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Trying desperately to make sense of the Bergdahl mess

When something happens in the public sphere, we never know all the details. But usually we know enough to build a plausible mental model for how it all went down. Based on the actors’ previous actions, the context, and what we know about the ideological battles at any time, we think and hope we have some level of understanding.

But then something happens that makes no sense at all. It could only happen with a level of incompetence or malice that we intuitively don’t believe is possible, even in those public figures we despise.

The Bergdahl situation fits that description for me. Here are the links directly from Drudge on the whole thing, in case you’re not up on the latest:


Reintegration: Military hides Bergdahl from public view...
FLASHBACK: 'Converted to Islam And Taught Captors Bomb Making Skills'...
NYTIMES: Left note explaining desertion before going AWOL...
Pentagon knew whereabouts but didn't risk rescue for 'deserter'...
Never Officially Listed as POW...
CHARGE: Soldiers died searching for him...
Former fed prosecutor: Release of Gitmo terrorists impeachable offense...
CHENEY: U.S. will 'pay a price'...
Freed Taliban leaders given hero's welcome...
Toobin: Obama 'Clearly Broke Law'...
Three years since consulting Congress...
FATHER: 'I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners'...
Anger explodes...



You can get the gist from the headlines. This guy has been gone five years – notice that I don’t say “missing” because the NYT says he left a note that he was deserting before he left, and apparently his location was known. He was exchanged for five Taliban leaders in Gitmo who were welcomed as heroes back home – and it looks like that was done in clear violation of the law concerning Congressional notice about such releases.

On top of all this, the Taliban said back in 2010 that Bergdahl apparently converted to Islam and collaborated with the very people his unit was fighting.

If that’s all true – and there’s no indication otherwise at this point – then the Obama administration gave five enemy leaders their freedom to retrieve a traitor who went over the enemy voluntarily and didn’t seem in any hurry to leave. There is no conceivable upside for the United States that I can see.

Now, maybe all kinds of things will come out to challenge this interpretation. We’ll wait and see.

I rather hope so. Because as it stands, this simply doesn’t make any sense.

I can think of several ways this could get through the White House, but note of them seem any more likely than any of the others. Here are the possibilities I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Nobody at White House knew the details on Bergdahl because they are all incompetent boobs who don’t know how to do due diligence on anything
  • Somebody at White House knew, but was afraid to say anything because Obama (or Jarrett) had declared that they wanted this to go forward
  • Somebody at White House knew, and put the information in a report, but Obama and Jarrett are both too lazy to read reports closely and realize what’s important
  • Everybody knew, including Obama, but he simply didn’t care because he thought it could be spun as a triumph
  • Everybody knew, including Obama, and he knew the real nature of Bergdahl would get out, but Obama simply didn’t care because it was an opportunity to poke congressional Republicans in the eye


All of these assume extreme incompetence or malice or both. But I can’t think of any way a competent White House that has the best interests of the country in mind and is operating in good faith takes a decision that gives these results. I’m leaning towards extreme incompetence; in fact, I’m waiting for today’s press conference where Obama tells us he found out all this stuff about Bergdahl the same time we did through press reports, since that shtick seems to work every time he tries it.

OK, sharp and excellent QandO commenters – what am I missing here?

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  • All of these assume extreme incompetence or malice or both.

    Why not just sheer opportunism? Get to empty Gitmo some, suck up to the Taliban, good photo sessions, challenge Republicans to look petty and “unpatriotic”… what more does a venal politician really want?

  • Not so sharp here….but dude….wait till you see what they’re giving Putin for Snowden!!!!!!   Oops, I should probably wait until John Francois makes that announcement….
    Hey, remember the brilliant swap the Obama administration did for Anna Chapman and her buds back in 2010 (so many screw ups, so little time to be President…)?   They got sleeper agents we got….what did we get again?   Oh, right.
    Nope, this whole thing reeks of the usual distraction that they team of children thought would make them bullet proof for a while until the VA thing died out.
    If this was Star Trek the scene preceding this would have had Barack ordering Joe to fire the phasers (Shinseki), just before Mr Kerry called the bridge to tell them the dilithium core was about to rupture (Carney) so Captain Barack ordered them to fire the photon torpedoes (Bergdahl) figuring that would completely destroy the Republicons ability to fire back until he had time to get the ship fixed again (using another BigLie speech gambit).
    Reality – what a mean bitch she is.
    We lost 6 men searching for Benedict Arnold Jr (not really, Arnold was a much better traitor than this clueless kid).
    And how many vets did we lose at the VA again during the reign of the smartest man in the room?  the guy who used it as a campaign plank in 2008?
    And all this wookie poop just happens to come together on the last Friday of May on the heels of the ongoing and unrelenting VA disaster?
    Uh huh.
    Still, all this talk of breaking the law….tsk tsk, YOU know as well as I do that Barack Obama didn’t know anything about this (or Shinseki, or Carney) until he heard about it on the news Friday morning.    Uh, no on is as mad, uh, glad, uh, emotional about it as he is.  He’ll send Eric Holder to investigate, and in any event it was done by Ex-P.F.C. Wintergreen,  at a recruiting office in Cincinnati and it’s all a false scandal or will be in a couple weeks.
    My read – Barack needed a distraction from the VA, Shinseki and Carney that they thought would make them immune from criticism AND make him a hero for rescuing the POW just like he was a hero for taking out Bin Laden.
    I mean, how could we be angry with Barack ‘Norris’ Obama for rescuing a POW!
    Haven’t you seen the movies?!!!!
    Chuck Norris, John Rambo, they don’t get arrested for breaking things like laws when it comes to rescuing our warriors and saving the day!
    Ungrateful wretches.

    • I’d LIKE to think this was VA connected, but I can’t.  Even the Obami are not THAT quick on the draw.  This pot had to be on the heat for too long to be planned as a VA distraction, though it certainly is fortuitous.  Innit…???

      • Rags, you are wrong about that.
        Panetta nixed this deal previously.
        I would bet everything had been considered already – how to do it, etc.
        And the deal would have been for 5 low level guys, and the Taliban said, nahhh, how about these guys?
        Then Panetta says “now way!”
        Its does not take much to call up a year later and say “that deal is still available if you want it!”
        Or, it may be Obama just got lucky and this was planned as capstone to his “we are leaving Afghanistan tour.”

        • Yeah, no.  We don’t just pick up the ol’ sat-phone and call up Mustafa at Taliban Central.
          The timing was happenstance.

          • Eli Lake
            “But current U.S. intelligence and defense officials who spoke to The Daily Beast on Monday say the process for exchanging Taliban for Bergdahl this time was rushed and closely held, in some instances leaving little room for any push back against a policy clearly favored by the White House.
            “This was an example of forcing the consensus,” one U.S. military official said. “The White House knew the answer they wanted and they ended up getting it.”

            “This was an example of forcing the consensus,” one U.S. military official said. “The White House knew the answer they wanted and they ended up getting it.”

            The White House did not even consult or inform Congress until after the prisoner release had begun. Dianne Feinstein, the Democratic chairwoman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, told The Daily Beast, “Should we have gotten advance warning? I actually think so.” She added, “We had participated in a number of briefings some time ago [on a possible future deal] and there was considerable concern.”

