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Open thread: Are we the victims of gaslighting sociopaths?

Otherwise known as liberal politicians.

Bill Whittle thinks so:



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  • You mean Obama or Erb?

      • Which of their respective 31 and 43 separate personalities are you referring to?

    • It’s entertaining to look at tests for sociopathy and psychopathy and score them based on those one suspects of such conditions. Here are a couple of examples derived from real tests, but redone more for entertainment to get around copyright and other issues involved in using the real ones:
      Sociopath test in Business Insider magazine
      Entertainment version of the PCL-R test for psychopathy = this one takes some work to understand the scoring, but gives very fine-grained results when you learn how to rate the 0-1-2 result for each of 20 categories.

      • Hey, Billy! Try this:
        “The similarities between madness and modernism are striking: defiance of authority, nihilism, extreme relativism, distortions of time, strange transformations of self, and much more. In this book, Louis Sass, a clinical psychologist, offers a new vision of schizophrenia, comparing it with the works of such artists and writers as Kafka, Beckett, and Duchamp and philosophers including Nietzsche, Heidegger, Foucault and Derrida. It provides a portrait of the world of the madman, along with a commentary on modernist and postmodernist culture.”
        Also, recall Alan Sokal’s “Fashionable Nonsense”…
        The adage “Full of it” just doesn’t quite fit.

        • That does look interesting. Out of print, so I’ll check the library first. Probably pick up a used one if that doesn’t work.

  • Speaking only for myself, no.  I am not a “victim”.
    I know when I’m being lied to.  In Baracula’s case, it follows that if his purple lips are moving, he’s lying.  If his minions are speaking, they are lying.  If they are doing something, they are going to lie about what is being done.
    When you understand the foregoing, you are not going to “victimized”.  You might be screwed, blued, and tattooed by this pack of outlaws, but you will NOT be “gas-lighted”.

    • One of my favorite lines from “Married With Children” was once when Peggy was busting his chops, Al Bundy told her to go ahead, and keep “playing with the piranha”
      Aside from an excuse to reference MWC, that is an apt saying in these times.

    • Rags,
      It never mattered 49% of America knew he was lying, the powers that be, most critically the Malfeasant Media, want Barry of Arabia and his Neo Communist agenda to become reality.
      We will survive this Post Turtle, what we will never survive is a corrupt media that keeps promoting an endless stream of fellow travelers.

  • Nah, we’re being Orwelled.

  • “I come from the land of Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln thought infrastructure was a pretty good idea. That’s part of why we got a Intercontinental Railroad system.”
    There’s Baracula, last night, with that damn Intercontinental Railroad again.  Is that a “shovel-ready” job thingy?

    • He’s counting on most of his supporters having a sense for history that goes back approximately to the cancellation of Friends. They vaguely know that the Transcontinental Railroad was a big deal, and that Lincoln was a saint, so just put the two in the same sentence, voila. They’ll think he said something profound.


      Lincoln did sign one set of the relevant congressional acts for the effort, though all it did was provide some land and financing on favorable terms so that corporations could do the work. But the implication that Lincoln was some sort of leading visionary behind the idea is pretty silly. The Gadsden Purchase way back in 1853 was mainly to provide better land for a transcontinental railroad that the area already ceded to the US.


      But his gaslighting will work on most people, as long as he’s very careful not to mention that Lincoln was a Republican, or if he does to spent plenty of time bemoaning how Republicans today are absolutely nothing like him. Which is true. Most Republicans in DC today are closer to being socialists than they are to being like Lincoln.

    • But the fact that he KEEPS getting it wrong – shows he doesn’t care, or isn’t REALLY bright enough to understand the difference.
      I don’t suppose anyone would want to rain on his little pointy headed parade by pointing out the railroads were built by PRIVATE companies, not government labor.
      And, as we all know, they were built by muslim workers who also helped build America’s factories –
      ““We’ve seen those results in generations of Muslim immigrants – farmers and factory workers, helping to lay the railroads and build our cities,”
      Ignorant, lying, President of the United States.

      • Off topic, but it’s YOUR fault, looker…
        Mark on the anniversary of “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day”, and how the cartoonist who came up with the idea has simply disappeared out of fear of Muslim reprisals.
        That is not the result of “gaslighting”.  It is the result of dead, out-in-the-open intimidation and the gutlessness of our age.  PLUS the very odd understanding of the First Amendment held by so many of the Collective, starting with Pres. ScamWOW.

        • He thought those leftists who go on about how much they support free speech… actually meant it.

          • I said it back when the Jeremiah Wright stories came out – Barack Obama is either stupid, or a liar, people can take their pick which one it is (it may be both, but I figure exclusive OR at least looks like ti gives an option)

          • Her name WAS Molly Norris.  Nobody knows what her name is now, or if she’s alive.
            Ever heard a feminist raise a peep about her?  On the other hand, Miriam Ibrahim would look like Baracula’s sister, but have you heard any word from him about her being condemned to death in Sudan?
            Makes you wanna go “Hmmm….”.

          • ” her being condemned to death in Sudan?”
            Speaking of successful incursions into happy peace loving Muslim Countries.
            I see we’re leading from behind in building a military force to withdraw our Embassy from Arabspringia (formerly known as Libya, soon to be known as AlQuedia)

          • And in even FURTHER conversations about gaslighting sociopaths – Are we arming Israel’s enemies.…let’s see, giving arms to Syrian rebels….why course not, it’s like them guns in Arizona or the weapons we handed out in Libya to overthrow Khaddafi.  They would NEVER end up where they shouldn’t!    Raaaaaacisssssssssstsssssssss!

          • I see we’re leading from behind in building a military force to withdraw our Embassy from Arabspringia

            And Erb is on “holiday” in “Europe” just as the withdrawal from Libya happens? Coincidence? Or a CIA agent with a back-story so batshit crazy no one could ever suspect him.

          • Fear and Loathing in upper Moose Squeeze?

          • Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Dumbass.

          • Not JUST arming…
            Training and battle-testing…

  • And even more speaking of gaslighters – you climate change denying bastards destroyed Egypt’s Akkadian kingdom, your ice melting warming and CO2 reaching back 5000 years and causing dramatic climate change!

    • It was all those Old Testament hogs, racing across the desert.
      “LORD, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked Triumph”  Wonder if they could get theirs to stop leaking oil…???

  • Ever heard a feminist raise a peep about her?

    —– Perhaps a strongly-worded hashtag is needed?

    They just lie to you and expect you to eat it.  Which is sorta “gaslight-ish”.  Except…reality.