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Observations: The QandO Podcast for 18 May 14

This week, Bruce, Michael, and Dale talk about Ukraine, the Bundy case in Nevada, and the increasing arbitrariness of the Federal government.

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3 Responses to Observations: The QandO Podcast for 18 May 14

  • arbitrariness of the Federal government? Seriously?
    That’s an awful generous interpretation of what looks to the rest of us like targeted oppression of Patriots of the Republic.
    Isn’t this the very situation our forefathers warned us about?

  • I believe they have Armstrong and Getty in the SD area…they are great.

  • As to an argument for the lifting of political contribution limits, I made one on my podcast back in April that I think you guys could relate to.
    You can read the transcript at that URL.
    Short take: I can only work up a podcast of 10 minutes or less, so the big networks should be limited as well. But we’ll be kind and give them 30 minutes. After that, no more political coverage. That should level the playing field.