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ObamaCare slapped by reality … again

And that reality is the American people aren’t buying the propaganda being pushed by the administration.  After its celebration of the dubious enrollment of 8 million and unilateral declaration that ObamaCare was a “success”, new poll numbers show no difference among the public’s opinion of the law than before their declaration:

What’s perhaps more telling is that, despite the rare good news of the past few weeks, their perceptions of the law remain basically as-is — that is, pretty dim. To wit:

  • Americans say 50-41 that the implementation of the law has been worse than they expected rather than better.
  • They say 44-24 that the health-care system is getting worse rather than getting better as a result of Obamacare.
  • They say 29-14 that the quality of care is getting worse rather than better.
  • They say 47-8 that their health-care costs are increasing due to the law rather than decreasing.
  • They say 58-11 that the overall cost of health care in the United States is increasing rather than decreasing.

Almost all of these numbers are basically unchanged from in recent months.

What is it politicians like to tell us about politics?  Ah, yes, perception is reality.  And as I pointed out when you mess with people’s health care, the reality becomes very personal.  It isn’t something that you view from afar and doesn’t effect you.  It is something everyone is interested in in some form or fashion.

The numbers above are their perception of that awful law’s impact on their lives.   The propaganda simply isn’t going to change that.   “8 million enrolled” is something the people really don’t care about.  Higher premiums, more red tape and fewer options for health care, not to mention having to give up their doctor and the health insurance they liked is something they care about.  That is the result of the law and it is the reason for the numbers.

As we’ve mentioned previously, the numbers you see above are numbers that exist before the most onerous regulations and requirements (now delayed until after the election) are finally put into effect.  If you think these numbers are bad, wait till after November.

The bottom line is ObamaCare sucks and the people know it and no administration sponsored dog and pony show is going to change that perception.  We see a lot of Democrats now trying to claim that ObamaCare really won’t hurt them in the mid-terms.

I invite them to look at the above numbers, understand that it is they who are going to get “credit” for the law, and rethink their claim prior to their coming unemployment.

That way it won’t come as such a surprise when they’re defeated.


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19 Responses to ObamaCare slapped by reality … again

  • Ummm….Erp…
    There seems to be a LOT of life left in the “dead” issue of ObamaDoggle.  A WHOLE lot of Americans…many of them doctors…are openly declaring they will NOT comply.
    “Watch and see” I guess.  Because all this is “good and necessary”.  Right…??? (Maybe it’s time for a new meaningless cliche, huh?)

    • I saw that piece in the WSJ, but my read is that they will “retire en masse”
      But remember, all of this bad news for Obama will be forgotten when “Recovery Summer V” kicks into full gear.

    • I predict the doctors will be the villians with the doctors also being misled by Tea Party Racist propaganda.

  • Did anybody notice the lack of followup stories on the Q1 GDP of 0.1%.
    Zerohedge had one that said if you subtract the rise created by ObamaCare’s new bloat, the real Q1 GDP was -1.0%

    • So…did we EVER leave a recession?
      Or is this a new one…???
      Maybe we should resurrect The Misery Index?

      • We’ve had Recovery Summer I, Recovery Summer II, Recovery Summer III, and Recovery Summer IV.  Recovery Summer V is about to start, so I guess this is a new recession

      • CMIIW, but take out the “Stimulus” and we’ve been in a DEPRESSION for about four years.

      • Never left.   But you knew that   🙂

  • In more cheerful news: Benghazi-gate has been blown wide open by new documents obtain by Judicial Watch.
    Direct links of the WH orchestrating the internet video narrative, specifically instructing Rice to steer the narrative away from Bambi’s Epic War-On-Terror policy failures…
    It’s time to turn the heat up once again on this “phony scandal”.
    Now if we only had Congressional Leadership with a backbone, we could have ourselves an Impeachment Party.
    Remember, nobody died at Watergate.

    • I’m sort of interested what happens to this Morell character who recently “fell on his sword” but appears now not to have done all he confessed to.


