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Obama’s “blame game” attempt on immigration crisis is weak broth

As usual our “Blamer-in-Chief” is trying to lay off the blame for the crisis at the border on others.  Adriana Cohen of the Boston Herald points out why that dog won’t hunt:

The massive crisis of tens of thousands of illegal children and hundreds of thousands of illegal adults flooding over our borders is, no surprise, not President Obama’s fault. It may have been entirely preventable, and certainly was highly predictable. But as usual, six years after he took office, the blame belongs elsewhere.

It’s the Republicans, blocking immigration reform, the Obama administration wants you to believe. They’re even trying to hang it on Obama’s favorite blame target, George W. Bush, saying deportations are being slowed by a bipartisan 2008 law aimed at human trafficking — a claim none other than Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein says doesn’t hold water, while other critics note it’s a little thin, blaming a crisis now on a law that’s been around for six years.

As Mitt Romney noted in 2012, “For two years, this president had huge majorities in the House and Senate — he was free to pursue any policy he pleased. But he did nothing to advance a permanent fix for our broken immigration system.

The crisis is in fact wholly owned by the Democrats.

Democrats — here and elsewhere — have been pushing for years to let people without Social Security numbers have driver’s licenses and welfare benefits. They’ve pushed for in-state university tuition for people who don’t belong here. Obama himself acted to dramatically reduce deportations — specifically of children — and has broadly signaled he wants to legalize the estimated 12 million illegals.

Who can blame the hundreds of thousands flooding across our borders for thinking they are welcome? The Democrats told them so. Never mind that 92 million Americans are unemployed or no longer looking for jobs.

And now he’s out fundraising while refusing yet again to take a leadership role in solving the crisis.  While in Texas, one of the states effected by this crisis, he refused the governor’s invitation to visit the border, preferring again, to talk about it instead (another of his endless and useless roundtables that solve zip).

Can the President really come to Texas to fundraise and avoid going to the border? Now two Southwest Democrat congressmen have spoken out, saying it’s an important issue and he should schedule a visit. Henry Cuellar said exactly that while making the comment that this issue could be Obama’s Katrina Moment, and then Raul Grijalva, representing Arizona’s 3rd district, chimed in,urging the President to go.

The answer to the question is “yes”.  And not only that he can then go to Colorado, swill beer, play pool and pretend all is well.  Beer and pool – the modern version of Nero’s fiddle.

I see the left hyperventilating over all this impeachment talk, but if ever a guy was working hard to give good cause to be removed, it is this clown.


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27 Responses to Obama’s “blame game” attempt on immigration crisis is weak broth

  • What would the media have thought if George W. Bush went to Louisiana during Katrina only to avoid New Orleans and the devastation, instead raising campaign cash (at $32,000 a head) at the home of a right-wing filmmaker of violent films that tended to glorify gunplay and to reduce controversies over disaster relief into caricatures of culpable dependents?
    In short, it would be impossible to dream up a worse mercenary presidential trip — in terms of morally indifferent omission and self-interested commission — at this critical time than what Obama supposedly now intends.
    Surely, the junket will be canceled out of embarrassment or quietly recalibrated — or perhaps the entire story about the trip is simply an urban legend.
    Wanna bet…??? Obama knows no shame, in pure Alinskyite fashion.  He engineered this “crisis”.  But he sure does not want any pictures associating him with it.

    • don’t forget pretending to be Chicago Skinny during a couple games of pool and a brew.


    Imagine W playing pool in a Denver bar during Katrina.
    I guess this means that Baracula hates brown people…


    • In those now infamous words of Christiane Amanpour regarding Yugoslavia … “People are dying .. and nobody cares”

      • As a journalist, I have been fortunate enough to visit and write from South Africa under apartheid, El Salvador during its Marxist insurgency, the Soviet Union under Communism, and Cuba during the endless reign of the immortal Fidel Castro. In each of these places, I was permitted — in fact, invited – to ask questions, challenge the thoughts of my hosts, and photograph what I saw.
        I enjoyed slightly tighter access on the USS John C. Stennis, an American aircraft carrier, and on the Israel Defense Force’s Dov Air Base just outside Tel Aviv. I was free to question uniformed personnel and quote them, although — for security reasons — I was asked not to identify them by name, and didn’t.
        In all of these spots, I was permitted to make audio recordings of my meetings and even take photographs, with a few limited restrictions on those military facilities.
        Worse than the USSR…!?!?
        Wow. On the pretext of protecting the privacy of the “children”…???
        Funny, we have not seen photos of the dead children.  And there HAVE to be dead children.

  • Remember this is an Administration that is “unexpectedly” inept and incompetent

  • The voting majority of this country welcome the children. Children si republicans NO!

  • Then again, we ARE talking about a guy who finds out what ‘he’ tweeted from the mainstream media.
    I mean, how detached can you get?

  • Raul Grijalva!!!!!!

  • Huh…
    Cicilia Munoz…point Latina for the Obami on the border invasions, came directly from La Raza
    Prior to Muñoz joining the Obama administration, La Raza received $4.1 million in federal funds. When President Obama brought her aboard in 2009, he issued a special “ethics waiver” since it violated his lobbyist ban. In 2011, it was reported by Judicial Watch that between 2009 and 2010, the funding increased from $4.1 million to $11 million — more than doubling and nearly tripling.

    During 2010, La Raza also received $2.5 million in funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for reasons such as housing counseling. The Department of Education doled out $800,000, and the Center for Disease Control gave nearly a quarter of a million.
    —Via Politico

    • he issued a special “ethics waiver” since it violated his lobbyist ban”
      Boy, that must be handy. Yeah, I swore of wine, women, and song, but I issued a special waiver for myself.

  • Well, hell…
    I just listened to Pres. ScamWOW’s statement after meeting with Perry, and all I can say I hope Perry is not duped by that lying SOS.

    The Obami request is just another slush fund, aimed mostly at resettling…NOT returning…the invaders.


    • Seriously, 3 billion dollars used to be a lot of money.
      65,000 kids x 1,000 a plane ticket = 65 million dollars.

      • If I remember correctly, Pres. ScamWOW wanted 30% for…something.  Walking around money, I guess.  I was raised to consider $4.00 a lot of money.  A billion seems to be the new four…or two…

        • Pool and beer money – Hickenlooper is a better player than Chicago Skinny.

      • Not that long ago, they would have given each of them a ticket to Antelope OR to join Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s cult

      • Perhaps the residents of Chicago should declare themselves refugees from violence and seek aylum?

  • I read that Obama got several offers to toke up while he was in Denver. Maybe he took somebody up on it before declining the invite to the border. Then again, maybe he SHOULD take somebody up on it. A mind trip might do this guy some good.

  • Apparently, Rick Perry was not fooled by Pres. ScamWOW.  Not one bit.  In fact, he took it to ScamWOW with a challenge to use the National Guard at the border.
    Well played, Mr. Perry.  Well played.

    • Suddenly Mr. “I have a pen and I’ve got a phone” and Mr ‘We can’t wait for Congress to act” is all
      I need them to approve of what I’m doing!   I can’t act without them!   My hands are tied!
      Such a decisive leader!
      Did I say decisive?   Sorry, I meant divisive,

      • You could have thrown in “derisive”, too.  All good.  But Baracula finally found an immigration law he’s willing to enforce.  So….

  • So, this evil Bush law, passed thru the House while Nancy Pelosi was Speaker, is to blame, I’m told.