          • We have been in contact with them in Qatar for a while. They have an office there.
            The deal had been discussed before, and only certification was missing.

          • Yeah, I read all that.  You still do NOT mount this kind of exchange in a matter of days.  IMNHO.

          • OK, evidence for your argument in that piece:
            Qatar government offered protections, and one year from now, we will mainly be gone. In 2012, this was not offered.
            “Rush” in government terms could mean 6 months.
            I lean more to capstone of leaving Afghanistan.
            Also has a benefit for Hillary: war on terror being over really helps make Benghazi seem an after thought
            After our troops are gone, it will be very bad if one of these detainees is part of the jubilant Taliban forces retaking Kabul, though.

          • There’s always stuff bubbling about. The Federal government and the world is very big. Obama does not need to go “I need a distraction, now start creating one from scratch starting… NOW!”. He just says he needs a distraction, and starts pawing through the current very-large likely-looking set. And this time he (and/or his administration) picked a major loser.
            Heck, given the rate at which scandals have been hitting lately, and given the nature of this distraction (foreign policy), this is probably in reaction to the resurgence of Benghzai in the news! It’s just that the Obama failures are coming so thick and fast now that he can’t even get the distractions out on a timely basis.
            We have a President who is now failing at distractions. This is an epic level of fail for a politician, especially for one with the press in his pocket.

          • “…it will be very bad if one of these detainees is part of the jubilant Taliban forces retaking Kabul…”
            At least one or two are BIG political leaders of the Taliban, not just field commanders.  They were part of the Taliban government before we took over.  You can count on them being prominent in the victory celebration.

          • If you wanted to make a deal on this guy, and were aware of his situation, wouldn’t you do it in December, after the elections?
            Or right before elections, but no enough time for his past to come up?
            Then, maybe you need a distraction now, so you move it up?
            But I think Rags is right and this probably was set in motion as part of Obama’s “end” to the war on terror.
            Its sad that its possible to speculate.
            Another possible speculation: if Obama actually knew this guy had issues, would he have done the big ceremony? Or would he have laid out the issue a bit, and said, “still, we have to bring him home.” This would lean to him not being aware or that he’s really more interested in LIV impressionistic stuff.
            I have to say I am very surprised the MSM is touching this story.
            I highly suspect that this is the Media unleashing its anger at covering up for other stories on this “less partisan” story and the VA story as well.

      • ” This pot had to be on the heat for too long to be planned as a VA distraction, though it certainly is fortuitous.  Innit…???”
        The VA went hand was dealt years ago.  CNN ran a story on it on April 30th.   Okay, it’s been a problem for a long while, but it finally surfaced again in a big way because they promised to fix it 6 years ago.
        So, the game looks like it’s gone completely sideways for Barack – and they’ve probably been dicking around with these Afghan Mafioso for a while.     
        Shinseki didn’t come as a surprise to Barack, no matter how it’s played, and neither did Carney.
        I think they’ve been holding most of the cards on Bergdahl for a while and finally decided it was time to play what they thought was a winning hand.   Hell man, there are so many potential scandals for this administration, the ‘hero’ return and rescue ‘operation’ could have been up Barack’s sleeve for a while waiting for him to need another Bin Laden like ace he could play.

    • I posted this elsewhere Pendergast, I really doubt that Obama is doing this as a distraction. There’s been a strong pattern throughout his administration of committed efforts to agitprop from every angle, all the time, by all possible means. This is just simply one of the biggest insults he can deliver, along with being a house divider. That’s why he loved it when the dad broke out the Arabic. Once you have inflamed emotions, then you can manipulate people.
      Some self important, inflated poseur is spreading FUD that Republicans were “shitting” on our armed forces and already demanding that all we infer that conservatives are going to suffer in the elections. I guess he can’t help himself.  DID YOU KNOW THAT HE PREDICTED 48 OUT OF 48 STATES? We have no choice but to accept every word of his as gospel, except I predicted 50 out of 50 so now we have a different source for our gospel and I’m sure the conceited jerk is hanging on every word I say and willing to agree with any argument I make…plus I’m willing to throw in some quiet, reassuring whispering for those who still differ from state opinions.
      Malibu is a scumbag who stays up late planning to shit on the armed services and America for simple agitprop. America caught on long ago and this recent insult will motivate the conservative base strongly in the fall elections, even as inexplicable as this recent snafu to many. Simply, just because they can’t conceive the evil underlying the man, doesn’t mean they won’t trounce libs in the fall. As intelligent as the average American is, it’s clear he hates America and lib candidates will be proxies. As I stated:
      The sad part is that in my opinion, and I’m not trying to start a ruckus, but malibu is getting away with far more malice than you guys are accusing him of. Let’s face it, Americans are some of the most decent, kind and reasonable people on earth, at least until recently when libs went from being Dems to socialists. I think that because you can’t imagine anyone as evil and as vindictive as mal i bu, you’ve missed his primary reason for his setting free the Taliban murderers and many of the other, recent, over the top, cowardly, dishonorable, malice filled actions of this administration. The freeing of Hispanic criminal illegals was another dangerous and unbelievable insult to our cultural values and assault on the structure of our society. Malibu displays on his best days, a depraved indifference towards the humanistic, conservative American, and his white hot, racist, near murderous rage and contempt is often poorly concealed against certain demographics i.e. whites, Christians, Jews, etc. besides hating the basic, core decency of America.  It is somewhat a green eyed vengeance for the failures of his socialist religion but one that is also pragmatic because to ever be successful they have to destroy our society. But still it is mostly his character flaws and not a quest to inflict his religion on an unsuspecting people.
      Malibu has a huge number of ugly character flaws besides his relentless compulsion to seek power through a childish and already proven not to work political philosophy. He has distinguished himself all time, easily being in the top five most racist presidents of all time. Considering Andrew Johnson was constantly obsessed with his hatred of blacks and a distant second was Woodrow Wilson who felt eugenics was the answer to the black question.. he’s had to beat some incredible competition to place so high  He’s simply attacking our society at its core base values, hoping to demoralize the citizens by constantly bringing into question the values and mores of our society. Yeah malibu is a savage, slimy pig, a smart ass, malevolent, dangerous child intent on destroying anything that has defined and made America decent. He’s using all the strategies the communists have always used. Its just another way to propagandize and destabilize the American people and Malibu is pure enough evil that he will release people who kill his countrymen to inflict a political philosophy that he doesn’t probably really care that much about. My vote is that he enjoys being an evil piece of garbage and is inflicting as much pain as he can, in the ugliest way possible, using standard agitprop tactics of socialists. He’s arming the government and preparing civil servants to attack citizens and yet it is so illogical, no one will believe it until it happens. Myself included.

  • Somebody at White House knew, and put the information in a report, but Obama and Jarrett are both too lazy to read reports closely and realize what’s important
    Everybody knew, including Obama, but he simply didn’t care because he thought it could be spun as a triumph

    One of these two.   I lean towards the first of the two for the reasons you stated.

    • I can also see political advisers kicking around the question with Obama of the political ramifications of NOT getting Bergdahl back.
      That is what they would afraid of, the optics of our troops leaving, except for one guy.
      “Obama left a man behind!”

      • …and in such discussions not even thinking about Bergdahl’s own actions. Who cares?

