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Freakin’ hilarious and so typical

What we all know about liberals is they’re big on “talking the talk”, but when it comes to “walking the walk”, yeah, not so much.

On April 10th, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) filed the forms with the National Labor Relations Board to hold an election to unionize 50 employees working for the George Soros-funded progressive media watchdog, Media Matters for America (MMFA). In response, Media Matters has hired a high priced law firm with experience combating unions to represent the company, indicating that the pro-union MMFA is fighting the action.

Oh, yeah, that’s right … union touting and supporting MMFA isn’t about to let the SEIU (who has donated to MMFA in the past) unionize their shop.  Nope.  Because, well, unions are bad?

If what the law firm they’ve hired has written about their services is any indication of MMFA’s stance on the subject, then yes, union’s are bad:

Whether directly negotiating collective bargaining agreements, developing strike contingency plans or defending unfair labor practice proceedings, Perkins Coie Labor & Employment attorneys provide employers with decades of experience managing traditional labor law issues.  We have been at the bargaining table for some of the largest union employers in the United States and regularly appear before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and in state and federal court on behalf of employers of all sizes.  Our depth of employment litigation experience contributes to cost-effective representation in arbitrations under collective bargaining agreements.

As the Obama NLRB continues to issue union-friendly decisions, we understand the attendant challenges that employers face in developing and maintaining productive employee relations and economic sustainability.

So, now that MMFA has “lawyered up” and is fighting tooth and nail against something it advocates and claims it supports elsewhere, what should we conclude about MMFA?

Yup, as with most of the left, they’re the epitome of hypocrisy.  The Dons of “do as I say, not as I do”.

Because you’re the “little people” and they’re our “betters”.  And  we should remember that the elite always know what’s best for the little people, even if they personally want no part of what they prescribe for us.

Truth Revolt lays out a nice little synopsis for us:

  • SEIU ​(a group of left-wing bullies) has donated to MMfA ​(a group of left-wing bullies) to utilize their bullying tactics against media outlets that challenge union interests
  • MMfA employees want SEIU representation to help them gain better pay and work conditions
  • MMfA is resisting the move and has forbidden open voting or “card check,” something they’ve advocated for in the past
  • SEIU is now trying to publicly shame MMfA (a tactic MMfA uses to silence their opponents) by using (a group of left-wing bullies) to host a petition

You just can’t make this stuff up.


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14 Responses to Freakin’ hilarious and so typical

  • Unionists won’t unionise. Feminists won’t support outspoken black muslim feminists. Climate change true believers take unnecessary air travel or buy sea front property. Venal morons, the lot of them.

  • And you thought circular firing squads were the sole province of the eGOP…
    I remember…I think it was some situation in New Orleans…decades ago, watching police on a roof-top form a nice semi-circle around a steel door on an elevator shaft.  Everybody cut loose.  I don’t recall anybody being seriously wounded, but it was a miracle.  Several were hit in the legs.
    See, one of the things about Collectivists is that they really DO NOT expect their shit will stick to them.

  • “You just can’t make this stuff up.”
    Nope, and you know, given enough time on any progtard favored subject, invariably progressives proceed to demonstrate what utter hypocrites they are, every time.
    The only thing they forget is they don’t hold exclusive means of information distribution any more.   Must suck.   Gonna have to clamp down on this interweb thingie a little harder.

    • I always said that if I was a devious soul, I would try to organize the staff on Capitol Hill.
      All these government types think laws are for the “little people” (and I don’t mean dwarfs).
      Sometimes, reality bites them back.

      “There are always going to be problems, and we’ve had our share.”
      [Former Michigan Democratic congressman, liberal pit bull, academic, antiwar firebrand and labor-union BFF ] Bonior said if he had the power, he would lighten up on pesky regulations.
      “It took us a ridiculous amount of time to get our permits. I understand regulations and . . . the necessity for it. But we lost six months of business because of that. It’s very frustrating.”

  • The other freakin hilarious (not the subject, but the reaction) item for today is Obama saying he’s just discovered the problems with the VA hospitals….
    I know this is a family show, but would it just once, just once be okay if I called him not just my usual ‘liar’ but a @!dd*&^?@# @%c*ing liar?

    • From the news…..he learned about it from the news.
      See, this is more stuff you really just can’t make up because it’s just too (that word) stupid and unbelievable that adults would try to play the ‘we didn’t know card’, again.
      Worst. President. EVER.
      Damn that George Bush!  Look at all the things he kept buried from poor poor Barack.  And Barack has been looking so hard for this information, sometimes between the tee and the 4th hole at Andrews, sometime on the back nine at Mid Pacific club at Lanikai.

