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As the polls go …

The polls continue to show an erosion of public support for President Obama.  Here are 4 interesting paragraphs describing the latest:

Foreign crises and domestic economic unease have eroded President Barack Obama‘s public standing, sapping his ability to respond to overseas conflicts and weighing on fellow Democrats heading into the midterm elections.

As clouds gather abroad, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds Mr. Obama’s job approval rating at 41%, matching a previous low. Approval of his handling of foreign policy hit a new low of 37%. Both numbers are driven in part by conflicts largely outside the president’s control, including a new wave of sectarian violence in Iraq.

This latest dip in Mr. Obama’s approval runs contrary to signs Americans agree with his policies on climate change and education, and as a divided Republican Party remains far less popular than the president and his party. Despite misgivings toward Mr. Obama, the survey showed the public sides with him and his fellow Democrats on a range of issues, including immigration, education and the environment. (Interactive: Poll Results)

The latest Journal poll of 1,000 adults, conducted between Wednesday and Sunday, highlights what appears to be a lasting slide in the president’s public image. Respondents split in half on whether the Obama administration is competent, lower marks than Americans gave former PresidentGeorge W. Bush‘s administration in 2006, after the war in Iraq and the bungled response to Hurricane Katrina derailed his presidency.

Now you remember that time don’t you?  The time of Katrina and Iraq?  The time when Democrats lined up to get in front of the cameras and declare George Bush “incompetent”?  Yeah, me too.  And now the guy who was all too happy to participate in that labeling, has managed to do worse.

What does that make him?

Note too the attempt to put lipstick on this pig – “…Americans agree with his policies on climate change and education, and as a divided Republican Party remains far less popular than the president and his party. Despite misgivings toward Mr. Obama, the survey showed the public sides with him and his fellow Democrats on a range of issues, including immigration, education and the environment.”

There’s only one problem with this list of issues of “agreement” – they are all low priority issues for the public.  Jobs.  Economy.  War.  Spending.  Those are what top the list.  And then there’s the matter of bungled health care, scandals and of course, the collapse of any semblance of a foreign policy that this administration might have had.  Frankly, I’m being kind with the last one.  If there’s been a real foreign policy at work for these past 6 years, it’s been as well hidden as Lois Lerner’s emails.

I’d love to say, “I told you so”, I’d love to talk about irony and shadenfreude.  But this is too pitiful a performance to be flip about. And the consequences are real. I see articles about how this guy is now “tired” of being president. He’s “bored” with the job. How could he be either bored or tired – he hasn’t done the job at all.

Got to say, in all my years – and I lived through the Carter era – I’ve never seen this country in such pitiful shape. Never. Mr. Obama has done enough damage, in the foreign relations arena, that it will take decades to undo. The only silver lining, and I’ve mentioned it before, is that one of his goals was to prove big government could be competent and beneficial. He has proven precisely the opposite to be true.

Perhaps the Democrats aren’t calling him “incompetent” for a reason.

Incompetent doesn’t begin to cover how bad this President and his administration are.


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40 Responses to As the polls go …

  • But Obama is supposed to be one of the greatest presidents, ever.
    These people participating in polls just don’t have the wisdom to know greatness when they see it.  They’re falling for all the fake scandals like the IRS.  Of course the Republicans are lying that there’s anything fishy about losing e-mails.  And, helping the rebels in Syria in no way is helping ISIS/ISIL to take over Iraq and cart off American tanks, Humvees, loads of cash from bank vaults, etc..  Nor does it have anything to do with them disrupting oil production in Iraq.
    Deft!  He’s deft, I tell you!

    • Arab Spring!  Good and necessary…  Twentieth Century thinking…anachronistic…BWAAAAK…

      • Erb’s okay with the funny brown people slaughtering each other.

        It gives him something to wring his hands over and express sorrow as he posts that there’s nothing the US can do about it and we shouldn’t try.

        Except when we could, with a smart pragmatic heroic Democrat like Erb as President.  Like when we blew Khaddafi back to the stone age to help remove him.

      • Twitter … youth …

    • MBC, ever the sycophant for neo-communist Dear Leader, refuse to publish their own poll.
      Hey! Malfeasant Media! That’s not rain running down your leg.

    Even the Beastly Day has found the “dogs ate all those seven peoples’ emails” too hard to swallow.
    The unraveling is in process.  Over to you, Erp…

    • Funny thing about emails – they’re self documenting trails with multiple end points, and returns, and they often get longer and longer.