      • But here’s the deal, none of this reflects on the NEXT Democrat to run for the office.
        Everyone treats this like Obama has to win another election, and he doesn’t.
        So this isn’t a campaign issue – he only has to steer clear of getting himself in impeachable waters, and impeach isn’t a word anyone should be using until Harry Reid and the Democrats no longer dominate the Senate anyway, IF AT ALL.

        • Everyone treats this like Obama has to win another election, and he doesn’t

          >>> Incorrect. He’s still running. That’s really all he does. You think for a second he wasnt’ ultra concerned with his current approval ratings and the VA scandal? Why that could actually tarnish his legacy! Best to secure a short-term win to make it go away. He’ll deal with the next mess in much the same fashion.

          Or with a snazzy hashtag

          • “He loved badminton and always played badminton with his handlers. In fact, he taught many fighters about the game,” he added.”

            Where did they get the equipment?

        • I think the lesson of Bush is that in fact, incumbents are still running.

  • And a third observation – are you REALLY going to question the competence of the White House at this point?   You’re being rhetorical aren’t you.

  • “….what am I missing here?”
    Well, lots…  Which is not to fault your fine start, Billy.  There is just SOOOO much to this latest crap sandwich from Pres. ScamWOW and the Obami that we haven’t touched.
    Item: some are reporting that the Taliban, as such, never had ol’ Bowe.  He was always in Haqqani hands, and they are MORE piratical than even the Taliban, though allied with them.  The suggestion is that there was also money paid into the deal, and the Taliban were acting mostly as facilitators.
    Item: Susan Rice goes on the TV and tells people with a straight face we did not negotiate with terrorist.  Which had the same meaning as saying to America, “Eat shit, and like it”.
    Item: we have some very curious word games being played.  Carney was very careful to say that Bowe was not a “hostage”, but a prisoner.  I’d like some word on that from McQ when he can speak to this.  Why is that distinction…that FALSE distinction…important?
    Item: we have the equivalent of the Nazi high command and chancery in custody.  And we trade them off?  Does ANYBODY seriously believe they will be “red-shirts” for a year?  Can anyone argue this was not giving direct aid and comfort to our enemies?  These guys are some of the worst pirates on the planet, and they will actively be again.  So, net deal; the world just was made MUCH more dangerous for Americans and those who support us.
    Item: Richard Fernandez, who I think is a very fine thinker, wrote that this move signals that Obama has surrendered to the Taliban.  They certainly appear to think so.  I doubt very, very much that anyone in foreign affairs sees this otherwise.  This was just the first move in emptying out GITMO.  More capitulations to follow.
    Item: not presuming to speak for our rank and file service people, but the reaction by them to this seems to run from disgust to outrage.  Again, something perhaps McQ would be good enough to address.
    Item: this paints a big, fat bullseye on the chest of every American who presents an opportunity for the terrorists worldwide to snatch.  Obama deals, and he is a VERY bad bargainer!  Fire up the motor bike, Hassan!
    Item: this leaves several OTHER Americans…not servicemen…held HOSTAGE in Afghanistan.  (crickets…)
    Item: NOOOOOObody, even including the Obami, is saying this did not violate the law.  It did.  But, hey, “exigency”.  And, besides, laws are not for outlaw regimes.
    Item: the Obami are out mouthing this good bullshit about how we never “leave anyone behind”.  Sure we do.  We left several guys behind in like circumstances in Korea, if I remember correctly.  I wonder how many in Vietnam.  Was good ol’ Bowe a HOSTAGE, PRISONER, or VALUED GUEST?  Dunno.
    I could go on, but time will not permit just now…

    • This was just the first move in emptying out GITMO.  More capitulations to follow.

      >>> Americans ARE going to die in the future at the hands of those Obama has (or will) release.  There’s gonna be a lot of “told ya so” in the years to come.

  • At first I really didn’t know much about this – until I saw the photo op of Obama with the Daddy.
    That guy’s beard told me everything I needed to know.  Turns out I was correct.
    My guess is he thought it would move the VA off the front pages, and that it would be a short term win (ie- he bet that a short news cycle would work in his favor, that the GOP wouldn’t dare protest against securing a POW and we’d move on etc).  I bet he never knew this kid was (allegedly) a dirtbag who deserved to rot with his captors/fellow travelers.
    So malice and incompetance in mixture.
    That said, I hope every member of the military and dilpo core is more aware now. It’s open season to kidnap.

    • I will offer one defense of the father…if you want your son back, and your own country is already doing what it can, the next people to talk to are the enemy Growing a beard and learning their language might make them have more sympathy, make you look less alien.
      But then you can go full Stockholm.

  • This is Obama’s version of the Iran-Contra affair.

    • Except in Iran-Contra we were getting stuff we really thought was good.  Advancing the ball, so to speak.  This is sort of the opposite.
      Which kinda reinforces my observation about Obamic incompetence.  He isn’t incompetent.  He is just following anti-American incentives.  He knows what the wants, and he works to get it.  If you once wrap your head around that, all his actions make sense.

      • But….if you begin to believe he (and his) really ARE that incompetent a lot of these things make sense too.
        They’re kids in a canoe who think they can cross the North Atlantic.

  • The only thing that I can think that might be missing is that Bergdahl really didn’t desert but was out doing something sneaky on orders and got caught.  I admit, one needs a special grade of tin foil beanie to swallow this idea.
    Because if Bergdahl really did desert, convert to Islam, and trained the enemy then Obama just abetted the enemy and broke the law in the process of moving the 5 Gitmo guys to Qatar.  There is a word for this:  treason.

    • Really, Obama has so many perfect out options.
      Let’s say this story never got legs: he gets a triumph.
      Let’s say the story becomes nuanced, as it is now: he says “regardless, we can’t leave him behind as we pull out.”*
      Let’s say Berghdahl assisted the Taliban and converted to full on whacko: “We brought him home, but he must serve his time.”
      *On Yahoo News the headline was “Obama: We don’t leave a man behind!”
      For the average LIV, that looks pretty good.
      And right now, the Pentagon is suppressing a lot of info.

    • Also, let’s dispense with two myths:
      1) Bergdahl was infiltrating the Taliban. If so, that was a very dumb plan with lots to backfire.
      2) Those 5 guys are “chipped.” Sure, we’re going to do a surgical procedure on detainees. Right.

      • Like I said, it would take a special grade of tin foil beanie to buy such a conspiracy.  Not to mention the millions of ways it could have gone wrong.

  • Its obviously:

    Everybody knew, including Obama, but he simply didn’t care because he thought it could be spun as a triumph.

    Let’s face it, we are now in the facebook model of politics. Shallow voters, LIV, all getting news from facebook, and in general voting based on feelings rather similar to “liking” something just because it makes you feel good. Politicians now becoming like celebs, and we vote for the guy who “understands me.”

    So, really here are the possible reasons for making this exchange, and not all of them are anti-Obama:

    1) War is being ended, and we want to tie up loose strings. While he is a deserter, he’s still an American, and the Taliban might have executed him publicly or something horrible to make us look bad. Its also possible that the release of the 5 bad guys is really not that big a deal. I doubt they have been chipped, but Qatar might actually keep them from being back in Afghanistan for a year, and maybe we expect some sort of deal to be done by that time.

