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The Narcissistic Administration

America used to be famous for its men and women of action.  Now?  Now we’re governed (ruled?) by a group of narcissists who think that selfies and hashtags equal action:

In the 21st century, we have regressed to the Freudian phallic stage of development, reaching in, back in short pants with our hands all the way down them, which gives one a rather limited impression of the elephant in the room.

Slavery in Nigeria, the occupation of Ukraine, whatever: It ain’t about you, Sunshine.

The “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign, directed at the fanatical Islamist slavers in Nigeria, has inspired selfies from U.S. senators and the wife of the president of these United States, while State Department spokesman Jen Psaki, the Pippi Longstocking of the diplomatic world, took to Twitter to photograph herself with a “United for Ukraine” placard. To confront the heinous crimes of Boko Haram, a U.S. senator has many options — for example, introducing an authorization to use military force against said terrorist franchise. The U.S. State Department has many tools at its disposal for confronting the expansionist tendencies of Vladimir Putin.

The selfie is not among those tools.

But it seems to be the tool of choice with this bunch.  Well, that and deploying hashtags. How utterly useless and embarrassing is it to see our supposed leaders resorting to this sort of self-centered “action”?

Very.  Oh, it’s an action – it’s all about the PR for them.  It feeds their need to feel superior and show they “care”.  Actually do something to address the situation in question?  Yeah, that’s hard.

But that’s what we get for “leadership” from this crew:

Imagine, if you can, the abjectly juvenile state of mind necessary to contemplate the hundreds of Nigerian girls taken into slavery by a fanatical Muslim anti-education militia — whose characteristic activity beyond slave-taking is setting fire to children — and, in the face of all that horror, concluding: “You know what this situation really calls for? A cutesy picture of . . . me!” Bad enough when your cousin Caitlin at Bryn Mawr does that — but senators? State Department officials? These are men and (disproportionately, I think) women of power and influence, who have the ability to engage with the world and change it. But they are enchanted by the unique witchcraft of the age of social media, the totemic power of the digital expression of the self. It is not accidental that the only good selfie in the history of world leaders came well before the invention of Twitter from a man with an ego sufficiently robust not to require the constant reinforcement that is the psychic lifeblood of Millennials (and Washingtonians well old enough to know better), without which they find themselves paralyzed.

Can a leadership group take the reins from this group and do worse?  Oh you bet.  But with the bar set as low as the Obama administration has set it, it would take a real concerted effort to do worse.  Of course, there’s Hillary.  However the one positive thing the Obama administration has done in its seemingly endless tenure is rescue Jimmy Carter.  He is now only the 2nd worst president ever.  At least his administration was mostly peopled by adults.


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40 Responses to The Narcissistic Administration

  • Hey, Baracula is bringing people together all over the globe!
    Al Qaeda is expanding its franchises all over, but especially in Africa, Syria, Libya, etc., etc.
    The Roooshins and Chinese are new BFF, and Iraq and Venezuela are TIGHT, along with the NORKS.
    And NOBODY trusts us…and for very good reasons.  Hell, even Israel and the Saudis are united in their distrust of Baracula.

    • When the words “The Fundamental Transformation of this Country” were spoken, so few knew it really translated to “Radom Havoc” the only common thread being, that each and every event would be singularly destructive to the Republic of America.
      Some would call it another coincidence in a long series of coincidences.
      After five years, I have cease to believe in coincidences.
      At some point the term: Domestic Enemy of the Constitution becomes to real to ignore.
      Ladies and Gentleman, we are there.

      • Yeeeeup.  It is no mystery where the root of all this evil is planted, either.  Pres. ScamWOW is a vessel of magic thinking about the world, how it works, human nature, and…well…pretty much everything.  It is not about incompetenceIt is about the dangerous delusions of Collectivism.

  • To understand this issue we must explore the role of ‘tweeting’.  Birds tweet for two reasons:

    1.  To attract a mate:  in this context read that ‘the like minded.’
    2.  To threaten/defend:  self explanatory.

    In the real word, the avian species’ do not tweet when hunting/building etc: which in this context means actually doing something.

    Ergo, twitter/tweeting is a way to avoid actually doing something.


  • Such different worlds are occupied. One is power and territory and guns and fear and force, and the other is hashtags and look-at-me  and social positioning and signaling and slacktivisim.
    Its going to be EXTREMELY ugly when they collide head-on.

    • I think they already have collided head-on at various places. For example, the liberal female relief worker raped on the roof in Haiti.
      What we have is a group with an entitlement mentality. They have grown up in peace and safety, and also with the propaganda of the left, blaming Western culture for all ills. They think peace, safety and prosperity are entitlements. They believe in the noble savage. Some times, they learn they are wrong. But not always; the woman raped in Haiti somehow managed to blame Western culture for the rape.

      • See “Thinking, Magic” above…

      • A fun exercise would be to ask women: If you felt you were in danger of being raped, what would you want to defend yourself with  1) A Gun; 2) A hashtag

        • 3) huge-capacity rape whistle.
          But see “Thinking, Magic”.  Many women are more afraid of a gun than the RISK of being raped.

          • Well,  when you start with expelling kids for biting a pop-tart in the shape of a gun, you have to expect this sort of thing in the finished product

          • What sort of gun? a pistol or an automatic black military style assault semiautomatic machinegun or a bolt action gun with fixed capacity of 2 ‘calibers’ (and one caliber in the place where the bullet goes)?
            Did this kid ever point his fingers at anyone? that’s practically assault!
            The prosecutor will want to know.
            Oh, I see, you’re being rhetorical and it didn’t really happen.   But it could have!   We have to do something!