    • To be more precise, Obama is the worst chief executive evah.
      Obama act as if all of this was setup by Bush and those before him and he is absolutely powerless to change it.
      It will all get better once Obama comes to realize that he is now “The Man” and it’s always “The Mans”-s fault.

  • And on another planet, in another galaxy in an alternate universe…

  • Wait! This guy is so brilliant. Everyone on the left tells how smart and capable he is. And he’s bored, so he has plenty of time. You might think he would spend some of that time using his brilliant intellect to figure out WHY EVERYTHING IN HIS GODD@#N ADMINISTRATION IS SO SCREWED UP, DESPITE HAVING OVER FIVE YEARS TO GET THINGS RIGHT!
    No shovel ready projects. “We didn’t understand about shovel ready.” Border agents killed. “Guns? What guns?” IRS targets his political enemies. “I’m outraged. Well, for a while. Then I can’t see a smidgen of corruption.” Four people killed in Benghazi. “It was an incendiary video. Well, no it was a terrorist attack and I said so the first day according to Candy Crowley. so forget the video stuff. Anyway, dude, that was like two years ago.”
    Ukraine. “Hey man, nothing we can do. Did you see our hashtags, though?” Syria. “Red line. Well, not really. And I didn’t either get rolled by Putin and Assad over it. Cause Hillary and I are both so brilliant and capable.”
    And how about that wonderful GM bailout, huh? Only eleven million vehicles recalled, and hiding the problems by lying about them over ten years, several of which were during government oversight.
    Keystone. “Can’t decide. Yes, I know it’s been two and a half years. Still thinking about it, honest.  But I’m taking credit for the increase in petro production, you can bet on that, even though I opposed almost everything that caused it when I was a senator.”
    And yet there are those still convinced this man is a paragon of intellectual brilliance and world-class temperament. I think these modern day Obama acolytes would be a lot easier to deal with than Winston Smith:

    ‘How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’
    ‘And if the party says that it is not four but five — then how many?’

    Modern day leftists would immediately respond, “Oh, five, of course. Everybody knows that.”

      Billy, look at that graphic.  It looks like it should have come from The People’s Cube as a parody.  We live in crazy times.
      The guys at PowerLine think the use of the visitors’ center for this screening is illegal.  But these are outlaws of much greater caliber.

      • I don’t get it, but, yeah, crazy times indeed.


        I attended my son’s graduation ten days ago in Winston-Salem. He treated us to some tickets for a theater production (it’s a performing arts school – he’s in design and production).


        As I got a bottle of water at intermission, I saw a late-sixties hippie proudly wearing a relatively new Che t-shirt.


        These people make proud fashion statements showing how much they admire thuggish murderers. But to them, it doesn’t matter that he was a thuggish murderer, as long as he was a thuggish murderer in support of their preferred politics.


        And they can no doubt give anyone who asks a dozen reasons why poor old Che was just a misunderstood revolutionary. That’s their reality. You can’t change it, not with facts, logic, reason, or anything else. (Insert appropriate moose-oriented comparison here.)


        But, as I heard recently, some realities are more real than others. That old thug-supporting commie in Winston-Salem probably won’t live long enough to regret being a thug-supporting commie, but those he mentored probably won’t have such luck.0


        (The Che-adoring SOB didn’t tip the concession staff either. I did, generously, just to show them the difference.)

    • GM – awww, no, see, that was OLD GM that had those problems….
      Old GM…..jolly jokers, such kidders no?

    Which is really kinda interesting.
    Nobody is playing up the fact that Judicial Watch has pried stuff out of the Obamabanana Republic that Baracula and his crew have withheld from Congressional oversight, though it was requested/demanded/subpoenaed.
    OR that they HAD to…  Sorta makes you wonder about that whole “press” thingy as “watchdog”, dunnit…???


  • Professors and civil servants implicitly recognize the economic value of this deal; whenever someone suggests abolishing lifetime job protections, they rush to argue that they have agreed to lower pay in exchange for these privileges. That’s not always true, in fact. Also overlooked is that the people who do this are effectively engaging in tax arbitrage: exchanging taxable income for untaxed guarantees that can be very financially valuable.

    It is worth thinking of these things as you read Piketty because doing so reminds you just how limited and approximate are the government statistics that he must rely upon.
    —Megan McArdle, doing some VERY dangerous thinking about Thomas Peekitty’s “wealth tax” notions.
    I bet the Maven Of Moosesqueeze would have a rolling cat fit over the idea that tenure should be taxed!  Hell, IF he could comprehend the argument at all…