    2) Obama knows that most people will only see the headline about “our boy coming home” and the fallout will be limited. This fits with LIV and “Facebook Like” style of public opinion.

    3) Obama also knows this will be a great distraction from the VA, and one where he can defend himself very well “We don’t leave a man behind.”  Some claim this deal could not have been done in advance…I’m betting they have been sitting on the Taliban offer for a while, as Panetta had nixed it before. He even has a final back up option “I only learned of the father’s kookiness and Bowe’s treason in the paper, just like you!”

    So there are your 3 reasons: 1 of them reasonable, two of them pretty scummy.

    But look at the news headlines…anything about the VA?


  • However, in the same June 2013 press briefing where Carney made his statement that the White House would consult with Congress before making any detainee transfer decisions, he made clear that the White House considered the return of Sgt. Bergdahl and the release of any detainees to be two separate issues [emphasis added]:

    Q    So you haven’t ruled it out [the Taliban has offered to release Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five members of the Taliban who are currently being held at Guantanamo Bay]?

    MR. CARNEY:  I’m simply saying that — first of all, you have to separate the two issues.  We are focused on the return  — the safe and immediate return of Sergeant Bergdahl, and we continue to use the tools at our disposal to help bring that about.

    We also expect the Taliban to raise the issue of their detainees in discussions that we have with them if those discussions take place.  And at this time we’ve made no decisions about the transfer of detainees.  And in accordance with law, we would be consulting with Congress should we make any decisions about that.  So we remain committed to the closure of Guantanamo Bay, as you know.  But separate from that on these specific issues about individual detainees, that would be a process that is done in accordance with law.
    —from the Weekly Standard
    Seems…I dunno…a clear contradiction.  Dunnit…???

  • Used to ‘tut-tut’ those who pronounced our CIC as anti-American or worse.  Now – there really are no other plausible explanations.  He’s not up for re-election so there’s little on the political scene to be gained.  It is not plausible that he didn’t know the full story on Bergdahl.  It’s also not believable that he doesn’t know the true nature of the five Gitmo detainees he released.  The truly frightening part of this escapade is that he’s likely to get away with it.  Like another poster noted, he’s saying to the American military, “You’ll eat this sh*t an like it.”  These are dark times.

  • Hey, I was looking for the $6 billion the State Department lost last year, any of you guys seen…..Bergdahl, Obama!  My heroes!

  • The Army  has had five years to investigate the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl’s falling into enemy hands. No doubt the CIA also looked into it. During that time he was promoted twice and has accrued substantial back pay. And yet we are left with basically only rumors to go on. I think the Army also has some serious  ‘splainin’ to do.

    • “Sources who had debriefed two former members of Bergdahl’s unit told Fox News Bergdahl left behind a note the night he left base in which he expressed disillusionment with the Army and being an American and suggested that he wanted to renounce his American citizenship and go find the Taliban.”
      That is from Fox.

    • I’m sure all these guys coming forward are just jealous of the extensive vacation Bergdahl got while getting promotion and back pay in the lovely climes of Afghanistan, living the high life with the Haqqanis.
      Yeah….uh no.
      General Dreedle didn’t approve this, it was ex-P.F.C. Wintergreen that did it!
      Somewhere there’s a nice triplicate paper trail.

  • This will make a fine movie. I’m thinking get Woody Harrelson as Bergdahl, maybe Dustin Hoffman as Carney although he is a bit old these days, and perhaps, oh wait… that’s right we have seen this movie before.

  • “Desertion” and “treason” are not the same thing. As a matter of fact, they’re not even close.
    Someone above comments on the political calculation and “optics,” and the comment is reasonable because You. Don’t. Leave. American. Troops. In. The. Hands. Of. The. Enemy. Period.
    If Bergdahl was a deserter, even more so. Not only do you not leave American troops in the hands of the enemy, you don’t let violators of the Uniform Code of Military Justice escape prosecution.
    Out of the 44 presidents of the United States, not one would have turned down this deal.

    • Bull.
      Look up Korean deserters.

      • You’d really like to think I hadn’t already “looked up Korean deserters,” wouldn’t you? Unfortunately for your poorly stated argument (“Bull. SHIT.”) I have.
        If you’re suggesting they were charged with treason, you’re out of your fucking gourd. EVERY US treason prosecution since World War II has been for actions taken during World War II.
        Of the Korean deserters who wanted to come back, one (Charles Jenkins) did. He was tried, sentenced and released. It just so happened that POTUS was not called upon to do anything to get him back (Japan negotiated his release, as he was married to a Japanese national).
        Not only no cigar, but not even a friggin’ blunt, idiot.

        • Yeah, you’re packed with shit.  Quote where I talked about “treason”, liar.
          Point being, your comment about all POTUSs is just a stupid lie.  I can think of a number of our leaders who would NOT have made this monumentally BAD deal.
          That you can’t says a lot.

        • What happened to this statement “You. Don’t. Leave. American. Troops. In. The. Hands. Of. The. Enemy. Period.”?
          Seems like you just weakened it a bit with the caveat of “those who don’t want to stay.”
          Also, we supposedly Never. Negotiate. With. Terrorists.
          This is a bit of balancing, so I’m not fully against the deal, but its not like it was a good deal.
          We released UN war criminals, for God’s sake.

          • Also, are we sure Bergdahl wanted to come back?
            For all we know, the Taliban wanted to trade their new comrade in arms for their guys and never consulted Bergdahl.
            Notice how he’s being kept so closely under wraps and has forgotten English?

    • “you don’t let violators of the Uniform Code of Military Justice escape prosecution.”    All for that part.
      But that’s kinda gonna be a problem for a guy who, according to National Security Adviser Susan Rice, served with honor and distinction….no?
      Unless we assume the Obamic definition of honor and distinction differs from the standard view the military probably has on that subject, in which case how much prosecution is going to happen?
      And if he was teaching the ‘insurgents’, or whatever the hell Haqqani are classified as, to build bombs and what our tactics are for handling ambush situations, then, that’s way more on the treason side of life than the desertion side.   Aid and comfort, right?

      • Susan Rice is a key data point in answering Billy’s question. Since we know she’s willing to ummmmm, lie, then we should assume the WH knew.

      • A. Prendergast,
        If you’re arguing that Obama would LIKE to just give him a lollipop and let him go, you’ll get no argument from me. But that won’t happen. If the evidence that he deserted is credible (from what I know it looks that way to me) he’ll be prosecuted because it would be politically impossible not to prosecute him.
        In the meantime, even though the DoD apparently tentatively concluded in 2010 that he had in fact deserted, they promoted him to Sgt. in 2011. That means the DoD’s official position was that he was a prisoner in an honorable status. Given that, what was Rice SUPPOSED to say?
        If he was teaching the Haqqani bubbas stuff, there’s probably quite a bit he can be charged with. “Aiding the enemy,” however, would require that there be an “enemy,” which would require that there be a “war,” which would require a congressional declaration which has never happened (the “Authorization to Use Force” was not only not a declaration of war, it specifically stated that it was not a declaration of war — if you don’t believe me, read it; the part you’re looking for is the section on “War Powers Reservations”). No declaration, no war. No war, no enemy. No enemy to aid, no treason.