      Unless little Lois was only emailing to herself, there’s going to be her outbound emails sitting somewhere, and if they were sent to her first, those starting mails had to originate somewhere.

      If she’s part of a conversation, that conversation is going to be in various other machines, beyond the ‘6’.

      There is no part of this smell test that passes muster.


      Nixon is spinning in his grave right now – “so….all I had to do, was say, we lost the tapes.  Dammit!  That’s brilliant!”

  • So, we’re more than ready for another person like Reagan who can make us feel good about being us.

    Time for another “morning in America” breakfast.


    And the ruling class GOP will give try and feed us the lunchtime leftover yesterday’s special sandwich like Jeb Bush.


    But I no longer think this is incompetence, it’s intentional.    They’re overwhelming the system on purpose.

    Energy, foreign policy, immigration, Health Care – corrupting the various executive agencies that are responsible for law enforcement, etc.

    Those aren’t all accidents owing to incompetence, they can’t be.,

    Even if we presume for a moment that Professor Propeller Beany is incompetent, all the people he’s appointed aren’t.

    • Welcome aboard! A monkey throwing darts at an “either-or” target would get SOME things right.  Pres. ScamWOW has unerringly chosen the WORST route on every given issue.  This is by no means the result of mere incompetence.

    • There is no Reagan.  Reagan was almost blocked by the establishment republicans of his day that were trying to please both ends of the political spectrum of their day.  The Establishment Republicans pay lipservice to Reagan’s memory but they aren’t going to let that happen ever again.

      The Tea Party has Failed, too.  Time for a Replacement Party for real.  I hate calling it a 3rd party, because your first new members tend to be all the nuts and malcontents with a calage of pet peeve agendas.

  • I am struggling with one thing regarding Obama and that is this:  Is he this incompetent or is this his real intention.

    On the one hand, I tend to feel he is just so over his head he can’t even tread water.  As has been noted on this site many times before, he has little or no accomplishments in his resume to prepare him to lead the greatest nation on the planet. he has never so much as managed a lemonade stand much less manage a multiple $Trillion organization responsible for the livelihood and safety of hundreds of millions of people.  So it would be easy to put this debacle of an administration simply to gross incompetence.

    But on the other side, when you read Saul Alinsky closely, he seems to be following the recipe to the letter for the purpose of acquiring and maintaining power. 

    I think the reality is a bit of both.  On the one hand he wants to develop within this country a perpetual state of revolution, for want of a better word.  And class action is the tactic he is using to keep stirring the fever of the people, much as a community organizer would stir the pot of a crowd to get them riled and keep them riled.  But he is doing it very poorly.  What may work with a small community or class within a community is much harder to attain when he puts it on the world stage.  Just like a commune may actually work for a period of time, when transposed to running a nation in the same manner, all hell breaks loose – but that does not keep the left from trying again and again – “It has to work, we just haven’t done it correctly those times before!!!”  Obama does not understand that in that small community, he may very well be the smartest man in that room, but on the world stage that he finds himself playing the part he is all but the guy sitting in the corner with the dunce hat on his head – and everybody in the world knows it but him.

    • Except Cloward and Piven were/are real people, and Baracula has very clearly adapted their insights to be applied in a number of ways, including economics and immigration.  To say nothing about retail political fund-raising and vote garnering.

    • I think the confusion comes from the fact he has handlers.  If Obama is not working for Obama, and now he re-electability is zero he is expedable.  So the clean up crew has been scaled back. 

      They almost need him to fail out as extreme, now.  Makes Hilary look like change.  She will be pushed as the Middle Ground candidate, ‘a uniter’.  That trope seems to sell well among the masses.

    • Does the terms “Post Turtle” or Sock Puppet” ring a bell?
      Dear Leader is, for lack of a better phase, a trained seal, he barks on command, convincingly. That deer-in-the-headlights look is when he drifts off-script which, admittedly, is not very often.
      The game plan is almost certainly all Valerie Jarrett (your real president), the incompetence part is pure Barry Soetoro. Hint: Reexamine his Redacted Resume, it’s a mighty short read.
      My fear is that some significant number of legal American voters actually think burning the Republic to the ground is a good idea and will vote themselves more fuel for the next round.
      I would much prefer to believe it was massive voter fraud. The latter can be addressed legally, the former is a death sentence.

