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The bureaucratic state

While the enemies of freedom certainly are made up of politicians who would limit or take away your freedom, probably the most insidious of those enemies is the bureaucrat. As we’ve seen for decades, politicians come and go, but bureaucracies run the day to day machine of government. And as we’re seeing right now with the IRS, they’re both unelected and unaccountable, despite the volume of the outrage.

But remember, on the political side of this, one of the goals of the current administration was to help us believe that “big government” was a good thing … much better for many things than the private markets out there. One of the goals of ObamaCare was to take a giant step toward fully government run, single payer health care. But we’ve been feeding you stories for years about how badly the UK’s NHS performs and we’ve also pointed out that theirs isn’t an “exception” to the rule. If there is a rule, it is the rule of bureaucracies which says they exist to expand and protect themselves and really don’t much care about the original mission, in terms of performance. However, they’ll do just about anything to protect themselves. As I pointed out yesterday, the IRS director has committed himself to one of the most improbable stories about the fate of Lois Lerner’s emails since Bill Clinton uttered his infamous “I didn’t have sex with that woman …”. Everyone in the room knew he had. Everyone. And everyone in the Congressional hearing, including the witness, knew that his excuse for the loss of those emails was bogus.

Back to the point about “big government” being the best way to go and the liberal wet dream of government run health care (single payer) becoming reality. If, in fact, we want the American version of the NHS, we simply need to look at the only government run health care system in the America – VA (yes, I realize the military also runs a “single payer” system, but it isn’t set up for long care, etc – it’s a necessity that goes with the job). And what do we find in VA? Well check this out and tell me it doesn’t remind you of some of the horror stories you’ve seen from NHS. As you’ll see, it could very well be the NHS. As you’ll also see, the fault lies where? With the uncaring bureaucracy that has grown up around this system and its abuses are now coming to light:

Two psychiatric patients at a veterans facility in Brockton received no regular evaluations of their condition for years, part of a “troubling pattern of deficient patient care” that federal investigators say they have confirmed at veterans health care facilities nationwide.

One of the neglected patients at the Brockton Community Living Center who had been admitted for “significant and chronic mental health issues” was living in the 106-bed facility for eight years before he received his first psychiatric evaluation, investigators reported.

The other unidentified patient, although he was classified as 100 percent mentally disabled due to his military service, had only a single “psychiatric note” placed in his medical file between 2005 and 2013.

Let me make a prediction – as they get more and more into this, they’ll find this is just the proverbial “tip of the iceberg”. Of course, making such a prediction is certainly no high-risk venture.  Just look around you and take a gander at how well Leviathan is doing on almost any front.  Let’s just say “poorly” would be a compliment.  Justice?  Trashed.  Political influence of agencies?  See IRS.  See the misnamed Justice Department.  Bureaucratic overreach – see EPA and others.  Criminal incompetence?  See VA.   Etc.

Americans are going to have to make a choice and they’re going to have to make it quickly.  The bureaucratic state or the state of freedom.  Some would argue that we’re at the tipping point.  Some argue we’re beyond it.  That we’re looking at our future and the future is all down hill as the bureaucratic state transitions from servant to master.  Unelected, unaccountable and, frankly, uncaring – except to further its existence.


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36 Responses to The bureaucratic state

    You can’t fix the VA.
    You can’t fix the IRS.
    You can’t fix ObamaDoggle.
    BIG GOVERNMENT cannot work as advertised.
    BIG GOVERNMENT cannot be made benevolent…or even benign.
    BIG GOVERNMENT cannot be efficient.

    • A solution is take put 15% of the IRS/EPA/VA’s budget and buy “bit-coins” and put them on a hard drive .. then crash it.

  • B.F. Skinner has pointed out freedom is an illusion. That is why william edward hickman’s(who is john galt) girl friend ayn rand is so popular with selfish rich people along with rich degross “jesus would be an amway salesman. And before that poor people are poor because god is punishing them and rich are being rewarded by god.

    • Freedom – so, which illusion were you following when you wandered in and posted your comment?
      Happy Unicorns or what?

    • “We must delegate control of the population as a whole to specialists—to police, priests, teachers, therapies, and so on, with their specialized reinforcers and their codified contingencies”
      Yeah, pard.  Try that with me and there will be bloodshed.

      • Oh, there you go….sure….come up with examples of BF Skinner demonstrating he was a highly qualified bag of Richard Heads.
        You were supposed to be impressed with an observation from a famous person and leave it at that man!   Appeals to authority!
        As Bugs would observe, “he don’t know us very well, do he”

        • Well, per Skinner, if I did anything violent I could never be any more culpable than a pigeon who had learned to turn three times clockwise.
          See?  No free will, no responsibility, no consequence (well, maybe re-education).  What could go wrong…???

      • I like this one better man….
        “It is a mistake to suppose that the whole issue is how to free man.  The issue is to improve the way in which he is controlled.”
        Yeah, thanks Cap, I just have to tell you, that kind of talk sure does give a man a hankerin to lay down his life, his fortune and his sacred honor to provide a free country for nasty little dirt bags like this guy, who, no doubt, thought of himself as one of the aforementioned specialists.