        • No, I don’t disagree – that’s specifically why I waffled on whatever we call the Haqqani – insurgents against who?  and….ugh….
          So, I see your point.
          Sigh, this pooch is well and truly screwed.
          And I’m sure some Republican somewhere will provide the necessary fodder by jamming their boots in their own mouths.
          Another scandal for them to get excited about and waste time looking in to.

        • “Given that, what was Rice SUPPOSED to say?
          She is a political hack. Between her and the other political hacks in the White House they could have come up with something suitably noncommital. It’s what they do.

        • Where in the Constitution or statutes does it say that the only enemies of the US are those against whom we have declared war? What definition of enemy?

        • The Rosenbergs do not agree that no war = no treason. Hell, they were selling info to our supposed allies.

          • The Rosenbergs were never tried for or convicted of treason. There have been nine treason prosecutions since the end of World War 2. And all nine of them were for actions taken DURING World War 2.
            Treason is defined in the US Constitution as pertaining to war. And war is defined in the Constitution as existing when Congress so declares.
            You don’t have to like it. That’s the thing about facts — they remain facts whether you like them or not.

    • More will come out. He may very well have defected. There are many facts that are not being released.
      Either way, you bring him home, though I’m not sure this exact deal is what every president would have done.
      We also know where he was being held. A gutsy call would have been to attempt a rescue.
      Or have the Pakistanis get him.

      • Harun,
        You may be right. It’s possible that not every president would have done this EXACT deal. There’s a certain amount of political calculation here. Obama thought that if he did this particular deal, Republicans would trample over each other in the stampede to make themselves look like America-hating douchenozzles and that that would help the Democrats in November. He appears to have thought correctly.
        Yes, attempting a rescue would have been a gutsy call. So was Desert One, and you may recall how that turned out for Carter. “Negotiating with terrorists,” on the other hand, didn’t hurt Reagan nearly as badly as one might have expected.

        • I don’t think this is going to work out as well as you think for Obama.
          Tina Brown just tweeted about this…and not in a pro-Dahlberg way.
          I think the media is looking for safe issues to attack Obama, and this is one.
          Toobin said Obama broke the law, too.
          I think the basic optics, and Republican overshoot is what Obama thought would happen, and I’d say he’s partially correct, but since many of the complaints come from soldiers, its harder to hold that position.
          Also, remember the enemy has a vote. If the Taliban are spirited out of Qatar in 2 weeks, we will look very dumb.
          The videos of those guys did not make it seem like they were under “lock and key.”
          We shall see.
          I’d also support this deal or a similar deal as being a “worst case deal” to take, but he should have notified Congress 30 days ago. Feinstein was not happy about this either.

          • I see Obama has apologized.
            So, its all cool.
            I’ll try this next time I get a ticket for speeding.

          • Yeah, that’s it.   That’s how it’s going to play out.
            There’s nothing he can do short maybe of trying to flame throw Feinstein that’s ever going to get more out of her than a frowny face, an angry voice and a public lecture about how unhappy he’s made her.

    • They haven’t quite wrapped him up in a flag for a parade yet, but “honor and distinction”?
      How do they walk that one back?   That’s not a waffle statement.
      How do you try a guy under UCMJ after telling everyone on national television that he served with honor and distinction?
      Even just giving him a dishonorable and letting him stroll is a big walk back from that.
      They didn’t just paint themselves into a corner here, they found a way to apply two coats.

      • Jesus Christ on a pogo stick … haven’t you guys figured out how the Dems work this stuff yet? They used to call Clinton “the Teflon president” and he’s a piker compared to Obama. Obama “walks back” stuff any time he likes and gets away with it because he’s good at “controlling the messaging.”
        It took Reagan months to “apologize” for “arms for hostages,” and even then he put in the caveat that he knew “in his heart and mind” that he hadn’t done that even though “the facts” said otherwise. And speaking of Reagan, he was fairly teflon himself, although quite a bit more honest.
        Obama has ALREADY “apologized” for not notifying Congress and is carefully laying out the defense I outlined above — he had a chance to get an American prisoner back and by God that’s what you do if you can.
        He is hoping like hell that this story has legs, because the longer it drags out the more votes the GOP loses in November’s midterms. Michelle Nunn was already looking pretty good in Georgia, but this has probably sealed Perdue’s doom (he’s kept his trap shut so far as I can tell, but his Tea Party primary opponent yanked his crank out, laid it on the table and took a sledgehammer to it).
        The messaging is not complicated: Obama (and thus the Democrats) favors repatriating American prisoners. Sarah Palin, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, James Inhofe, Buck McKeon, et. al (and thus the Republicans) are publicly dropping trou and taking a giant shit on the head of every American soldier, sailor, airman and Marine.
        You can say that’s not how it is. And you may be right. But there is absolutely no fucking question whatsoever that that’s how it PLAYS.

        • More plain old bullshit.  But, hey, you know all things best.  Just ask you.

          • Yeah, just ask me — feel free to examine my record of political prediction. Like going 48 for 48 in my state by state predictions for the 2012 presidential election (I left out two tossups, giving Obama even odds in Florida, which he ended up carrying and a longer shot in North Carolina, which he ended up losing). Or my 100% accuracy record in the 2006 House elections — 435 for 435. Won a prize for that one.
            It’s one of several things I even occasionally get paid to do and I’m pretty damn good at it.

        • Yeah, I see it.
          I wish you were wrong man, but nah, you’ve probably got it damn near exact.

          • Thanks, AP.
            To be honest, I wish I was wrong. I don’t like Obama and I don’t like either major party, but I’d kind of like to see the GOP pick up the Senate just to keep things interesting and maybe open up possibilities for 2016.
            At my 7 1/2 month handicapping, I gave the GOP a 55% chance of getting that Senate majority. But I just did my 6 month and I’ve downgraded them to 45%. Right now they are stuck at 47 seats with two tossups they might win to get them to 49. Unless the trend changes, they don’t get a majority unless they win both tossups and can talk Manchin into switching parties and King into switching caucuses. Which they can probably do, but it will cost them plum committee assignments and such.

        • And V.A.?  What V.A.?  What’s a V.A.?   Shinseki?   Japanese baseball player right?
          By the time that rolls around in the news again the anger of the LIV public will be thoroughly excised.
          The military already doesn’t love Obama, so the serving stay pissed, the Vets stay pissed.

          • The way the VA thing fell out was one prediction I missed. I figured Obama would stand by Shinseki in the same way and for the same reasons that he’s playing the Bergdahl thing.
            The VA has been a goddamn mess since it was founded (disclosure: I’ve been through the VA hospital mill a couple of times, briefly). Impossible to say whether Shinseki made it worse or not.

          • And here’s another example –
            Feinstein angry about the failure to notify….
            that’s going to play out as follows –
            “Yes, angry, but, well, he’s a bad boy that Barack, but he’s our bad boy.   I talked to him, I don’t think he’ll do it again.”

          • I thought he was Polish

        • This is like the 2nd Amendment debate – the whole Obama thing.
          Those who believe believe, those who don’t, don’t.   No one is deciding any more.
          At this point for all the fact that polls claim people are undecided, they’re not.
          With the exception of a few true morons people have already picked their side and that’s that.
          Could a truly outrageous thing happen that would move people?  Sure, that’s always in the cards.
          But this isn’t it.

