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6.9 million registered to vote in two or more states

Before this slips into the abyss of news ignored by the establishment media –  One of the things we’ve talked about persistently in the past is the integrity of the voting system.  If there is no integrity, if people believe the vote is manipulated or doesn’t reflect the true will of the people, they’re likely to not participate and certainly won’t trust any results from such a system.

We’ve talked about voter I.D. and how easy it is to get and how the left’s arguments amount to “much ado about nothing” when they try to claim it is an onerous requirement that disenfranchises the poor and minorities.  Nonsense.

They’ve also tried to pretend there is no such thing as voter fraud as well.  And, of course, we’ve pointed out any number of instances where there were people who committed voter fraud.  Like double voting.  Being registered in two different states and voting in each (one by going to the polls and one by absentee ballot).   Again, the left claims that even if that does happen the numbers just aren’t that significant.

Well, how about these numbers:

Some 6.9 million Americans are registered to vote in two or more states, according to a report obtained by

“Our nation’s voter rolls are a mess,” says Catherine Engelbrecht, president of the election-watch group True The Vote.

“Sensible approaches to roll maintenance are fought tooth and nail by radical special interests who can use the duplicity in the system to their advantage,” she said.

The latest interstate voter cross check tallied 6,951,484 overlapping voter registrations, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

The cross-check program involves only 28 states and does not include the three largest: California, Texas and Florida.

Like everything else government does, it’s managed to make an unholy mess of the voting system.  No potential for fraud in those numbers is there?  And, of course, even though the technology exists, it requires an outside organization to bring this to light, because apparently, like the IRS, the IT capability of government in this arena resides somewhere in the era of the 1980s.

How do you stop double voting with voter ID, when one is absentee?  You require the voter to produce a copy of the voter ID and mail it with the ballot or the ballot is invalid.  The voter ID, of course, will have the state of residence on it.  That will stop all but the most hardcore double voters out there.  Once you make them put a name and a pic, etc., with an official ballot, even if they have two IDs, you have evidence of willful fraud if they vote twice.  Then you prosecute.  Yeah, you have to enforce the law (something that seems to be beyond this administration’s abilities).  But actually enforcing it as well as setting up a system that catches double registrations, etc. tied in with voter ID would actually give confidence to voters that the vote they cast did indeed have some significance and that the government actually was concerned with insuring the integrity of the system.

Which brings us back to the left who view moves such as this (even with many states already requiring voter ID for many past elections and doing just fine with it)  as an attempt at disenfranchisement.  As you consider the merits of the two arguments you realize that the argument against voter ID has very little “merit”.    In fact, you could certainly conceive of a reason the left doesn’t want this to come about.  Kind a reminds me of the joke  that goes, “my grandfather voted Republican in every election until he died.  Now he votes Democrat”.

Hopefully, when sanity and common sense prevail, we’ll see a voting system that you can rely on to be reflective of the real will of the people, not the manipulated nonsense the left prefers.


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25 Responses to 6.9 million registered to vote in two or more states

  • I firmly believe that if Voter ID was really a viable issue, in terms of voter suppression, that the simple solution would be to mount a drive to get every American a valide photo ID.
    Let’s face it, photo ID is needed to a long list of activities that your average citizen does from renting a car to gaining access to the DOJ in Washington, DC.
    A drive to get every American a photo ID wouldn’t just give the continued access to the vote, but would open entire new avenues of activities to those who don’t have one (a win-win).
    Given that,  I believe suppression of photo ID to provide a means of Voter ID is entirely for the purpose of corrupting the voting system.
    I’m not entirely sure that photo ID would end those 6.9 million from registering across state lines, but it would provide a method to begin.
    Mississippi used photo ID for their voting system in the two recent votes.  The system worked (or we’d be hearing about it’s failure).

    • ID is important enough that some states seem to want to go out of their way to hand them out to illegal immigrants.    That ain’t free.
      Somehow though you know if it’s for VOTING well, you shouldn’t need one.

  • Yeah but RACIST because blacks are incapable of getting an ID or something

    • I’ve heard that black people don’t show up on film. :-~

    • Oh, no!   It’s the poor that can’t get ids!  And there just don’t seem to be poor white people in the minds of the liberal elite,
      and if they ARE poor, they probably vote Republican because they’re stupid
      because if they’re white and poor, and stupid, they must come from the South.
      And if you come from the south, you’re a racist republican conservative,
      and if you’re a racist republican conservative they don’t want your stinky old antigay home schooling gun powder residue soiled vote anyway.