  • Wasn’t Obama in Pittsburg today in yet another of his endless pivots to the economy ?
    At last, Recovery Summer V is here … with the IMF saying we will have an incredible 2% growth rate.
    So our POTUS (how long has it been since anybody called him “the smartest man in the room”) pivots, as so many Presidents before him, to his hapless foreign policy.
    The best that can be said is that while Obama may be even more incompetent than Bush, he looks great while he does it.

  • And “”Sometimes, stuff just happens,” Lerner wrote to an IT expert in 2011 who was trying to retreive the emails that were lost in her “hard drive crash.””

    WHEN in 2011?   Because they went merrily on through the course of 2011 AND 2012, remember, the election year… abusing people.

    I know they like us to, um, forget how it all worked, but it wasn’t until MAY of 2012 that Steve Miller ‘learned of the problem’.

    That’s considerably AFTER Lois’s emails magically flushed away.


    They’re going to have to get better at lying really.  The internet has a long memory.

    But fortunately the public does not it seems.

    • Furthermore – what’s lost in all this lying, is the original lie, that this was all the result of ‘rogue agents’ in Cincinnati taking it into their heads to order these ‘limited’ investigations and policy changes.


      My God, When. Does. It. END.

      How many times does Congress have to be lied to?   How many times do they catch them at it before they do something meaningful about it?

      And, when will the New York Times write a spiffy article on why the current problems in Iraq are a direct result of George H.W. Bush and Reagan’s policies?


    • I understand that the dog-eaten emails were “discovered” ten days after Lerner was first advised she was being looked at.

      • I’m okay with that timeline for the moment.

        So we can assume that after she discovered that no evidence of marching orders remained, that no further marching orders were ever issued.

        Which would be how long between that time, and the time Stevie Miller (in between concerts) ‘learned’ of the problem in May 2012?

      • Cause remember, sweet little Lois didn’t resign until September of 2013.

        “the agency acknowledged that while she was in charge, IRS agents improperly targeted Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status from 2010-2012. “

        So they lost some marching orders from 2011…..she resigns in 2013…..

        Can I assume that for the period AFTER the lost mails in 2011, until she resigns in 2013, she spent most of her time working on her Prince Valiant hair-do?


        We can then presume that the orders from the Senate, the White House, or both, came at the beginning of the route march in 2011 and the important orders were shredded, probably in 2012 as a result of the IRS internal investigation, and now made to appear as if they were part of the data she might actually have lost in 2011, even if they occurred after the actual date of any actual failure.


        Someone has looked of course and determined the penalties for failure to properly maintain the data are far far less damaging than the penalties for actual collusion and orders to change the IRS’s name to Luigi and Guido inc.


        • Ah, and remember her taking the 5th…???  And not of Scotch!
          So much corruption.  So little consequence.

    • I keep wondering … if the Federal Records Act is required for IRS business email, were the comments about retrieving “other email” on the hard drive about yet another one of those “David Windsor” (ex-EPA Lisa Jackson’s dog) email accounts ?

      • I was wondering the same thing.


        I see no indication that these IRS execs have any respect for the law. They’re solely concerned with what they can get away with. Outlook will talk to any email server, and unless the email address is known and credentials can be obtained, we’ll never even know about those non “.gov” emails. So it’s quite possible that there was evidence of law-breaking simply by having Outlook manage those addresses. Plus it would then become possible to subpoena the provider (Google, Yahoo, or whoever) to supply all the email that went through the address.


        I have to constantly remind myself that these people believe in a higher authority than the law – their own elite status to decide for the rest of us what’s good and what’s not. The law is something they use to hammer on the people they consider opponents or outright enemies. It’s not supposed to be a constraint on them, because they have a higher calling.

        • So…
          Another…and irrefutable…bellwether of the Obamabanana Republic.  When the law is for binding one set of the populous, yet has no hold on another, that is a good working definition of “tyranny“.  Especially when the set not bound by the law controls the very levers of law enforcement.

  • Since obama is not running for third term he is not worried. Republicans should win mid-term election ;but not enough to impeach obama. There will be 5,000,000 more minority kids turning 18(voting age) for the 2016 election over 2012 and 2,000,000 republicans will have died of old age or other. Also many democrats did not vote for obama because he is black. Mrs. Clinton will not have this problem as many more white democrats will vote for her over obama. Demographics trump voter id laws as most minority kids have id so they don’t get arrested.