        • Yes, its very easy to walk back stuff when you can just claim you read it in the news!
          I was as surprised as everyone else! If I’d only known!
          Gee its easy when the press is there to furiously support your every error.
          That said, you’re probably correct that this stuff is dangerous, especially when rhetorical bomb-throwers jump on.
          BTW, the opposite message is easy too: We are glad he’s back but you gave away 5 top leaders.
          Then let the guy and his dad speak. Its like an anti-American Cliven Bundy with Islamic overtones.
          I’m hoping Bergdahl is like Jenkins and regrets his decision. Then it can all cool down.
          What if he’s converted and decides to write a book?

          • Don’t look for much help from either of the male Bergdahls in calming this down.   They might, maybe, be quiet, that’s the best you can hope for.
            I can’t say on the younger, and for the older, maybe now that sonnyjim is back in country, maybe he’ll stow his jihad gear in a trunk in the barn.

          • Bergdahl papa just got his taste of fame. I doubt he will decide to chill now.
            And, I really don’t care about how the politics play out, but its going to be a show.
            To be fair, let’s say Obama knows all this stuff. He still needs to get the guy back to the USA.
            What’s the plan…to mention “oh, yeah, he’s a deserter, but I ransomed him anyways?”
            He may get some benefit from this story, but enough blowback that its probably nothing.
            The interest in the story is Dahlberg and why he did it. That’s the human interest.

        • ” . . . taking a giant shit on the head of every American soldier, sailor, airman and Marine.”  I have to disagree with you on this one point.  Obama by making the trade has put a bulls-eye on every American serviceman throughout the world and our service men and women know it.  Now that he has put the cost of repatriation at 5 for 1, watch and see – our opponents will be redoubling their efforts to grab anyone and everyone they can and holding out for 5 or more for trade.  And making the trade for a deserter and possible collaborator doesn’t pass the smell test on any level.  Don’t agree with me?  Try asking some active duty military members.  I live just outside an installation full of Navy and Marine personnel. I am retired military and had my own opinion but to make sure I have polled quite a few.  Every single one of them told me the same thing – “We already knew the policy of ‘No Man Left Behind’ but you are crazy if you think we agree with what was done in this case.”  Every single one of them agreed whole heartedly with comments made by Sarah Palin et al that this was not well done.

          • Alas the issue isn’t whether we’re right on the response the military will have, or military families, it’s the issue of whether or not anything will happen because our military are angry about it.
            They’re already angry, what happens, they get angrier and?  Nothing, because they’re better than that and we don’t live in the banana Republic the progressives think our military is eager to create.
            Obama isn’t trying to get them on his side, he knows that’s not going to happen, so he’s just further pissing off people who are already pissed off at him, but are professional enough to carry on.

          • Hmmm, let’s see …
            Until now, the incentive for the Taliban was just to kill as many Americans as they could.
            Now they know they can trade Americans at a 5-for-1 rate to get back a bunch of nobody losers who have been held illegally for a decade without charge, trial or declaration of war because it makes great propaganda.
            And you call that a losing proposition for the US?

            Like I said, GIANT SHIT on the troops.

          • The people who most hate the deal are the troops themselves. In fact, that is why we know the guy was not a pow but left on his own.
            Someone is shitting on the troops, but it isn’t the GOP. The troops are well aware of who is shitting on them.

        • Obama’s ability to control the message is almost entirely due to a complacent media, but the media does not seem to have his back on this one. Further, the people driving this story are the actual troops themselves, who are pissed about the deal, and some have spoken out despite nondisclosure agreements. Obama likely intended it to play out as you say, but it is not playing out that way.

    • “You. Don’t. Leave. American. Troops. In. The. Hands. Of. The. Enemy.”
      Bobby Garwood might argue that point. And just how big a price would you pay to enforce that?

      • Lance Corporal Joseph Hargrove, PFC Gary Hall, and Pvt. Danny Marshall unfortunately can’t argue the point, but I am pretty sure they would disagree.

  • Intelligence, science, people on the ground.  Lorded over with lawyers, marketers, politicians, grifters.
    Madness in high places, I was in some stuff, what is really was before the news.  Not really a Gulf War, never really was.
    It helps if you talk to old people that were there, but we cannot talk about it.  Not to be rude, but it used to be dangerous to go against the collective narrative.  Now, nobody cares, and being aware of the madness just seems trite.
    Like a Monty Pythin scetch wherein some parts stay dead.

    Yeah, this will roll around again.
    Plus, from all I can gather, the military is pissed about this deal with Berghdal.  And the military COUNT.

    • “And the military COUNT.”
      With, me, you, most everyone here.
      Not with people like Erb, as but one very good sadass sorry example.
      This administration has repeatedly treated the military as background for photo-ops, I don’t see who this changes it.
      He can literally order these guys around and God help them, we expect them to take the orders and execute them.
      Mark be down as begging to be proved completely, thoroughly, totally, White House Bunny Easter Egg hunt photo post WRONG about this (and I’ll smile the whole time in being wrong).
      T. Knapp has a point, it’s how it’s going to play and damn me, you know how this is going to play, and we’re not going to like it.

      • Well, I disagree, looker.  I think it plays very badly for Pres. ScamWOW, indeed.  But I am not the pessimist you sometimes are.  I think that the VA thing and the Berghdal debacle are additive, not distractive.  They tend to work in tandem, IMNHO.
        As the Maven of Moosesqueeze is prone to say…”watch and see”.

        • Dude, I invoked my Easter Egg Hunt Post debacle….I WANT to be wrong.   🙂
          You’re right.  Lately I’m a pessimist’s pessimist about my country, my shame aside from the aforementioned posting disaster, I look at things and decide no one needs an extra article from me about doom and gloom and President Big Banana.

        • Actually, this affair has two angles left to play:
          1) Bergdahl: if he comes back and his People magazine story is about trying to escape (2011 he supposedly tried) and mistreatment when he just wanted to help the Afghan people and made a big mistake…then he will be forgiven. He also supposedly went on hunger strike.  I’m going to stop criticizing him for now. He may really be contrite. If he comes out as an anti-American goofball who is now a convert…well, we’ll see. I hope this is not the case.
          2) Taliban 5: if they settle down to peaceful bliss running a goat meat stall in Qatar, then all will be fine. If not, then it will be embarrassing and bad.

          You know, Hillary will be the ultimate windsock on these. She will have inside info. Watch Hillary to know the truth.

          • Hill-larry is carefully firewalling herself from this goat-fluck.
            The 5 are already on the phone (or the memory stick) with the boys back home in the Cush, planning and plotting.  You can take that to the bank.


    To Democrats, this entire “Bergdahl episode” must smell of Mayaguez, that do-gooder adventure that just didn’t leave you cheering.

    • When I was a young Marine infantry NCO, I knew a gunny who when HE was a young Marine infantry lance corporal was one of them that went over the gunwales from the Holt to the Mayaguez. I guess in historical context it was anticlimactic, but I always found the idea of “prepare to board”/”prepare to repel boarders” pretty cheer-worthy.

    • Thanks for that reference. I was unaware of that bit of history.