        • “Without freedom man has no dignity.” Sartre.  So B.F. Skinner titled his next book “Beyond freedom and dignity.” Remember others have laid down their life for YOU!

          • It is interesting to see bad wiring demonstrated…right here…on our shoo, to quote Ed Sullivan.

        • I gather someone has been paying for the getting hit on the head lessons again.

  • Ya’ know, LSD is soooo 1960’s.

    Looks like the thuggish crapweasels at IRS failed to make the sale…

    • You mean that dedicated long time public servant who gave so much of his life to his last 6 months or so at the IRS?

  • I think they’ve resigned themselves to a Hyper-regulatory approach to socialism.  Seriously, once in effect, is anything happening in medicine that isn’t covered by 10,000+ pages of direction from ACA and its spawn?  As much as they would love full control and lord it over everyone, this Hyper-regulatory approach has huge advantages.  You can point fingers much like the website, it was the website company’s fault.  And in the future it will be the Doctor’s and/or Hospital’s fault, or the drug company’s fault.  So by pointing fingers (with a complicit media) you don’t take the blame and even better you can produce villains.  Can’t reach full on emotional manipulation without an incarnate villain.  If you take full control and things go to crap you can’t blame others for long. 

    I’m pretty sure they’ve decided Hyper-regulation is the way to go.  So, no single payer.  Just more ‘regulations’ until we essentially have it and when doctor’s offices are crowded, the doctors will be the bad guys. 

    • …or, more succinctly…fascist economics.

      • Actually a fascist situation could cut away red tape if they so chose because they in charge and aren’t afraid to let you know it. 

        This is the opposite.  This is control through a fog of regulations that (with a complicit media) hides the accountability trail.  They don’t have as much absolute control, but they can lay blame off themselves. 

        • Yep, we’ll be fine.  Embrace your third worldness!
          Ebola(well, not yet anyway), Swine Flue, MERS, SARS, TB, West Nile, Typhus, Whooping cough, dengue fever.   Hell, maybe we can get a solid Polio or Malaria epidemic going again!
          It’ll be just like the good old days.

        • The operative term is “control“.  That is all that matters for a fascist model to obtain.

  • Besides!  Happy Days are Here Again! GDP -2.9%!!!!!!
    RECOVERY SUMMER!  Pivot to the Economy!   Laser like focus on jobs!
    Oh, GEORGE BUSH!!!!

    • Recovery, Recession, Depression, whatever

      • LOVED this….

        Winter 1985 was colder than winter 2014; #GDP expanded at 4% rate in Q1 1985- plunged 2.9% in Q1 2014. #GDP #Vortex
        — Stephen Moore (@StephenMoore) June 25, 2014

        • Yeah, winter did it…all over the world….people in places that didn’t even have winter stopped ordering things from the US because we were having cold weather.
          Earlier this year the ‘growth’ of health-care spending PREVENTED us from having a negative GDP and boosted the economy….which shows how great Obamacare is!
          NOW it turns out that healthcare spending was actually lower than expected, which is terrific and shows how great Obamacare is but maybe it’s making the GDP look bad, which is isn’t you know because….
          Turns out the GDP drop is a GREAT TERRIFIC THING for the economy!   Hell, if only it would drop to -5% next quarter!    We sold less, and bought more!  Hurrah!   Maybe next quarter we can sell even LESS and buy even MORE!
          we really HAVE entered the looking glass.
          “”I can’t believe that!” said Alice.
          “Can’t you?” the Queen said in a pitying tone. “Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes.”
          Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.”
          “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

          • Meanwhile, Tom Blumer adds at Bizzy Blog:
            UPDATE 3, 11:45 a.m.: Zero Hedge — “… as a reminder, US GDP has never fallen more than 1.5% except during or just before an NBER-defined recession since quarterly GDP records began in 1947.”
            UPDATE 4, 12:30 p.m.: Note well that the reported reduction in health care spending in today’s GDP report is about 0.4%. That COULD indicate that the BEA still hasn’t captured the full extent of the health care spending reduction, which could lead to a further downward revision in next month’s comprehensive 5-year restatement.
            —via Ed Driscoll
            That ain’t pretty…

          • As one unbought expert pointed out – it’s mysterious how the supply chain for exports stopped working in the cold weather of the first quarter but the supply chain for imports increased.
            However, the premise the liars, uh, I mean experts, seem to work on is (Sung to a chorus of “The sun will come out tomorrow!”) if you have enough baaaaad, it just sort of loads the machine up for a massive influx of GOOD!
            My current favorite however is the idea that CONGRESSIONAL shenanigans rather than dorking by the Executive branch regulations and orders, has caused businesses to keep their money out of the economy.

          • Psstt…
            Don’t look now, but “Critical Race Theory”.  It explains EVERYTHING

          • Well, of course that’s what it’s about – even in lilly white America where there still aren’t many people of color…..
            Ah, the beauty of being a cultured person from the big city who knows it all.

  • Wow.
    When I talk about crapweasels in the regulatory state I never mean to be THIS literal…


  • Normally I’d be disgusted over the spinning of the car-crash economy (winter is cold!!!!!) but people are getting what they deserve, so it’s all good here.

    • See, it wasn’t winter, it was winter-winter.
      Brought on of course by global climate change.