          • Uh, for the children of course.  Not THIS child, but the other children who are being bullied by this poptart biting maniac!

  • This Administration just can’t grasp the notion of folks who just can’t be reasoned with (except for Republicans).
    It’s all an intellectual game to them like they are still back in college burning through other people’s (i.e. dad’s) money, while these other folks are playing for keeps (i.e. life & death).
    Some times I thing we need to bring back publuc executions (or perhaps an above ground nuclear test) so we as a community can come to grips with life & death.

    • Leftist ideology includes a belief system that precludes them from grasping the realities of the various actors throughout the world. Hence they can’t formulate a workable foreign policy. That’s why leftist administrations waste time on things like an Israeli-Arab peace plan, pull out of the missile shield in Eastern Europe, fall back on Putin in Syria, etc.

  • According to our lefty friends, using this nice squishy “soft power” to encourage Boko Haram to suddenly find that nugget of gold in their twisted hears, rather than eventually assaulting and destroying them, is wise and Obamaesque. However, the same lefties think that a complete armed overkill response to a rancher in Nevada is also quite sensible. Lefties were outraged over warrantless intercepts during the Bush administration, but raise nary a tweet when the NSA vastly over-reaches at home. The same look-at-me-lefties busily post twits and selfies about Ukraine impressing no-one except each other, while when needed Putin writes an op ed in the New York Times in order to take the psychological battle straight to the heart of his opponents territory. Lefties think they are rational, wise and caring, but empirical evidence suggests … ?

  • Diana West’s, “Death of the Grown Up”.

  • You just know that Boko Haram has the same kind of Internet pipe that the, uh, almost completely peaceful but totally outraged and angered protestors had in bombed out Benghazi that day on September 11th.
    “OH!!!!  By the prophet’s steed!  Mustapha!  Have you seen this!   Here, on your I-phone…you…oh, you only have a Kindle?  Oh my bad GF.  Hang on, I will send you a copy, what was your email again?   Yes, by the beard of the prophet, I hate this autocorrect sometimes!  No, you silly thing, I typed mortars not motors and….ah what!!!!?  How was it deleted!!!?  Infidel!!!!!
    Achmed!  Can you forward me a copy of that URL again if it please Allah, I accidentally deleted mine I think .  Good good, send Mustapha a copy too please, you are my BFF!”
    Well, no matter what kind of user difficulties they may be having, they’re unbelievably shamed by the latest round of twits.
    But we must be careful NOT to push them too far!  As demonstrated by the YouTube video prior to attacking the compound, they can be agitated to the point were, dare I say it, we almost deserve to be attacked, or kidnapped, or raped, or…whatever.   Imagine what would happen if they were to link some Boko Haram massacre to Michelle’s “Bring back our girls” photos!   It would….
    bwaaaahahahahahah, sorry, I jest, THAT would never happen of course.

    • Picture the scene in 1976, at Israeli Defence Force HQ as they prepare to send 100 commandos thousands of miles to rescue their fellow countrymen. The men are on the planes, the engines running when there comes a message from Mr Rabin….  “stand down the men, Betty Ford just took a photo of herself with a sign ‘bring back our Jews’, this is a game changer boys, the end of history, a virtual revolution”.

      • Or Reagan holding up a sign…#TearDownThisWall, instead of committing to the Strategic Defense Initiative.

        • In history, how many evil organizations or governments have been taken down by a hashtag?

        • That totally happened dude, but you see, Gorbachev was out of cell range, and his AV guy couldn’t get into the WiFi because he didn’t have the WEP key for the only network they could ‘see’ and no one who had a working phone could create a hot-spot so they didn’t SEE Reagan’s photo for, like, a weeks.
          That’s why it took a couple years for Russia to just, you know, give up.
          The problem is we’re old and out dated and we don’t realize how cool and motivational the changes were that all sorta just happened when the clock hit 12:01 Jan 1, 2000.   We’re still dealing with this old power projection paradigm from the olden days in our heads and don’t understand how these hashtag things and selfies and Arab Spring from cell phones works.
          And we just don’t understand how charismatic our President is, and how much people around the world respect him and want him to like them.  We’re kinda racists I think, or something and we’re blinded to the, uh, coolness?  Is that a right word?  See, I’m probably not even using the right word to describe how cool the American government is now, you know?

      • As you can see, I majored in Improbable History at Whattsamatta U.

    Well, that ain’t necessarily a good thing….

    • I loved the line : “Carter had a paddle?”    because the rest of us sure didn’t.

  • Two notes:
    1. Speaking of our “selfie” administration (What’s it all about, Selfie?  Hmm, there’s a song in there somewhere…), ever since Barry-O and company ascended the throne (of power, not the porcelain one), I’ve referred to him as Ozymandias-on-the-Potomac which, come to think of it, refers to a days-of-yore, pre-cellphone-camera “selfie” statue.  How apropos!
    2. This hashtag response thing is quite boomer-appropriate as well.  Compare to a song by Tom Lehrer, “Folk Song Army,” in which he notes that the circa 1960s protest songs were never intended to actually DO something, rather to just make the singers feel GOOD about singing them. Do a quick online search and enjoy the song and how it parallels this mis-administration of perpetual (and petulant) adolescents.