  • The country is still trying to decide if Snowden is a hero or a traitor.
    This boy is going to get off way easier than he deserves from the government, but he IS going to be the new George Zimmerman once he gets out of the main gate and goes home.
    Bets on whether or not he returns to the Pushtuns after a few years of being exiled in his own country?

    So.  Who’s delusional…???  You have Chuck Todd reporting bad news from Obamaville.

    • wow….schadenfreude…   That’s, uh, wrong of me, isn’t it?   🙂

    • But see, it’s not the general public that’s calling for his head on a pike (at least not yet)
      ….it’s not the military and they won’t, because they cannot.
      So…they military is pissed.
      I think Obama is going to go to dinner tonight and say “oh well, so what”.
      If they can last through the news cycle that the military thinks it’s a scandal and it blasts the VA out of the headlines, Still a win.
      The Military is a captive audience for the little bugger, he proved that the other day at West Point.
      Shortly the papers will get tired of beating him up and they’ll start offering excuses for him again.
      I don’t think this isn’t going to turn into his Watergate or his Lewinsky or even his Iran Contra.

      • “The Military is a captive audience for the little bugger, he proved that the other day at West Point.”
        No.  The opposite is true.  They MAY have to sit while he bloviates.  But they damn sure don’t have to applaud.
        AND they did not.  As even the NYT was aware.

        • right, but it has to be passive aggression.
          And the twerp will just make it a point to avoid putting himself in a place where their passive action of NOT applauding and cheering can be recorded.
          All I’m trying to say is this isn’t going to change his view, or the view of his supporters.
          The general reader of ‘the times’ probably thinks most of the military comes from some woodsy corner of Northern Georgia, so if ‘the inbred gap tooth hill billy hicks” don’t cheer it’s because they’re boorish ignorant louts in the first place.
          Erb, again, I use as the dipstick for how the progressives will react on this.  Can you see him NOT defending Obama for this, and NOT trying to say that we’re heathens for suggesting indirectly that Bergdahl be left behind, and that Obama’s foreign policy isn’t really brilliant?
          So his fans are going to stay his fans, this isn’t going to budge that.
          That’s all I mean, and the papers that are thinking of shredding him further will relent fast when they see they’re doing him real harm.

    • About now, the White House is trying to breath life back into Usama bin Laden so they can kill him again.

    Mad Magazine…!!!  When you’ve lost Mad, you’ve lost the culture.

  • To pull off the prisoner swap of five Taliban leaders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the White House overrode an existing interagency process charged with debating the transfer of Guantanamo Bay prisoners and dismissed long-standing Pentagon and intelligence community concerns based on Top Secret intelligence about the dangers of releasing the five men, sources familiar with the debate tell TIME.
    But officials in the Pentagon and intelligence communities had successfully fought off release of the five men in the past, officials tell Time. “This was out of the norm,” says one official familiar with the debate over the dangers of releasing the five Taliban officials. “There was never the conversation.” Obama’s move was an ultimate victory for those at the White House and the State Department who had previously argued the military should “suck it up and salute,” says the official familiar with the debate.
    Well.  I guess we’ll see, won’t we?  Will the military and intel folks just suck their teeth?  Seems unlikely to me…

    • I’m curious to see what they can do in response to their commander in chief, and boss, shitting on them.

    CNN and bsNBC talking heads don’t like the Berghdal deal.  I know of a few moonbats who do.  But only a few.  Moonbats.

    • I am very surprised at this coverage.
      I really think Knapp’s political analysis, as in the calculation and effect, should be what happens. “GOP against POW’s.)
      But you have Time magazine writing about this. Chris Mathews thinks it was a bad deal.
      Again, I have to wonder if the media is seizing on these “non-partisan” issues with more vehemence than usual for a reason.
      Is it really such a bad deal that Chris Matthews loses it?
      Tina Brown is all mad at the Dad.

  • Senate Majority leader Reid on Bergdahl prisoner swap/release of Gitmo prisoners: “I’m glad to get rid of these five people.”

    So…maybe its just an excuse to start getting people out of Gitmo.

    • I suggest as a bone to Cubans, and Hispanics in general, that Obama rename the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to “Chez Guevara

  • I am very surprised at this coverage.
    I really think Knapp’s political analysis, as in the calculation and effect, should be what happens. “GOP against POW’s.)
    But you have Time magazine writing about

    —–Don’t doubt for a SECOND that was the plan.

    Shockingly it backfired.

    The GOP needs to be laying down the “Americans will die as a result of this” marker right now because when it does happen- and mark my words it will- the first thing I want is everyone remembering just who’s REALLY responsible.

    • The key factor was how the military reacted, particularly the guys involved. They hate this guys guts. Many were required to sign non-disclosure agreements, but they are still speaking out. This is similar to the Swift Boat Vet reaction to Kerry. The left wants to push the meme that it is the right over reacting, but the right initially took issue with the release but ignored the “pow”. It was other soldiers who ran up the story of the traitor, and I don’t think they give a rat’s ass for any argument that they were not in a war and hence it can’t be treason.

    • If the USA already has signaled we are all but leaving by some date, why would these Taliban guys stick around in Qatar?
      I guess its more opulent than the border region with Pakistan. Maybe they want some soft living for a while.
      Or they don’t want to embarrass the Emir of Qatar.
      Sure is a lot riding on these guys acting in good faith.

      So, when do they start making videos about being tortured in Gitmo?
      Also, do the Taliban have a treasure trove of Bergdahl videos?
      This is the era of Youtube, after all.
      I’m almost hoping the Taliban viewed Bergdahl as more valuable as an American prisoner than as a defector/deserter and treated him thusly.

      • “At least once, in 2011, the prisoner, looking more haggard, fought back and tried to escape.
        “He fought like a boxer,” a Taliban fighter told Newsweek.”
        Looks better for Bergdahl. Maybe this won’t be a circus. Good.

        • No it doesn’t look better for him … he still purposely and willfully deserted his post in a time of war.  All the rest is after the fact.   The desertion remains THE fact, in my opinion. That he finally, after x years, tried to escape because his fantasy didn’t work out doesn’t change that basic fact and as far as I’m concerned is irrelevant to that fact.

        • “He fought like a boxer,…”
          Unfortunately, he was fighting people with knives, AK-47s, RPGs, etc. They were probably laughing at him.

  • In the fall of 2001, the first confused anti-American loser trying to find himself, John Walker Lindh was on the enemy’s side – and was tried, convicted and jailed for 20 years.

    By the spring of 2014, the last confused anti-American loser of the Afghan war, Bowe Bergdahl, was on our side – and was honored by the President with a family photo-op in the Rose Garden and declared by the laughably misnamed “National Security Advisor” to have “served the United States with honor and distinction”.
    ——————————-Mark Steyn
    Quite apart from “treason”, it is possible that young Bowe has broken a baker’s dozen other laws…particularly those respecting aiding and abetting terrorism.  Or it could be he was just a feckless boob who deserted his post, and wondered into the welcoming arms of his pirate captors, never to assist them as they have claimed he did.  We’ll see…
    One thing we DO know…he managed to get something on the order of 8 to 14 other service men killed, and more disabled for life.  So the Collective is going to have a hard time explaining their Boy King’s conduct and decisions, much less enjoy watching the GOP in the briar patch.
    As I said, this is likely to be seen as part of a piece with the VA, not off-set the VA.  Illustrations of how Obama “supports our troops”.  Thank gawd for Susan Rice and the hubris of Pres. ScamWOW and his rose garden debacle.