    And only 25% are invincibles.
    What’s the superlative for EPIC FAIL…???

    • And we still have no reliable numbers for how many people lost coverage because of Obamacare. We know it’s in the millions – even Obama’s personal propaganda organ CBS estimated two million. Other estimates go above ten million.
      Which means it’s probably comparable to or greater than the number who have actually paid their Obamacare premiums. In which case the net effect of Obamacare would be (1) dramatically higher rates for many people, and (2) net increase of covered people small or zero.
      There might even be more people who have lost coverage than gained it. Given the difficulty of assembling that number, and the total lack of incentive of anyone in government or the industry to get an accurate estimate, we won’t ever know.
      And then there’s the Medicaid expansion factor. The articles I’ve seen don’t mention it at all. Does these numbers include or exclude the people who went on Medicaid? How many of them paid their (heavily subsidized) premiums?
      Plus, 67% have paid their first month, and it probably at this point isn’t going to go much higher. How many of those will stop paying in the next few months?
      There are plenty of questions to be asked, and plenty of ways to analyze Obamacare for faults, but you can bet our precious legacy media isn’t going to devote a single reporter – not one – to digging enough to find any of those numbers. Nope, at best they will report numbers gathered by someone else, which for the current numbers is the House GOP.
      Heck, I should be happy they’re even going that far, I guess, since almost all of the Obamacare reporting on numbers in the past has been basically transcribing White House and HHS press releases.

      • “but you can bet our precious legacy media isn’t going to devote a single reporter – not one – to digging enough to find any of those numbers”
        The media will pay attention to all this when the Republicans are ‘in charge’.   Suddenly we’ll discover that this was foisted off on us by Corporate American profiteering rich people and that the Republicans are protecting their friends and owners.   How the little illegitimate child ObamaCare was born in an orgy of Democrat malfeasance will be forgotten and they’ll rely on the usual collection of low-info voters to punish the Republicans for it.
        The Republicans might even talk about getting rid of it, but of course THEN the Democrats will be defenders of the poor in trying to save it from the Republicans, as a great idea with only minor problems that Republicans sabotaged when they took office.
        Not that I particularly care at this point if they drag the average Republican in Washington into the streets and introduce them to the utility of utility poles.    But it would be nice if justice could be served by dragging the Democrats out first for practice.

      • 3) Lower quality of health care for those “lucky” people consigned to actual ObamaDoggle coverage
        4) Less access to potentially life-or-death treatment in the “narrow” offerings…or NO access
        And we could go on…
        The VA is a bellwether for ObamaDoggle.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.
        Or be defiant, and just don’t comply.

    • Success and Failure by thes people is measured by how much they grew government and integration and domination of not-yet fully government sectors and how ready they’ve made the public to grow more. 

  • What is this “reality” of which you speak? It’s all about the narrative. Hard facts and numbers are sooooo passe.  Benghazi – what’s that? Oh, something the silly GOP continues to beat to death, much like our Ambassador. You mean we have proof of the lie? You mean we have proof the filmmaker was jailed as a political scapegoat? So what if the guy who made the coverup is the brother of the head of CBS news which fired the only journo interested in the story? So what if Hillary knowingly lied to family members in front of the filled coffins of the deceased?  At this point, what difference does it make?
    Reality, what’s that? Where “Animal Farm” is suddenly portrayed as a “parable about income inequality” on a network.
    The only ones who get slapped by reality are us. The political/media class has their bubble…………………for now anyway.

  • Speaking of reality …
    WASHINGTON — After two decades of trying to build a partnership with Russia, the NATO alliance now feels compelled to start treating Moscow as an adversary, the second-ranking official of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization said Thursday.


    “Clearly the Russians have declared NATO as an adversary, so we have to begin to view Russia no longer as a partner but as more of an adversary than a partner,” said Alexander Vershbow, the deputy secretary-general of NATO.