  • 100% consensus by Deemocrat-called former heads of the EPA in testimony before Congress.
    Obama LIED about the climate panic he’s working hard to whip up.

    • Amazing what being under oath can do to “experts”.

      • Well, IF the person testifying has a (at least minimal) sense of integrity.
        When you have a congenital liar like Clinton (OK, either one) or Obama, it just does not matter a whit.  They will just lie.

  • Luuuuuved the Obamic head-snapper of an announcement on Iraq today…!!!
    As is often the case, he contradicted (or gave the lie to) declarations in the same sentence…surely the same breath.
    No “boots on the ground” BUT Green Berets…
    Not our place to determine who governs Iraq BUT “regime change”.  Again.

  • I remember Katrina and all the Mushroom Media bullcrap surrounding it. I also remember Hurricane Sandy where the thug/punk-in-chief came in for a photo-op then went on vacation. Again. And again the media went to “crickets chirping” mode.

    • I started considering New York and New Jersey to be third world countries a little over a year after “superstorm” Sandy.
      There is no good reason why it should take people in this country THAT long to rebuild their houses.
      Unless you live in a banana republic where either the money you’re due is tied up, or the regulations and chickengut rules keep you from restoring your home.
      Here we are now and we’re hearing that they can’t rebuild because it’s tourist season?
      Remind me one more time, what country we live in?  

      • How long, again, did it take to build the Empire State Building…???

        • And that’s why the continue to refer to it as a SuperStorm.
          That excuses the FUBB rebuild that has (not) gone on since Barack went up for huggsy photos.
          After all, SUPER STORM!   Even thought it wasn’t.

  • Who will watch the watchers.
    Now, we know, don’t we.

  • “With regards to Iraq, you and I agreed, I believe, that there should be a status of forces agreement,” Romney told Obama as the two convened on the Lynn University campus in Boca Raton, Fla., that October evening. ”That’s not true,” Obama interjected. “Oh, you didn’t want a status of forces agreement?” Romney asked as an argument ensued. “No,” Obama said. “What I would not have done is left 10,000 troops in Iraq that would tie us down. That certainly would not help us in the Middle East.”

    On Thursday, Obama addressed reporters in the White House Briefing Room about Iraq’s latest crisis. “Do you wish you had left a residual force in Iraq? Any regrets about that decision in 2011?” a reporter asked. “Well, keep in mind that wasn’t a decision made by me,” Obama said. “That was a decision made by the Iraqi government.”

    What an amazing liar.  What a weakling.

  • Thomas Sowell, who born in 1930, is old enough to remember World War 2 and a generation that would simply crush ISIS like a bug.  In those days people wanted their culture to survive enough to pay a high price for it.  America beat the Nazis and Soviets though it took them hundreds of thousands of lives and decades to do it. Just think of that. Sowell asks himself what it would have happened if the Greatest Generation had given up on Germany, Japan and the Cold War in that long, terrible struggle.

    We haven’t yet announced when we are going to pull our troops out of Germany or Japan, and World War II was over more than 60 years ago. Turning those militaristic countries around was one of the great achievements in human history. Their neighboring countries have been able to enjoy a peace and security that they had not known for generations.
    Perhaps what was achieved in Germany and Japan made it seem that we might achieve something similar in Iraq. But “the greatest generation” that had fought and survived the horrors of war around the world was under no illusion that trying to turn our defeated enemies around would be easy, quick and cheap.

    Then of course there would have been no modern Europe or Asia,  no post-Cold War world. In those days people cared about things like a way of life.  And while we are grateful those crazy old coots for running across machine-gun swept beaches and frozen forests — they were considerate enough to rid the world of gas chambers and gulags and such —  the reality is we moderns can’t do what the Greatest Generation did any longer.
    —Richard Fernandez, PJM
    Some of us can.  And that’s the problem.  Only SOME of us can.  The rest are too “sophisticated and 21st Century”.  And they effectively demoralize all the nation.  Voices common in our ears today would not have dared raise their bleats during WWII or even Korea.

    • “Then of course there would have been no modern Europe or Asia,  no post-Cold War world.”
      Well the good news would have been that one Barack Hussein Obama II, probably would never have been born.
      Silver linings and all that.