    • Can you imagine Obama doing a Rose Garden session with Snowden’s parents.

  • “I had a call from the White House last night, from Tony Blinken, apologizing for it,” Feinstein told reporters Tuesday.
    “He apologized and said it was an oversight,” she added.  [No.  That is a flucking LIE.  They did the same with the military and intel people.  It was a bum’s rush to what they wanted, not an “oversight”]
    But the “oversight” excuse is not resonating with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Critics claim the White House didn’t tell Congress for one reason: The administration knew legislators would have torpedoed the agreement had they been told.
    Feinstein said leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence panels were almost unanimously against a prisoner trade when it came up in 2011.
    She said the chairmen and ranking Republicans of the “connected committees” spent a lot of time three years ago reviewing the possibility of a prisoner swap and came out firmly opposed to releasing senior militants from the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
    “There were very strong views, and they were virtually unanimous against the trade,” she said.

    In which a Valley Girl from State pisses on the Berghdal troopers.
    Heh!  Benghazi 2.0.  Good…!!!  So…  It just keeps getting better and better.

    • Obama himself has been playing this correctly.
      “We want him back. Period.”
      (Hmm, still using that rhetorical device?)
      His minions are the ones lying or saying the soldiers are wrong.
      Is this on purpose? Or in Obama reflexive defense mode, and they are used to lies being reprinted verbatim.

    So.  Whatever else we know about ol’ Bowe, we know…
    1.  he deserted, and
    2.  intentionally gave himself over to the terrorists
    thereby giving an important assist to terrorists.  He was not going home to Idaho.  Plus, if he just wanted to go home, he had several ways to accomplish that, including a self-inflicted wound (which would have gotten him charged under the UCMJ).

  • Isn’t it about time for the left to drop a hashtag to #wintheday?

  • OK, we saw Bergdahl today, completely shaved and the Taliban sternly said don’t come back to Afghanistan.
    So, why do you shave the prisoner completely bald and have no beard? Is this some sort of Afghan insult, or what they think our troops look like?*
    And what was the purpose of that video? Obviously the Taliban want to say this guy was not a defector, that he’s not welcome in Afghanistan.
    He also looked pretty healthy unless they were giving him chemo.
    So, the real questions now have to be:
    Was Bergdahl a willing transferee?
    Supposedly, he was on hunger strikes with the Taliban.
    So,  he probably was not happy with them and wanted to leave. He was traded among groups, etc.
    We’ll see if he truly regrets his decision – hopefully he did. Then this issue can die down.
    If we end up with a Bergdahl/Bergdahl father-son team of converts, it will be a circus.

    I also give 50/50 odds some of the Taliban 5 will exit Qatar within 6 months. Speed boat to Iran, then into Pakistan from there.
    Not to mention, we have not heard their tales of “torture” at Gitmo…yeah, do you think they won’t have videos about all the”torture” they received.
    We made our soldiers sign non-disclosure docs…did we make the Taliban 5? LOL.

    • Dude – Afghani Comics opportunity – “The Taliban 5”
      Quick, register that, you could really cash in!
      Meanwhile the “Swift Boat” stories have kicked in to gear.
      Cool, “Swiftboating” Bowe Bergdahl over “BergdahlGate”

      • Does Swiftboating have a negative connotation?
        I’m really interested in what Bergdahl will say about his captivity and captors.
        He may praise them. He may say that he was totally wrong and we should kill all of them.
        Loose cannons gotta be loose.
        Next question…which of the Taliban 5 was secretly converted to Christianity in the clink, and now espouses Western values.
        Maybe he’s spying on the others. His wife will have her suspicions on the first night “Why are you not beating me?”
        “and why have you chosen me over the young boy?”

        • Oh yeah, ‘Swiftboating” is a negative thing.
          Harun – such jokes! – you make me smile!

        • The Democrats see telling the truth about a guy to be a bad thing – which is what happened to John F Kerry during his campaign, done by his fellow Swift Boat vets – hence the term Swift Boating.
          When they say it, they mean all those guys who talk bad about Bergdahl (or Kerry) got together and agreed to lie.
          The Democrats understand how everyone agreeing to lie works though.  They passed the Affordable Health Care Act, which the rest of us call Obamacare.

        • The definition of “Swift Boating” is when people with first-hand knowledge TRUTHFULLY strip a favored Collectivist of their false military narrative.

          • The left pushes the meme that the Swift Boat Vets were GOP astroturf. After all, GOP doners donated to the Swift Boat Vets for truth. QED.
            And some of the Swift Boat Vets had shady dealings, hence they can all be ignored. You see this again and again, like with the IRS scandal; someone makes a false claim that progressive groups were also targeted, that becomes the meme and the left can file it away as a non-story.

  • YES!  I was wondering when the #swiftboat whispers would start.  The press didn’t go along with the initial playbook so now here’s the not-so-subtle clarion call to the base to rescue Obama from his own mess. When he’s lost Mike Lupica and the Daily News…..
    What makes the left angrier- that Obama effed up, or that the troops who decided not to wait until a POS former soldier got dangerously close to the Presidency to say something, thus robbing them of their evantual 2036 nominee?

  • How to make friends and influence people …

    Every [White House] aide I’ve [Chuck Todd] talked to said they expected there to be controversy involving the decision to release five members of the Taliban from Gitmo, and the fact that this would then escalate that debate, which has been simmering for a good five years, which is what to do with those detainees, how do you release them, where do you release them. They did not expect this backlash on Bergdahl himself. I’ve had a few aides describe it to me as we didn’t know that they were going to “swift boat” Bergdahl. And that’s a reference to that political fight back in 2004 over John Kerry’s military service, so there’s some fighting words there.
    I’m sure that John Kerry enjoys having his lies lumped in with this documented traitor.

  • Are the soldiers speaking out about Bergdahl likely to get trouble for breaking their non-disclosure agreements? Not that I want them to, but I worry about it.

    • I think that legally there is a possibility.  Politically, Naw.
      Like the issue of an Obama impeachment.  Totally supported by reason.  Impossible politically.

      • I wouldn’t have expected the IRS to come after the Tea Party, but it did.

        I’d say these soldiers are doubly heroes. The Bergdahl scandal looks like an obvious mess, it’s hard to imagine even Obama stepping into it. But if those soldiers had not spoken out, the story would not have fallen apart and broken into the mainstream so thoroughly.

        There are plenty of military officers and government officials who know what happened on the night of Benghazi but aside from Gregory Hicks they will not blow the whistle.

        Obama’s belief that he can get away with almost anything scandalous by blaming it on Republican witch-hunting has worked well for him. Bergdahl may finally be a bridge too far.

        • Yep.  Again, our young troopers provide an example of courage and devotion to duty that excels even their service while in uniform.  These young people are awesome.  If we have reasons for hope, they are certainly high in the pantheon.

  • If Obama had a son in the military, he’d look like Bergdahl. Once you realize that, it all makes perfect sense.

  • “All we are saying is give Appeasement a chance!”