  • The electoral college limits the damage of voter fraud to a state and chances are if voter fraud is conducted the party doing it was probably going to win anyway.  Maybe not with out establishment republicans.
    Anyway that’s why the electoral college is heavily vilified and efforts mounted to replace it with a purely popular vote.  Then New York Stuffing the ballots shamelessly doesn’t just tilt New York, it tilts the whole country.

    • As we visit once again, the old and very VALID fear of the low populations states being controlled by states like New York.

  • Here in arizona the republicans spend millions to find voter fraud they even tried to pay an illegal alien to illegally vote but he decided he would have to go to jail for long. As they could not find any illegal aliens who had voted. They finally found someone who had voted illegally a woman republican anti-immigrant activist who had voted twice for republicans in arizona and nevada because she said the republicans needed very vote they could get to stop illegals from voting! Isn’t it interesting that your concerned about nonexistent illegal alien voting but could care less about american citizens including veterans who have been stopped from voting as the laws are aimed at stoping democrats from voting not illegal aliens. Thats might white of you!

    • Please explain how someone can have ID to register to vote and not have ID to vote?

    • You kind of miss the point: being registered to vote in more than one state IS fraud.

      • Well, IF you are sane and/or sober when you do it.
        With Capitan AZ, it think we can see that he’d have an iron-clad defense on at least two counts…

  • LOL @ matching people by name & DOB, that crap was tried and debunked a decade ago.
    We all know you want voter id for the same reason the lefties don’t – more net votes for your team 😉

    • Please explain how having proper ID to do something as important as voting is anymore onerous that filing a tax return, which everyone, I mean EVERYONE who isn’t medially impaired with like a coma or insanity, is required to file one.  And if you fail to do it you can go to jail.

    • Just to clarify something for you, it means fewer votes that don’t belong there negating votes that do belong there.

    • Pretty much every union I know of requires not just a union ID to vote, but a union PHOTO ID.
      Are we to conclude that unions hate the poor and minorities…???
      Oh.  Wait…  Ever hear the term “Princes Of Labor”…???

  • I got the information card for voting in the EU elections a few weeks back. It clearly stated I was required to have valid proof of identity (i.e. a drivers license or passport or similar)… I am not sure how I am being discriminated against but I am pretty sure I am since I am not a native of this continent.

  • I wonder if anyone from True the Vote or tested the sample to see how many are registered (D) or (R)?

    • As likely as not, since that is irrelevant if you care about voting integrity.

  • It’s hilarious to see the same tired excuses, Cappy Aridzona, TommyD, trotted out that it’s just too onerous, costly, difficult to have an ID to vote, and it oppresses the ‘poor’ and denies them a vote and of course it’s all based in racism because only people who aren’t white are really poor and oh of course it never happens anyway.   The ‘poor’ don’t collude to vote twice, I’m comfortable the any deliberate double (triple, quadruple, quintuple) voting is being well organized by wealthy campaigns.
    Of course Republican could never organize such things could they.  Heh.
    You guys are either as ignorant of modern mainstream society as Mitt Romney is alleged to have been, or unprincipled, or liars.
    I’m goin with liars.

    • It’s a stupid argument on their part. Every state that’s enacted voter ID laws also gives out voter ID’s FOR FREE. Trolls, please re-read that until it sticks. Further, virtually every industrialized democracy already has some equivalent of voter ID (some countries just send out invitations, etc.). Leftards always argue that the US “should be like Europe” with respect to health care and gun restrictions — funny how they NEVER bring this one up! LOL! 🙂 They can be safely ignored.

      • Interesting, too, that those hot-beds of Dixie racial bigotry and home of swamp-dwelling, inbred knuckle-draggers Hawaii and Pennsylvania require PHOTO voter IDs…the MOST restrictive type.
        Heh…!!!  They’s just morons, these trolls.

        • Well voter suppression sure worked when Cochran kept those 35,000 African Americans from getting out their vote last week, no?

    You may…quite forgivably…assume “Dense Pack” describes the men and women comprising State and Defense upper echelons. Kind of like the Rat Pack without the brains, talent, etc., etc.
    Rather, it describes what may be a tactic to flood the zone with scandals, so to speak.

  • This is one of the more truly baffling phenomenons in the political universe – why anyone would oppose a voter ID law. I live in NC, where Gov. McCrory signed this into law last year and it is being vehemently opposed by the left. Those who claim that the right to vote is so precious and fundamental to our freedoms refuse to protect it by requiring an ID, which is free, easy to obtain and required in society to do so many more basic things than vote.