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Delusion – see it in action

David Gergen provides us with a perfect example:

Obama’s second term is a total aberration. Resisted by obstructionists among Republicans and plagued by his own mistakes, the first 12 months after re-election were a bust. Why he and his team didn’t take more care in the rollout of the Affordable Care Act website will remain one of the great mysteries for historians.

But it has now become equally puzzling why he has not become more sure-footed in foreign affairs. He is one of the brightest men ever to occupy the office, and yet his learning curve has been among the flattest. Talking to players on the world stage — most of whom still want him to succeed — one finds them genuinely rattled, worried about a lack of national will and operational competence.

I have to tell you I laughed my rear end off reading the highlighted sentence.  Did he not reread what he said there?

Now maybe its just me, but I would suggest that a sign of intelligence – being “bright” – is that  you learn.  You learn from history.  You learn from your own mistakes.  You learn from others. I.e. you don’t have a flat learning curve if you’re actually bright. Especially when you’ve had almost 6 years to figure it out.  And make no mistake, Obama hasn’t figured it out yet. He’s not even close. And currently he’s on a global whine-a-thon, lamenting his fate, calling himself a “singles hitter”, blah, blah, blah.

Yet despite all of this Gergen and other Obama supporters can’t see past this incredible contradiction (which says a lot about how “bright” they are).  They have deluded themselves into thinking that this fellow is just so bright that it must be the fault of others that he can’t seem to learn (those damned “obstructionists” for one).   They cannot yet face the fact that Obama is a bust.  He’s been a bust from day 1.  Yet here we are, almost 6 years later, with supposed “bright” people making statements like Gergens’.

Why can’t they own up to the fact they were wrong – wrong about Obama’s capabilities, wrong about his competence, and, apparently wrong about his level of intelligence.  After so many millions of gushing words about the man, that’s embarrassing. And it is a reflection on their intelligence as well.  So instead they delude themselves and write sentences like Gergens’.

But even they, at least some of them, are beginning to understand the depth of the mistake they made, whether they’ll ever admit it or not:

America needs a strong, effective president year in, year out, to help propel us forward. Our success as a people has depended on our capacity to solve the problems of today so we can move on to tomorrow. The endless evasions and diversions are tying us in knots and draining our spirits.

The world needs strong, effective American leadership as well; for all our mistakes like Iraq, the U.S. is the one nation that still has the power to keep world order. But in the twinkle of an eye, we have gone from being indispensable to indisposed.

You have to chuckle about the need to include “Iraq” as a mistake.  No mention of the legion of foreign policy mistakes and disasters of this administration.  But Gergen, other than that, is quite correct.  The problem now is the utter depths to which our foreign policy has plunged are so obvious even they must acknowledge it.

And it burns to have to do so, as you can tell.  But the delusion that it really isn’t the man or his ideas that are at fault persists.  It’s everyone else’s fault.  Just ask them.


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28 Responses to Delusion – see it in action

  • He’s bored, remember?   It’s just all to boring for him to actually learn anything.   He knows it all, so they have nothing to teach him.  He’s the honors kid in the class for slightly advanced morons.  If he’s staring out the window it’s because he’s thinking about quantum hyperspace worm hole jumps to other planets where all the problems have been solved and as soon as he gets home, using a hamster, a rutabaga, two steam irons, 1 Keurig coffee maker, a Dewalt electric drill battery and his IPOD, he’s going to build a star gate.
    Meanwhile he’s just bored.   If only we’d come up with problems that would challenge him.   The failing is ours for not doing so.

  • He is one of the brightest men ever to occupy the office

    … for sufficiently large numbers of me to occupy the office. Just as I am one of the greatest sons in the world, just ask my mother.

  • The guy was a rara avis, he had perfectly creased pants, heck, he was a lightworker!
    If you go back and look at some of this stuff before the first election, it is absolutely flabbergasting the collective delusion that swept so many people.
    And even now, the bitter clingers – “but he was sooooooo smart!” “It’s not his fault”  “If only he knew”

  • “Now maybe its just me, but I would suggest that a sign of intelligence – being “bright” – is that  you learn.  You learn from history.  You learn from your own mistakes.  You learn from others.”
    This goes to my theory of voluntary stupidity.  I have no doubt that Pres. ScamWOW is endowed with higher-than-average native intelligence.  But he has several rather profound pathologies, too.  He has embraced Collectivist ideology respecting America, the world, and how things work.  This has made him effectively stupid.  Delusions do that.
    Couple that with the hubris his extreme narcissism has wrought and you have a true witches’ brew.

  • You know, I’m not at all sure that he’s not extremely bright. What I think so many of the intelligentsia class don’t understand is that it takes a lot more than smarts to be an effective executive leader.
    Experience, perspective, and humility. Open-mindedness. A history of making difficult decisions where there’s no good answer. These are the things needed for the office, and these are the things that he lacks. There’s a reason why former governors are typically more successful in the Oval Office than Congressmen or Senators, and why the average CEO would likewise probably be better than the average lawyer.
    Obama’s bright. He’s probably an excellent professor. He’s just not cut out for the Presidency.

    • Agree 100%. Except perhaps the “excellent professor” part. I think he’s too much a partisan leftist hack to be trusted teaching anyone, and John Lott’s account of his interactions with Obama back that up.

  • McQ – do you have a line on articles about to come out or something, damn man, you’re prescient.
    The world disappoints Obama

    • I saw that.  Pres. ScamWOW has a sad on.  Life is just SO damned unfair…!!!

      • They’re going to be real disappointed come Sunday when they see I didn’t sign Michelle’s mother’s day card.
        I’m SURE they’ll be looking for my name.

