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ObamaCare and the Big Lie

Peter Morici gives a little ground truth to the hyperbole of the left who’ve decided the best defense of ObamaCare is … to lie about it.

With 8 million Americans enrolled in health insurance through federal and state exchanges, President Obama has declared the Affordable Care Act a success. That’s disingenuous and big changes are needed to make the law work well.

Overall, the ACA’s goals were to provide reasonably priced medical care to the 45 to 50 million uninsured and slow health care cost increases. It is hardly clear those goals will be accomplished.


Many of the 8 million enrolled to replace individual and small business policies, canceled thanks to ACA rules, or to obtain federal subsidies only available through the exchanges.

So if the goal was to proved care to the ’45 or 50 million’ uninsured, how does enrolling 8 million, many of whom had lost their insurance due to the ACA, constitute success?

Well in the real world it doesn’t.  Only in Oz or Fantasyland do the rules of reality not apply (even if they really do and what those living there do is deny it) and allow them to make these claims with a straight face.

It’s election prep.  We’ve seen it countless times before.  It is an attempt to make lemonaide out of the lemons this abomination of a law has handed its creators.

This is just another version of the Big Lie that this particular administration has raised to an art form.  And with a compliant media to help them along (a media that seems without curiosity at the most important times) the Big Lie gets plenty of press.

Of course now that the press has helped spread the lie, the Dems will point to those media stories as “the truth” and use them to assure the usual left leaning low information voters that a) they need to turn out because ObamaCare is a “good thing” and b) if they don’t those mean old Republicans will take it away.

You can just see it coming.

Meanwhile, for most of America, the really bad stuff is being unilaterally put on hold until after the election – the most blatant display of partisan politics I’ve seen in some time:

The ACA requires health insurance policies to pay for a wider and more expensive scope of services than many individual and small business policies covered prior to the law.

In many counties, only a few insurers chose to offer policies on exchanges. Absent competition, insurers lacked incentives to bargain as hard as before with hospitals and other providers, further raising premiums and out of pocket costs.

The bronze, silver and gold policies offered by exchanges mostly vary in their deductibles. Folks selecting bronze and silver plans with high deductibles are now paying the full cost of doctor visits that only set them back a $20 or $30 dollar co-pay prior to the ACA.

Simply, for many families the ACA raises the combined cost of premium and out-of-pocket expenses.

About 50 percent of Americans are eligible for premium subsidies, but taxpayers are footing the bill and the burden of health care on the economy — already 50 percent higher than in Germany and Japan — is making it tougher for American businesses to compete and destroying jobs — something the Congressional Budget Office doesn’t bother to calculate.

But then, this was all predicted prior to passage and only a few bothered to listen.

Now we get to live with the “success”.


11 Responses to ObamaCare and the Big Lie

  • If the ACA (Abominable Careless Assault) is so good for America, why keep delaying it?
    How this regime can regularly lie to We the People with a straight face tells me they must be more than just a little psychologically deranged.

    • The media has their back, so they continue to get away with lies. And, the flip side is that their policies stink, hence they have to lie about them. It seems to have a snowball effect.

  • About 50 percent of Americans are eligible for premium subsidies, but taxpayers are footing the bill…
    Remember that ONE of the lies…the false PRETEXTS…that ObamaDoggle was predicated on was that we had to “…eliminate the free-riders” (or people who had no health insurance and who FALSELY were presumed to use the health-care system without paying for it).
    All ObamaDoggle has done is make ACTUAL “free-riders” entitled, subsidized, institutionalized “free-riders”…most of them in perpetuity if this monstrosity is allowed to continue.
    As has been pointed out by MANY people, if insuring the uninsured was the actual goal, that could have been done at the cost of a rounding error in the projected costs of this Cloward-Piven wet dream.

  • What is so funny about ObamaDoesn’tCare is that so far, most of PPACA that has been implemented is the part that critics thought the Administration would be able to do without breaking a sweat.
    In other words, all we’ve seen so far is the Administration recovering from it’s own unforced errors.

  • …And the truth is still putting its pants on.
    Some reasonable questions:
    1. If it’s the great program we were told it was, why all the effort to sell it?
    2. They’re calling it a success when only 8 million folks have (allegedly) signed up, if you don’t sign up you are fined (or whatever the law says today), only about half have paid their premiums, and most of the folks we’ve encountered have had their premiums and deductibles increased. What defines failure then?
    3. If it’s so great, why are there over 1,300 exempted groups? 4. Why the interminable executive orders delaying the various mandates?
    5. The only chance this had to be fiscally solvent (even with fudged numbers) was with the mandates. Now that these are put off at least until after the election, hasn’t the president doomed his own signature policy?
    6. And lastly, rhetorical question – does he really think we’re that stupid?

    • Does he really think we’re that stupid?

      Well, really, this might be the one thing he’s right on.  He was re-elected after all.

    • Weren’t supporters of the Administration telling us just a few months ago that 20 million losing their current health care plan was “a small price to pay” to help the uninsured.
      So, 8 million are aided by screwing 20 million.  With political skills such as these, a bet in just a few election cycles, they can be completely out of power.

  • Just like in Nazi Germany.