 2009.    So, they may have gone up, but after all we thought they’d go up more! It’s all good America!!!!!!

    “Hey buddy, it’s all good. We only broke your left leg, be grateful, we thought we was gonna have to break both of em.  Win win, right?”

    Enrollment has surged!

    ‘Various’ reports say the number of uninsured is falling!





    • First, the CBO uses stuff it is given for its PROJECTIONS. Hence, it scored ObamaDoggle as it did (a big, fat lie) when it was under consideration by Congress. Garbage in-garbage out. The Collective lied.
      CBO vastly raised its projections of the cost of ObamaDoggle when better information was available (after it had been illegally and fraudulently passed).
      The LOWER estimates of yesterday follow this…
      What is driving the lowered estimate? According to the report released by CBO, it has primarily to do with lower-than-expected premiums for exchange policies. So, good news for the Obama administration? Not so fast. Per CBO:
      “A crucial factor in the current revision was an analysis of the characteristics of plans offered through the exchanges in 2014. Previously, CBO and [the Joint Committee on Taxation] had expected that those plans’ characteristics would closely resemble the characteristics of employment-based plans throughout the projection period. However, the plans being offered through the exchanges this year appear to have, in general, lower payment rates for providers, narrower networks of providers, and tighter management of their subscribers’ use of health care than employment-based plans do.”
      In other words, ObamaDoggle bureaucrats succeeded in lowing prices because:
      1. they are paying providers LESS (price controls)
      2. they are restricting access to only small “networks of providers” (removing choice by consumers)
      3. mandating that the insured use LESS health care services than they would under an employer plan (restricting demand)
      In other words, the CBO lowered the cost estimate because the ObamaDoggle bureaucrats produced a cheap, gutted, central command version of the health insurance that 85% of people who had it liked. And ordered people to “buy” it at the point of a gun.
      Mission Accomplished!
      Oh, and all that part of the report dealt with was premiums…it did not consider the deductibles and co-pays. Well, or the crappy health-care you will get under ObamaDoggle (you get what you pay for!).

  • 35 percent of those sign-ups, Obama said, came from people under 35 years old. 28 percent, according to the White House, are between 18 and 34 years old.
    So, 7% are under age children buying health insurance online ?

    • Further proof, that Obama really DOES have a problem dealing with numbers.

      He has a problem with the fake numbers his administration has invented, and numbers from the real world.    It doesn’t matter.   He can’t properly process numbers.   It shows up again and again.

      From the stupid 57 states comment, to the 3000% reduction in premium costs that employers were going to experience, covering more people with better health insurance at a lower cost, to this sample here where 35% – 28% has to equal zero for his numbers to work.

      He gets up in front of people and what numerical processing skills he has, he clearly, but eloquently and in a well spoken manner, shuts them off.


      I know this thought exercise has now been done billions of times now over the last 6 years, but try to imagine if George W. Bush threw around numbers like these on a regular basis.

  • Heh. It it about power. More power for government. More advantage for Democrats. Just ask Scott Erb, he will tell you (no, actually he will just lie about it).

  • Hey, Erp…!!!
    Let’s say Gallup is wrong by a factor of 4, just for chuckles…
    What a flucking catastrophe.

  • O/T, but still…
    The “Sagebrush Rebellion” has been simmering for decades.
    Maybe the BLM’s thuggish tactics have finally pushed this to the tipping-point.
    There is no constitutional authority for the Federal ownership of the lands held by the central government in the West, according to anything I find in the text.
    In fact, the Framers considered that land = power, and they expressly limited the central government’s holdings.
    This would be reform in the right direction.

  • And for this my company’s monthly premiums are scheduled to rise 60.75% in June. And the family deductible will rise 125%. Well done.

  • MOUNTAIN VIEW (KPIX 5) – While open enrollment for coverage under the Affordable Care Act is closed, many of the newly insured are finding they can’t find doctors, landing them into a state described as “medical homelessness.”

  • Georgia insurers received more than 220,000 applications for health coverage in the Affordable Care Act’s exchange as of the official federal deadline of March 31, state officials said Wednesday.
    Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens, though, said premiums have been received for only 107,581 of those policies, which cover 149,465 people.
    “Many Georgians completed the application process by the deadline, but have yet to pay for the coverage,” Hudgens said in a statement Wednesday.
    Um…Erp…???  You wanna revise and extend?
    All is as we have predicted.

  • SHAKEDOWN: GAO report: White House directly involved in Enroll America fundraising. “Until now, outgoing Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was the only official known to have solicited financial support for Enroll America, a nonprofit that promoted enrollment for the Affordable Care Act. But a Government Accountability Office report released Monday detailed not only the secretary’s involvement but that of a White House adviser.”
    Sounds like someone was trying to cover it up, too.
    EXACTLY the behavior you predict in a fascist economic system.  Which, of course, is what ObamaDoggle IS.

  • Like Crazy Uncle Joe Biden says about the Boston bombing victims; “the results make getting your arms and legs blown off, all worthwhile”