        • Why not? OFF TO THE CAMPS WITH YOU

        • My wife is from Taiwan. She does not follow US politics. (Though she is now a citizen, so who knows.) I had the iPad opened to Ace of Spades’ post on the Michelle Obama mother’s day card, and my wife saw it. On her own volition she saw that and came to ask me why the hell anyone would sign a mother’s day card for Michelle Obama.

  • You’re gonna love this.  From Obama’s biographer, “And that’s what’s frustrating to me sometimes about Obama is that the world seems to disappoint him,” he continued to laughter from others on the TV set. “Republicans disappoint him, Bashar al-Assad disappoints him, Putin as well. And the fighting spirit sometimes is lacking in the performative aspects of the presidency.”
    You see, it is not Obama’s fault.  It is that the world is a disappointment.  whisky tango foxtrot
    quote source:

  • Mr. Gergen is a hack.  To say or imply that “Republican obstructionists” are responsible for Obama policy failures is a crock.  And Obama’s foreign relations disasters?  Intentional, not accidental, and not because world leaders are racists.  I laugh, too, at Gergen’s remarks about Obama’s intelligence.  I wonder how truly disappointed so many of Obama’s believers are.  They can’t or won’t understand that Obama does not have the smarts or the guts to deal effectively with other world leaders.

    • We thought bad thoughts at Obamacare, and you can see what kind of damage that caused.
      We have a currently, for the good of humanity stopped hindering Obama, we are now focusing our bad thought wave energy on the Soviets, errrrr, I mean the Russians.

    • I don’t think it is all intentional.
      True, Obama intentionally showed submission to Putin. But I doubt he thought Putin would actually begin invading other countries. Obama has never grasped the importance of Anglo-American power as a force of good in the world, he believes that the relative peace and prosperity of the modern world is because the world is progressing towards a better future on its own accord. Like other leftists, he just doesn’t have a basic grasp on how the world works.
      Now, that’s not to say he has good intentions. That issue is a bit complicated, in my mind, in that in some cases he no doubt has good intents, in others bad, and in others he acts good because it is in his best interests.

      • Nah, you’re missing it. Obama assumes people will all act in ways that support him.
        Its not that Obama is surprised that Putin took over parts of Georgia in 2008 when Bush was president, its that he is surprised they do it when he is president.

    Exactly as one expects under a fascist economic regime.
    BIG GOVERNMENT hates the entrepreneurial folks.


    • I read that post, and want to add in the fact that BIG companies are doing well. Yes, fascism indeed.

  • Malaria is making a comeback in Venezuela. For the first time in 50 years, the disease, which is disseminated by mosquitoes, is spreading from jungle communities to bustling urban centres. Its revival, experts say, could take at least two years to reverse.
    The occasional case in remote mining areas aside, Venezuela declared itself malaria-free in the 1960s. This followed a decade-long effort that included widespread spraying of the DDT chemical compound, educational campaigns and a government-led initiative to improve sewage systems and housing.
    Another unfortunate but predictable result of living in delusion.
    We live the lives we do SOLELY because we insist…or used to insist…on rational choices.

  • Over at the neo-neocon blog the blogger has had something of a running “fool or knave” set of posts on Obama.
    Point being, Obama’s “failures” may not fully be caused by incompetence.
    It is clear that Obama has not been a competent executive. I’m not sure that much matters to him, since I think his goal is transforming America, not being a competent executive. He is a smart guy, perhaps not as smart as he thinks he is, and probably not smart by the standards of American presidents, all of whom were smart men.

  • Now maybe its just me, but I would suggest that a sign of intelligence – being “bright” – is that  you learn.  You learn from history.  You learn from your own mistakes.  You learn from others. I.e. you don’t have a flat learning curve if you’re actually bright. Especially when you’ve had almost 6 years to figure it out.  And make no mistake, Obama hasn’t figured it out yet. He’s not even close. And currently he’s on a global whine-a-thon, lamenting his fate, calling himself a “singles hitter”, blah, blah, blah.

    I believe his goals are not like other presidents, and that he isn’t particularly interested in learning how to become a good executive. In addition, I think he has personality traits that would make it difficult if not impossible for him to become a good executive.
    He’s smart, nothing special, but no slouch, or else he wouldn’t have made it where he is.
    And, he has a radical left ideology that paints his worldview, and hinders his decision making. This is the same worldview the educational system is teaching our children.

  • Naw, learning is wisdom, which isn’t the same as intelligence or “bright”ness.

  • Don’t look now, but it’s another isolated incident. Philadelphia, just like D.C. . . . and Atlanta . . . and El Paso, has just learned that its schools are run by corrupt teachers and administrators who, unwilling or unable to do the work of educating Philadelphia’s children, have resorted to changing answers on standardized tests in order to make themselves look better.
    Corruption is not an aberration in government; it is the norm. People do not cease to be self-interested economic actors when elected to the Senate or employed by the Philadelphia school system. The cheating teachers, the political persecution by the IRS and by prosecutors in Texas and Wisconsin, Harry Reid trying to hide payments to his granddaughter, billions upon billions of dollars in Medicare and Medicaid fraud that Washington studiously ignores – it is all part of the same phenomenon. Every single thing the hand of politics touches becomes ugly and stupid and ineffective, given enough time.
    So a hearty congratulations to all you rubes who voted to ensure that your health care is delivered with the same high standards found in the Philadelphia public schools. I’m sure your test results will be outstanding.
    Plus…VA.  Harbingers of things to come.


  • One of my wife’s co-workers has been complaining about how her son is a genius, but no one can see it but her, because he can’t seem to express that genius.  He doesn’t test well, or communicate well, or participate in any activities in a way that would exhibit this supposed genius.  All of that is, however, just proof that the school system (and everyone else who has ever met her son) can’t properly judge how smart he is.
    I guess I should have my wife tell her that he’s completely qualified to be President.